Shatar: Art as a 24/7 Life Commitment

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To many, she's known only as Shatar. To many more, she's known as a brilliant artist who has a passion for dabbling in many mediums and turning her ideas into fortified success stories.

Ask those who know Shatar about her talent, and they'll all likely say the same thing - they've never known anyone like her.

Shatar, who legally has just one name, lives in St. Joseph and operates a voiceover business called Shatar's Voice. It encompasses commercials, narrations, original music compositions and movie trailers. She's also committed to several other forms of art, from sculpture to fashion and interior design.

She recently served as a judge at Shore magazine's "Fashion on the Shore," an event that featured the best of the top student designers from colleges and design schools in the region.

Shatar recently talked with Shore about her work and the promise she sees in new artistic talent emerging in Northwest Indiana.

What are some of the different art mediums you practice and how did you get involved in so many?

Since early childhood, I have had a passion for graphics, design, original art, sculpture and music. I was always creating new ideas. I remember - at the age of 8 - building a movie camera out of building blocks and proceeding to "film" my own movie. At that same age, I was known to paint any children's furniture I could find at home. In my 20s, I designed a series of one-of-a-kind modern dollhouses - complete with tennis courts and pools. I also created a line of hand-painted clothing that I sold while living in Colorado. It was at this time that I got focused on painting very large modern canvases - usually on commission. With no formal training, I was hired by clients to design homes - and I have continued on with that to the present day, loving every aspect and challenge of it.

Do you operate your own business where you dabble in each of these areas, or do you concentrate in one over the others?

I am very committed to every form of art that I am involved with. I focus very seriously with each and every client and their artistic and design needs – making sure that every detail is expressed. That may mean that on a given day I am involved with several aspects of the arts.

You were a professional athlete – what sport did you play?

I picked up a tennis racket for the first time at age 13. I was awarded a tennis scholarship to Arizona State at age 17, and continued on to La Costa, Carlsbad, Calif. – training under Poncho Segura – being groomed for Wimbledon.

What caused you to gravitate toward the arts field instead?

An ankle injury and multiple surgeries gave me the opportunity to refocus my talents from athletics back to the arts and design. Training as a professional athlete teaches one the skills of focus and discipline in every aspect of your life – skills that I apply daily with the arts, design, business and my personal life.

You were a judge in Shore magazine's recent "Fashion on the Shore" event. As you watch young talent explore their creative disciplines, is there anything that you have seen that has inspired you as an artist?

I am so impressed with the new talent emerging. They seem to understand the concept of mixing textiles with objects to create new forms of wearable art.

Where are some of the places your work has taken you, and how have those experiences touched you as an artist and woman?

I have enjoyed wide exposure of my voice, artwork and designs from coast to coast - including California to Santa Fe, Australia, Colorado, Michigan Avenue in Chicago – and most recently The Arts District in Benton Harbor. One of my art pieces is now part of the Krasl Permanent Collection. And I have pieces that are part of the Benton Harbor Public Library Permanent Collection also. Each experience is unique and meaningful. Taken together they form the tapestry of my creative life.

In what ways do you work with others to help them reach their artistic potential?

I feel my love for delivering wildly brave and boldly creative ideas encourages others to look at those incredible places inside ourselves that house our unrealized potential. I work at being involved in the arts wherever I live and make a point of having my pieces on public display for all to enjoy.

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