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Dean’s Lawn & Landscaping has a whole new experience awaiting the homeowner this season. Dean Savarino, President of Dean’s Lawn & Landscaping, and his award-winning company of expert designers, artisans and builders, have an established reputation for excellence in transformation and invention of any kind of exterior space. And now added to the mix of tools to inspire their clients, Dean’s has a new outdoor showroom in Schererville. The showcase takes the homeowner through a series of areas, which include a stainless steel outdoor kitchen and a furnished home entertainment space; also a fire pit, custom stonework including pathways, retaining walls, driveways, patios and features like ponds and waterfalls.

Dean’s has always been known for their full-service garden center with 1500 trees, shrubs, perennials, decorations and ornaments. But the addition of the brand new 10,000-square-foot outdoor showroom has been on Savarino’s to-do list for a while. “Our outdoor showroom is an inviting area where we can show prospective clients how we can help to transform their space. From a small sitting area filled with perennials to an entire outdoor living room, our team is here to help. It is an educational opportunity for our customers, and we take great pride in helping them realize their landscape dreams.”

For over 25 years Dean’s Lawn and Landscaping has become well-known for building and opening up existing home space into the yard, porch, patio and pool area that become a private paradise of relaxing green space and beautiful and functional amenities. As Dean says, “For our clients, it’s doubling their living space, but it is also improving quality of life.”

Last year, Belgard, which is one of the largest manufacturers of hardscapes in North America---products include paving stones, retaining walls and concrete plates---recognized Dean’s as the best of the best: Dean’s, as Belgard acknowledged, has an ability to be innovative, versatile and deliver quality work every time. As Dean explains, “We’re consistent. We are constantly doing these things. You won’t find that many companies putting a whole outdoor addition onto your house.”

Dean’s Lawn & Landscaping does that, but is equally adept at any type of job whether it is a small, simple garden design to a fully built-out, intricate outdoor living area. His team does everything from creation to installation and maintenance.

The key to the long-term success of the company is teamwork: first with the client and designer and then the Dean’s crew prepares for the installation. As Savarino says, “It’s truly a group effort around here. Every individual that makes up this company contributes something amazing. It’s something we take great pride in and something that our clients benefit from.” There’s nothing more satisfying to this team than a client who sees what she or he imagined, brought to life.

Customer service is priority at Dean's, starting with the person who answers the phone. A fundamental next step is visiting the site. Whether for guidance on options, or a new landscape build from the ground up, the professionals at Dean's are eager to work on the visual presentation and extension of a client's creativity and individuality.

Dean’s Landscaping has also been very successful at being the dominant source for outdoor kitchen design, a distinction that Savarino says starts with an ability to use the most up-to-date CAD graphics and 3D rendering tools. The software, which rivals the most sophisticated gaming technology, produces a detailed, illustrated landscape removing the guesswork. As Dean says, the planning process puts the client into the center of the design. “You know exactly what it’s going to look like when it’s finished,” he explains. “It amazes me every time I see it happen.”

Savarino is dedicated to teaching and learning with all his team members from the most seasoned professionals to the youngest dreamers. Paul Kowalski, a longtime gardening expert who joined Dean's team last year, brings with him great skills and experienced knowledge about growing and gardening in this area of the country.

“A majority of our clients have gotten to know us through our hardscaping, but we are always looking for ways to expand on our positive reputation through our landscaping services, the garden center and now the outdoor showroom,” says Savarino. The team loves building dreams, but helping a client maintain, renew and keep building onto that original vision is satisfying as well. “There are so many ways that this company can help to make our customer’s landscaping dreams a reality.”

Ami Reese, a small business owner in Northwest Indiana, has told the story of a friend who called Dean’s for land-and-hardscape services. “I recommended Dean's Landscaping because I've always been impressed with the amazing outdoor spaces they create. According to my client, Dean provided an excellent consultation and competitive price with excellent terms. His team was hard-working and diligent and finished the project on time and on budget. My client was very pleased and continues to thank me for the lead. Dean's Landscaping is the best in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland.”

Many more of those client visions may be inspired at the outdoor showroom now. The expansion of the business means more touch points that customers can relate to in different ways. As Savarino says: “Often, what started as a relatively small project evolves into a larger backyard vision, where the possibilities are truly endless.”


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