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July 31, 2013 3:03 pm

Summer. Long, lovely days. Life moves at a slower pace and we forget what time it is.

Whether you’re out on the lake, deep into the woods or just dozing on the patio, the Hot-Logic 400 Oven is your answer to a great dinner every time. So stay out on the boat a little longer. Go back to the hammock on the patio. Sip your drink and watch the sun set. Let yourself go. You’ll always know that dinner is waiting, perfectly prepared, steaming hot and beautifully presented. With the Hot-Logic 400, it’s ready and waiting…whenever you are.

Discover Haven Innovation, the developer of a fully automatic oven that will allow you to enjoy the luxury of living lakeside even more. Through a revolutionary heating technology, they have discovered a way to streamline life in the kitchen by introducing the ultimate slow-cooking oven, the Hot Logic 400 ($395 retail). The Hot Logic 400 is a compact oven that’s capable of heating and holding your food at a perfect serving temperature until you are ready to eat it. This revolutionary oven of the future offers an unparalleled level of convenience.

Just prepare your meal in a flat dish with sealable lid, place it in the Hot Logic 400 and walk away. Meals are heated or fully cooked in 45-90 minutes and are then held at safe temperature for hours without overcooking or drying out your food. There's no need for timers or dials because the Hot-Logic 400’s shelve sensors detect when your meal is fully cooked and then holds your meal at a safe temperature without overcooking it (sounds impossible, but it's true!). So, you can literally eat whenever you're ready, whether it's two hours later or twelve.

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