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It's been proven over and over again that presentation is everything. Though fashion is often dismissed as frivolous and personal style as an unattainable aspiration to be French, what is more important than how we look? Reconciling the person we see in the mirror as a projection of who we are inside can be a chronic challenge. Self-help books to the contrary, my observation is that people change and evolve all the time, for better or worse.

Wardrobe is the grand necessity, the tool for making a statement or blending into the crowd. Like you, I have at least three fail-safe outfits in my closet that I know will come through for me no matter what the circumstance, how much I'm sweating or how much coffee has been spilled. And only one is a black.

After your individual style baseline is established the world opens up. There are no slaves to fashion or fashionistas anymore, only what works and what doesn't. Shore, like any self-respecting style brand, is not a manifesto, but a reflection; a laboratory for creativity, ideas and inspiration.

When Shore first started in 2005 fashion seemed remote and intimidating. So we looked at what people were actually wearing. We found a lot of those clothes at boutiques owned by women who have a deep understanding of their customers and an eye for what's out there. (Elise Mauro at Indian Summer is a prototype. Yes, she is our client, but she undeniably sets a local standard. You cannot visit her store without falling in love with something.) A couple of years later we went with the fashion icon concept and featured people who always look just great including young and not so young, men and women.

Still searching for what resonates with our readers, Shore made another leap last year and created an event to showcase the Lake Michigan area's talented young designers. It's been enlightening and invigorating.

We can't wait to see what happens next.

Also in this issue, Marcia Coburn finds out that professional men care about grooming more than you know and Jacob Sweeney-Samuelson adds the insight that young guys are the most likely to buy the absolutely perfect, indestructible stainless steel comb. Tara McElmurry investigates the artistry of modern bathing beauties and finds hidden swimsuit technology doing some of its best work. Tara also provides perspective on designing summer cocktails that are low calorie and fun. While, Christine Bryant and Gina Grillo profile artists who create and document interior and exterior environments that express the world of the inhabitants.

Next time, summer winds down as the best and busiest season of the year begins to unfold.

Pat Colander

Associate Publisher and Editor

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