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Now that I keep track of my activity when I'm awake and know exactly what the percentages are on light and deep sleep, I have pinpointed exactly where the problem lies: There are not enough hours in the day. Furthermore, this is not a time management issue, or the result of a lack of balance in scheduling. This dilemma—in no way can this be a problem—is a quality of life issue. I have an over-abundance of quality in my life.

I complained on Facebook last week that the weather was so fabulous that I was beginning to take it for granted, just as though I live in Malibu or Honolulu. Last Thursday night I had dinner on the 23rd floor of an outdoor roof deck overlooking Michigan Avenue, Millennium Park and there were concerts going on at each end of the vista, the Bean, people everywhere. And on Saturday I went to a high school football game at Soldier Field. We had a two and a half hour rain delay, but who cares? I didn't get wet, I had a chance to socialize with my old—some go as far back as grammar school—and new friends, a few of my friends have players on the field. Then the sun came out and our team won.

Meanwhile, I'm getting messages from everybody posting just unbelievably gorgeous beach photos—rolling waves, pink, purple, grey skies with translucent black and white waves, big harvest moons. And yes, I'm talking to you Richard Hellyer, Ryan Bolger and Josh Nowicki. So I'm thinking why don't I just go down to the beach and sit and stare at the water. Well, I can't because there's an important dinner party in Long Beach, my grandson is going to be two years old and for his birthday he wants to go get apples and pie at County Line Orchard. I have to go to an olive oil tasting (at Olive Cart) in South Haven because I haven't been to South Haven in two or three years and I want to make it to the half price Wednesday wine night at Ciao Bella, also Emerald Avenue now that it's harvest time already. Indian Summer because I have nothing to wear to these places. 

Furthermore I don't know when I can live stream Orange is the New Black, which I just finished reading—instead of sleeping at night—and it was so good that I went to see it right away, but I have to learn how to live stream first. And don't even get me started about what I'm going to miss this month in Grand Rapids, because I know I'll stop in Harbert or Sawyer or someplace and never even get there.

This is the long way of saying there is a whole lot going on and we have crammed as much of it as possible into this entertainment issue including dog shows, theater set designing, beekeeping, movie-making, growing your own hops, publishing your own books, taking a food tour of Morocco with George Aquino and driving a Jaguar. And I've mentioned about half of the contents here.

Be prepared to be amused...and sleep deprived.

Pat Colander

Associate Publisher and Editor

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