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Adventures in Everyday Living, Shorelines Thursday, May 16, 2013

2013-05-15T00:00:00Z Adventures in Everyday Living, Shorelines Thursday, May 16, 2013By Pat Colander nwitimes.com
May 15, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Two Grand Openings for modern classics a LEED-Certified Strack & Van Til's in Cedar Lake and the World's Largest Model A Ford Museum in Michigan; also SSA's Roaring '20s Beaux Arts Ball may be weeks away, but tickets could be sold out by this weekend.

LEED-Certified Strack's Opens in Cedar Lake Today: In general there is nothing better than a grocery store grand opening. For one thing, everything is new and absolutely perfect. Jeff Strack will be there. And there will be free samples---lots of new gluten-free, international products, chocolate-flavored things, a really outstanding bakery, amazing produce and probably the layout will be similar enough to the Strack's where you regularly shop that you won't get lost or have to back-track. In my world, this is good news. Also, I sort of love going to Cedar Lake in the summer. There is nothing more pleasant in my childhood memory bank than those summer days when our church-group took busloads of us kids to swim there. We were never more tired, sunburnt, sleepy and happy then we were coming home.

SSA's Annual Beaux Arts Ball Could Be Sold-Out Already: Seriously, you could miss the biggest party of the season if you don't have tickets yet. And the usual line-up of auction items---including a pre-fabricated-wine-cellar put together by each board member donating a bottle from his or her personal collection---plus a cache of new artist's work that Dr. Nancy Trimboli, one of the co-chairs of the ball this year, has been assembling all year long. Last night's board meeting was an auction item and wine wrap up in preparation for the June 7th ball and the Roaring 20s theme. Typically, you always forget something like I forgot my wine, others have call backs to do, table lists, but most everybody knows what they are planning to wear and some (like me) have made an appointment for false eyelashes. I have no doubt there are board members who can dance the Charleston, but I am not one and now is not the time to start this particular hobby.

World's Largest Model A Museum Opens Saturday: The Grand Opening Celebration of the all-new Model A Ford Museum—the world’s largest public museum dedicated to the Model A—will take place Saturday, May 18, 2013 in Hickory Corners, Michigan.

 Built to look like a 1928 Ford dealership, the new museum is located in southwest Michigan on the campus of the renowned Gilmore Car Museum. “The Model A is a car that all can relate to,” explains Michael Spezia, executive director of the Gilmore. “It was an affordable and very popular automobile that has been owned and enjoyed by millions of people. We are proud and honored to welcome the Model A Ford Museum to our historic campus.”


Nearly 5 million Model A Fords were manufactured between 1928 - 1931 and marked the second commercial triumph for Henry Ford after the Model T. In fact, during that time period more people owned a vehicle produced by that Ford Motor Company than any other maker worldwide.


In late 1927 when Henry Ford announced the first all-new Ford in two decades would soon be available, he was greeted with such tremendous public enthusiasm that 400,000 Model A Fords sold “sight unseen” before the car was even unveiled.“The legendary Model A Ford has become an icon of Americana,” says Stan Johnson, president of the Model A Ford Foundation, Inc. (MAFFI). “And the museum will preserve the car and the era.”

The Model A Ford Foundation, Inc. (MAFFI) was able to raise over $1 million dollars for the building project and completed the 12,000 sq. ft. museum in just under a year.



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