Centenarians: On the rise and proud of it

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Centenarians serve as motivation for living healthy, outgoing lives.

The United States Census Bureau reported in 1990 that 37,000 centenarians lived in the U.S. In 2010, that number exploded to 72,000.

In fact, various parts of the world saw similar increases over the past decade. There is no guaranteed strategy to follow for joining the club, but there are many common links between centenarians and how they have lived their lives up to the triple-digit mark. So what gives?

Social Interaction

Centenarians are usually described as independent and outgoing individuals with an overwhelming sense of optimism. They tend to be very active in social groups or community events, spending large amounts of time with friends and family members.

Healthy centenarians typically live on their own and require little daily care from nursing staff or family. This healthy balance of independence and a social lifestyle is an integral contributing factor to high levels of happiness among centenarians.


Many centenarians follow diets high in fruits and vegetables, and low in processed foods and fatty meat.

Eating many small meals throughout the day also helps keep metabolism in check and reduces the need for pricy prescriptions or medications that help regulate diets.

In conjunction with healthy food choices, centenarians regularly infuse exercise into their daily routines. Brisk, short walks and light workouts at the gym have been proven to foster long-term health benefits.

Smart food decisions and consistent exercise can help lower blood pressure and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  

Good Genes

Sometimes, it just comes down to simple luck of the draw. As in many aspects of life, genetics are one of a diverse set of factors that determines length of life in humans.

Some centenarians go through their whole lives without having to battle heart disease, cancer or dementia. Others have survived tough situations and diseases, only to come out stronger and more active.

One main step toward sustaining your life is to stay apprised of health issues that potentially could cause damage as you age.

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