June 25, 2013 12:00 am

Extending the space where you relax, eat, play and entertain may have started as a trendy idea a few years ago, but outdoor living has become a quality luxury standard for many homes and families. As clients increasingly opt for remodeling rather than relocating, the talented team at Dean’s Lawn & Landscaping is inventing options for extending living and entertainment areas by including grills, gourmet kitchens, fireplaces and grouped seating in the exterior landscaping. Dean's landscape artists combine the resort vacation lifestyle with the security and convenience of home.

Backyards are the new luxury amenity environment, explains Dean Savarino, President of Dean’s Lawn & Landscaping. The goal is to help clients “feel like they are on vacation from the stresses of life.

“One’s backyard offers every homeowner the chance to truly create customized square footage to their existing home, and ultimately helps them fall in love with their backyards once again.”

A recipient of the prestigious Belgard Best in Class Award for the second year in row, the team at Dean’s has been creating these backyard retreats---hardscaping, creating contrasts in levels and textures, framing with columns and adding ponds, rock formations and other areas of interest---for over 20 years. Yet, Savarino says the possibilities for the outdoor living area have never been as far-reaching and imaginative as they are now. “From fireplaces to dining areas to gourmet kitchens, the sky really is the limit these days.”

In addition to the Best in Class award, the Dean's team was also recently honored with the Master Craftsman award (from Belgard international), one of only nine landscaping companies in the United States to receive such an honor.

Dean’s skilled staff of specialists and artisans are on a mission to make families outdoor living vision, a reality. Voted once again as the Best of the Region in the Times Newspaper’s annual reader poll, numerous Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland clients have benefited from the talents of the professionals who are expert at pulling the pieces together that comprise an innovative, flexible and beautiful outdoor space. Savarino says, “Uniting different styles and textures of hardscaping is really what we do best. Utilizing our 3D rendering system, we can show clients exactly what their outdoor living area will look like when the project is complete. Having a professional team come in and add a true, unique flair to the project is priceless.”

Creating a continuity and serenity to the outdoor entertainment space is at the heart of the serious design work at the front end of each plan for a client family. “We are seeing more and more of our clients falling in love with their home again by simply incorporating more relaxing elements to their landscape.”

Dean's Garden Center thrives this time of the year with a broad selection of decorative art objects and functional design products to add personality to your outdoor space. “The whole idea of mixing elements such as fire with water is a Feng Shui type of principle [originally], but something that is also very visually effective.”

During a recent project in Valparaiso, Savarino and his team consulted with an audio expert to incorporate music and sound into the overall outdoor living area.

“More people are heading to the outdoors for therapy of sorts. Whether through gorgeous hardscaping or a trickling of water in the background, there is nothing better than an outdoor retreat right in your own backyard.”

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