Repurposing furniture gives home unique look

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Dale and Mary Porter opened Hammond Salvage and Resale in December 2002. They run the store with their daughter, Jessica, and sell antiques, used furniture, household items and some vintage clothing. Although many resale shops rely on donated items, Hammond Salvage and Resale buys items from different sources and prides itself in providing its customers with unique items that you can’t find at the big box stores.

What trends are popular in your store?

Right now, trends in decorating are the industrial look, bright colors, and painted items that are sanded a little bit to give them a worn look.

What can a customer who shops at a resale and salvage shop expect?

People need not be afraid of salvage and resale stores. Most shop keepers want to help the customer find the treasure they desire. Usually, a little bargaining takes place. When making an offer on something, think about what it took to get that item there. The store is there to make money, too, and not give things away.

How can I repurpose something I find into something else?

Customers find all kinds of stuff in our store to repurpose into other things. For example, old doors become headboards, and four mismatched chairs painted similarly become a set. Old wood crates become shelves or side tables, and old bikes can become planters in the yard. Old costume jewelry can become a unique accessory for a wedding party or typewriter keys can become jewelry. A buffet table becomes a TV stand, or a large end table with a drawer can be a child’s desk.

We have a lot of dealers and shop owners who shop our store to find items that they can rework and sell in their own store or show at a flea market.

If I’ve never repurposed anything in my home, what is a good way to start?

Sometimes customers are intimidated by projects. I tell them to take their time and if you screw up, you don’t have a lot of money invested. It’s not so bad to start over or say this is not my cup of tea. You always learn from the experience.

Where can I find ideas on how to repurpose something?

People get a lot of ideas on repurposing things now from Pinterest. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to come up with cool ideas for using old stuff in a new way. It is a good idea to check your favorite shopping places often, so when you find something interesting buy it right away. It probably won’t be there next time you come back, and we can’t order another one.

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