The impact of healing power goes beyond the absence of pain

2013-07-27T14:23:00Z The impact of healing power goes beyond the absence of pain
July 27, 2013 2:23 pm  • 

The ideal of complete physical and mental well being is behind Dr. Nancy Trimboli's dedication to her work and life. She has seen the transformative effect that caring professionals can bring to patients who have been injured or suffer with chronic physical issues.

This goal goes beyond healing and helping to finding a path to health, a way of life that self-sustains, that's better than ever. “It’s always been about going to people where they are and joining them on their journey,” Dr. Trimboli says. “Every patient that I see is dealing with different physical issues; they all come here because they are experiencing some sort of pain.”

However, the pain as she says, is just a part of what's going on with that person. The pain is an obstacle in their life and there is a real loss that stems from the physical limitation they've been experiencing. “We must remember it’s that pain which is keeping that person from thinking clearly and keeping them from achieving their personal goals and aspirations," she says.

“Whether it’s helping a patient get up in the morning without pain or play a better round of golf or enjoy a pregnancy without discomfort, I love that our services can make a difference in how they live their life.”

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