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February 19, 2013 12:00 am

Alternative energy has come a long way in a short amount of time. Not only has the technology in wind and solar energies advanced so that they are feasible for incorporation in new and existing construction, but the technology is now so affordable that it simply saves money. “At one time, solar or wind energy was only for people who were interested in the environmental movement. Today it makes an environmental impact and makes economic sense,” says Kevin Moore, owner and founder of Midwest Wind & Solar.

Midwest Wind & Solar has been serving all of Indiana, Illinois, and the lower peninsula of Michigan since 2009. They service a wide range of customers, including residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipal facilities, and they cover a broad range of installations, such as solar electric (photovoltaic); solar hot water, which can supply domestic hot water or space heating through Hydronics; and wind power. “We cover the whole spectrum of renewable energy applications,” Moore says.

Midwest Wind & Solar’s clients have been able to realize sound economic savings both immediately, as well as long term. Moore explains some of the numbers, “For a typical home, the cost for a solar system five years ago was about $35,000 for a 5kW system producing 6,500 kWh per year. Today it’s about $17,500. So just in that short period of time the cost of solar has gone down, because more and more people are implementing these systems. The more manufacturers can produce, the more the costs go down. But there is another reason why a system saves money upfront, more than in the past. “All renewable energy projects get 30% back on your taxes and there is no limit on that. As a consumer, if you spend $17,500, that translates to $5,250 back on your taxes, as a rebate, resulting in a final installed cost of $12,250” says Moore. In addition, depending on your location there may be additional grants and incentives available to you. An alternative energy system is an excellent investment. Customers experience better returns than many long-term investments, with up to 200%-plus return on investment over 25 years. Compare this to a five-year CD (average yearly return of 2.5%) or even the S&P 500 (average yearly return of 11%). Although some stocks can provide a higher return than a solar system, stock prices are also substantially more volatile year after year. Solar panels carry a 25 year production warranty- now that’s a sound investment.

Additionally, a system saves money over the long term through energy savings. Even though this is a long-term savings, the impact is immediately felt. Customers have dramatically lower electricity bills. In fact, many homeowners experience at least a 50% decrease, and up to the complete elimination of their electrical expenses. Plus, alternative energy systems protect against rising energy costs. It’s not news that electricity costs are on the rise, increasing more than 21% in some areas during the past five years. Fossil fuel supplies are dwindling, which means energy costs will continue to grow. With solar, you effectively lock in electrical costs and avoid escalating utility expenses.

Homeowners often undertake home improvement projects to increase the value of their property and while some home improvements can greatly increase property value, others do very little to impact it. Installing solar is one of the best ways to increase home property value. Unlike many other home improvements, solar panels can help a house sell faster. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, a home with solar panels will sell twice as fast as a home without solar panels.

Solar and wind technologies also reduce your carbon footprint. The average American household generates 7.4 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year through electrical use. This equates to 135 tons of CO2 over 25 years, which is how long solar panels are guaranteed to perform. Carbon Dioxide creates global warming which is dramatically affecting our climate causing glacier loss, shoreline erosion, and endangering many animals around the world. Alternative energies make great sense for the earth.

Midwest Wind & Solar has a staff of experts who are certified installers with NABCEP and LEED credentials. “We do free site surveys and free quotes. We give our honest, expert opinion on whether or not alternative energy would be a good fit for a customer’s home or business. Work goes into establishing whether or not we can do alternative energy on a particular site and we generate a report to help the consumer make the best educated decision possible, and there is no cost for that. We’re highly conscious of the consumer. It’s our business ethic,” “If we’re given the opportunity to install a system, we install high quality products using excellent workmanship all while giving the utmost respect to the owner’s property as if it were our own.” Moore says.

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