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November 17, 2013 5:00 am

Located in Northwest Indiana’s very own ‘downtown Mayberry’, Popa Heating & Cooling in Highland attracts its share of passersby. Some stop in for a cup of coffee. Others enjoy some casual conversation. And no matter how long they stay, most can’t get over how nicely decorated the front office is.

I mean, this is a heating and cooling company, right?

“We are woman-owned, and it shows,” laughs Pat Popa, owner and operator of Popa Heating & Cooling. “It’s just a really happy environment around here. Every day is a fun and exciting adventure.

Providing quality services at fair prices, Popa Heating & Cooling is well versed in energy savings, manufacturer’s recommendations, building code requirements and federal laws that have an effect on today’s wide range of heating and cooling systems. As a premier TRANE comfort specialist dealer, Popa Heating & Cooling are specialists in knowing all about the latest and greatest products out there on the market. “I would have to say we have the best air cleaners on the market,” explains Popa of their extensive line of TRANE products. “We have customers to this point, have been living with allergies. With this particular system, we have them breathing better by the next day. And as a premier TRANE comfort specialist dealer, we get the exclusive on selling new products before other dealers, such as the brand new variable speed air conditioners.”

Yet, convincing customers to make the necessary investment within their home can be tricky. “People will spend 4-5 times more on a car than they ever do on a heating and cooling system, which will end up something they will actually spend much more time with,” comments Popa. “We never want our customers to waste either money or comfort, so we love being there to come up with heating and cooling solutions.”

Often, this means comprehensive load calculations which involve formulas that look at a number of determining factors to ensure that the heating and/or cooling system is the right size for the home. “We often find, in large subdivisions for example, that a contractor has used a blueprint where they put the same size system in every home,” she says. “Yet, factors such as what direction the windows are facing are going to have an effect on that calculation.”

Another aspect that sets Popa Heating & Cooling apart from the competition is their inner pride in their work, a quality seldom seen these days. “We employ quality technicians who are not only highly trained with the very latest in technology, but also always have the customer’s interests first in their mind,” says Popa, who receives most new customers via positive referrals. “The culture in our company is about always providing the very best for our customers and doing the very best job we can.”

Of course, being a woman owned enterprise also helps draw and ultimately keep customers. “Many customers say that they picked us because we were the only company who truly listened to them and cared about their issues,” she says of the company, which first opened in 1968.

A Highland resident who stays quite active within the community, Popa says she takes pride in what she does for a living, and is proud of the work her company provides. “It’s not like I can go into Strack & Van Til with my head hanging, hiding from anyone I might see in the produce department,” she laughs. “Our customers are our neighbors and our friends. We want to be sure they remain a satisfied customer.”

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