MutualBank: Working together for the client

2013-02-24T00:00:00Z MutualBank: Working together for the client
February 24, 2013 12:00 am

Seeking a mortgage these days can actually be a pleasant experience – if you’re partnering with loan officer Kathy Sellers at MutualBank. The New Buffalo, Mich., lending institution is home to a team dedicated to putting together the best mortgage scenario for homeowners and business owners.

“MutualBank has been in business since the 1800s, and our New Buffalo office has been here for eight years. We’ve weathered the difficult economic times,” says Sellers, who has more than 10 years’ experience in putting together mortgages. “We’re a problem-solving bank because we come from small-bank roots.”

That means everyone at MutualBank in New Buffalo works together to reach the best solution for each client. “Here in New Buffalo there’s a need for innovative financing, with homeowners who may have a lot of special needs. Our mortgages are never really cookie-cutter ones.”

At MutualBank, creative thinking goes into making the mortgage puzzle fit perfectly. When Sellers sees a need for a fresh approach, she’ll sit down with her underwriters to brainstorm. “My underwriters and I have open communication, and they have a wealth of information. I’ll ask, ‘‘What do you think, how can we make this work?’ and that kind of cooperation benefits our customers. They have a whole team working for them,” says Sellers.

Sellers points out another big advantage: “We’re not a bank, we’re a loan office, so I don’t have the hours a banker has. I live nearby and I’m available when I’m needed. I was here last Sunday helping a Realtor.”

MutualBank prides itself on being people-oriented, helpful, and experienced. “And this office in New Buffalo – the area is so lovely. You can go to the beach, relax, sit on a bench and read through your mortgage papers!”

And there’s no waiting forever for a decision. “We’re very efficient and quick to give a answer; we get things done quickly and without a lot of hassle.”

Construction lending is another area of Sellers’ expertise, but whatever the type of mortgage, a confident Sellers says she always looks forward to forming long-lasting relationships with clients.

“I’m patient, accurate, and always accessible.”

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