Choose artwork, accessories based on what you love

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Gwen DeBruyn is the founder and director of creative design at Bayberry Cottage in South Haven, Michigan. The store opened in 2001 and is known for its unique, affordable furniture and accessories. Bayberry Cottage has become a destination store where customers come to get inspired and find their personal style.

What should I consider when choosing artwork or accessories for a room?

Your artwork and accessories should have a connection with the room they are in. What colors have you already established in your space? Make sure your artwork and accessories pick up or compliment those colors. It also is important to keep scale and proportion in mind. Paying attention to these small details creates harmony in your room. In other words, a large, empty wall will probably require larger-scaled artwork. If you have collections you would like to display, consider displaying them together for high impact. Art and accessories should be added to your room last, as they have the ability to pull your room together. when done properly, those details will give it the finished look you are striving for.

What themes are trendy right now, and why?

Themes are not trending, but “collected” is. When we design a room, even when everything Is new, we strive to create a space that looks as if its pieces have been collected over time. Don’t misunderstand, the room still needs to be cohesive. Collected doesn’t mean bringing every style you love into a room, but rather, choose a few pieces that you love that aren’t matched. When you are out shopping, look for special pieces, it could be a vintage piece, or something rustic or warn to mix in with all the existing elements in your room. Having a “collected” space is much warmer and definitely more interesting.

What establishes trends?

Trends aren’t as easy to track as they once were. It used to be that the Home Design Industry followed the fashion industry. It is true that every year, both industries follow the “Color of the Year” established by Pantone, and the newest textiles introduced by the yarn industry. However, with the proliferation of social media, particularly Pinterest, Houzz and some really terrific interior design bloggers, we no longer see the trends coming from the catwalk, but rather many different medias.

What are good accessories or artwork pieces that are inexpensive and can be easily interchanged to give the room a new, fresh look?

One of the more interesting and inexpensive ways to accessories is with items you have been collecting over time. Focus on similar sizes and colors, then gather them in one spot so you can enjoy your collection and avoid the cluttered look that happens when your collections are scattered around your room.

If you really want to change a room up and give it a fresh new look, bring in a new colorful rug. Large-scale artwork is another great way to change up a room. It doesn’t have to be expensive art. Unframed art is reasonably priced and can make a dramatic statement. Fun, new lighting makes a big change in the way your room looks. Again, go a little bold, bring in some color in the base, and keep in mind scale - a larger lamp next to your sofa will keep things in proportion.

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