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2013-07-29T10:53:00Z Miller Beach Market Place
July 29, 2013 10:53 am

The Miller Beach Market Place is unique.

The market has not dumbed down its offerings; that is, gone for inexpensive or highly marked-up offerings.

The market's friendly staff and leadership are always glad when a customer notices this dedication to quality. Miller Beach Market Place is thankful when a customer recognizes the idea that the store does not attempt to be a roadside rest stop or provide things shoppers find at any gas station or discount chain.

The reason Miller Beach Market Place, at 925 Shelby St, exudes such a special feeling is because it has ownership by dedicated customers.

The market started with the basics of bread, milk, pop, water and, especially, pasta and sauces plus olive oils and now table wine to give everyone a chance to create a nice meal at home for family and friends with one stop at the local market.

But everything else in the thousands of items stocked are customer-suggested. That includes free Wi-Fi and outdoor seating to talk with new and old friends.

That’s where the real ownership comes in. This is a cooperative effort, the customer and the happy folks who work at Miller Beach Market Place coming to everyday agreements on what is needed on the corner.

The fresh fruits and vegetables at market prices are just another example of busting the food desert that existed until now at Miller Beach. The employees are careful to only stock the best in fresh, local produce—something anyone would be happy to have on their table.

The market's location, inside the former Beach Pharmacy, allows the market to maintain a heritage of quality offerings and quality service.

Miller Beach Market Place is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, every week of every month. When customers need a little extension, the market is willing to stay open and has on several nights already this summer.

On the 4th of July weekend, Miller Beach Market Place sold out of ice three times and refilled the cooler each time. Something as simple as ice for your home, party or community gathering is a necessity of a quality of life the market is happy to offer.

Down to the last bottle of beer or the flavored zero-calorie waters, the marketplace owners have listened and reacted to customer requests. Lottery is another example. The market is currently working on approval to sell cigarettes as well.

Miller Beach Market Place has a suggestion and customer feedback box that is read and responded to often.

The market never endorses of any particular brand or even product. The market owners and employees pride themselves on their response to customer needs, as this market place is their market place. The market's slogan is, “Claim your space in the Market Place," a customer-created catch phrase to welcome the market and help it grow a little more each day.

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