Some kitchen trends are worth investing in

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Robert Northington is owner of Robert Northington Interior Design in Valparaiso, which was founded in 2010. Robert Northington is a licensed Indiana Interior Designer and his firm specializes in all phases of interior design, from concept to completion.

What are some current kitchen remodeling trends?

Of course kitchens that cater to the “home chef” and aspiring gourmet cooks are all the rage. Commercial grade appliances, refrigerators that may have glass doors, and cabinetry that look like furniture are prevailing trends.

What kitchen trends and appliances are worth investing in?

Kitchens and baths offer the best returns, not only for resale but for “quality of life” for the home’s inhabitants. The open floor plan trend in kitchens embraces gathering together, yet offers opportunities to create separate areas within the same space.

What are some trends in kitchen cabinets, countertops and color palates?

A current cabinetry trend is mixing wood finishes, paints and stains. Quartz for counter tops and exotic materials such as quartzite are very “in” these days. Just like contrasting cabinetry finishes, mixing counter materials has proven popular as well. Overall color palettes have gone gray, though white still remains the top selling cabinet color throughout the country.

How can I incorporate more storage into my kitchen?

If your budget allows, collaborate with a designer. They have sources for storage solutions. Amenities such as appliance garages keep counters free of clutter. There are some pull-out options that allow easy access to deep corner cabinets, along with other options that make narrow cabinets functional for pantry space.

How can I redecorate my kitchen on a budget?

Planning and research will save you the most money when doing a remodel. Start an inspiration folder, Pinterest kitchen board, or log into Houzz to keep your ideas and information orderly. Go shopping, find out what things cost and establish a realistic budget. To get the most bang for your buck, keep it simple and work within an existing footprint, if possible. Moving a wall can quickly become a budget buster.

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