Bayberry Cottage

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June 26, 2013 12:00 am

Details, details, details . . . it’s the details that make or break the design. Balance, scale, rhythm, the play of pattern, texture and color in support of one another; these all refer to the details of interior design.

Details are where the fun is, where your personality shines through, and where, if you have a little mischievous streak, you add the humor.

Details are where good design becomes great design, because attention to detail leads to spaces that appear effortless but are perfectly executed. And at Bayberry Cottage, they’re our favorite part of the whole process!

If you’d like a little (or even a lot of) help with the details, you can call or email anytime and our designers will get to work creating your detailed space!

Bayberry Cottage

510 Phoenix Rd

South Haven, Mich.


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