Hearing Loss and Aging

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Hearing problems often start as nuisance before developing into a truly debilitating issue. Luckily, help is available to lessen the hurt of hearing loss.

Aids, medicine and surgery are all viable options available to seniors experiencing hearing loss of various grades. So pay attention to your hearing quality.

Are you having trouble hearing over the telephone? Have you completely worn out the "volume up" button on your television remote control?

If so, then it may be time to speak with your physician to explore your options.

Types of Hearing Loss

There are many different types of hearing loss common in seniors. Presbycusis loss comes on slowly with age and affects hearing in both ears. Researchers have linked it with genetic factors.

Conversely, another form of loss, tinnitus, is harder to pin down but even more incapacitating. It causes a ringing or roaring noise and has been labeled as a preceptor to high blood pressure or allergies.

Devices Can Help

Hearing aids, assistive devices or cochlear implants? There are many options to consider if you decide to purchase a device to help your hearing loss.

Aids are electronic devices that fit comfortably in your ear and make sounds louder. Assistive devices include telephone amplifying devices and TV/radio listening systems. Implants are electronic devices recommended for people with severe hearing loss.

Part of the device is surgically implanted under the skin, and it requires specialized training to adjust.

Talk to Your Physician

Your family doctor may not know exactly what path you should take in remediating your hearing issues, but he or she can point you in the right direction.

An otolaryngologist is a doctor who specializes in medical problems of the ear, nose and throat. You may also be referred to an audiologist, trained to measure and provide services to improve hearing.

Don’t be embarrassed to bring up hearing problems to your physician. The longer you put off the appointment, the less you will enjoy life’s greatest sounds and experiences.

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