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May 25, 2013 2:00 am


Are we bewitched? Spring was so cruel: The sun never quite emerged, the temperature only flirted with the high-40s and frustrated weekend gardeners had to be content cleaning the garage while thunderstorms raged outside. On a recent chilly Sunday my-daughter-in-law Annalise and grandson Teddy bravely soldiered over the dune down to the beach, where we saw, of course, other people. Our neighbors, our neighbors' dogs and remnants of a bonfire from the night before, telltale signs that the season was going to change whether it wanted to or not. I stuck my foot in the water and it didn't feel cold. I realized that the air and water had to be close to the same temperature. Later that afternoon the air warmed up and thick fog steamed off the wet ground. That was it, the last gasp of winter, happy day.

There was a real burst of energy that followed and for me it was mental as well as physical. My recreational reading over the winter consisted of a half dozen affirmation books—Andrew Solomon's masterpiece Far From the Tree, a contemplation on handicaps and abnormalities that frequently turn out to reveal rather than betray. A person that others may think of as broken is more often special and enriches beyond measure the lives of those around him. Michael Moss's best-selling tome on the pressures that drive the food industry and squeeze the ideals of nutrition, health and body fuel right out of the picture, Fat Sugar, Salt. Also, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline, a no-brainer lead story for this year's America the Beautiful issue. Millenials where born with an awareness about the practicality of shopping at recycled clothing stores.

My daughter Ida paid $5 for a fabulous blue satin prom dress at Goodwill and seldom expresses interest in anything new. (Her new iPhone5 being the exception of course.) Though it hasn't come naturally, I'm beginning to appreciate well-made clothes again, and paying attention to labels and thinking about where and how beautiful things are made. Sort of like getting off processed foods, I feel noble about recycling clothes, shoes and toys. I'm committed to scanning trumping post-its. Marcia Coburn, with her encyclopedic knowledge of fashion, wrote our cover story on the dutiful allure of American clothes and we welcome the new voice of Carolyn Purnell and her creative wisdom—especially when applied to interiors, exteriors and the salvation of found objects.

This issue is long on contemplation: How Loyola Chicago integrated college basketball and won the NCAA in 1963; a fond memory of getting real with Liberace and the legendary Chicago Director Robert Falls cooks! Lost in thought, what better way to start the summer. We will see you next month with a mid-season tribute to water and air. Don’t forget to keep with Shore between issues by subscribing to our e-newsletters and daily updates at VisitShoreMagazine.com.

Until next month,

Pat Colander

Associate Publisher and Editor

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