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Adventures in Everyday Living, Shorelines Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012-11-07T09:00:00Z 2012-11-07T17:23:18Z Adventures in Everyday Living, Shorelines Thursday, November 8, 2012By Pat Colander nwitimes.com
November 07, 2012 9:00 am  • 

Rick Kaempfer touts David Stern's Balding Handbook and an exclusive, tell-all-he-can-remem(oir)ber coming next year from John Records Landecker and Eckhartz Press. Also, an exhibit straight from the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame comes to NWI.

Catching up with Shore Columnist, Renaissance Man and World's Best Dad Rick Kaempfer: I'm beginning to lose track but I believe when the The Balding Handbook starts shipping next week (November 16th) it will be the fourth book for his Eckhartz Press, which Rick launched about a year ago. The first was a novel Rick wrote with Brendan Sullivan called “The Living Wills,” a comic morality tale about a bowling team I thoroughly enjoyed. (Can't wait for the movie!) This season, The Balding Handbook by David Stern is going to be a hit for creative gift-givers who are victims—or members of the family of victims---of involuntary hair loss. Stern describes the five-stage grieving process including denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. On the cover, the author is shown working through Stage 4. At the end of the process, Rick says, the fully actualized bald man can emerge whole into the light. “Of course, you'll need sunscreen when you get there, but the few extra bucks you shell out to the Tropicana people is a trifle when you consider the incredible life that awaits you after reading this book. Whether you're a fellow sufferer or just a mean person that wants to give this book as a gag gift to that baldy you know (Tee hee, Get it? You're bald.) The Balding Handbook is for you.”

Next up for Eckhartz? The long-awaited story of John Records Landecker, Records Truly is My Middle Name will be published as part of John's 66th birthday celebration in March. With Rick's help---not to mention his other famous friends and colleagues including Bob Sirott, Jonathon Brandmeier, John Gehron, Joey Reynolds, Jan Jeffries, Catherine Johns, Eric Ferguson, Bill Zehme, Kevin Matthews and Don Wade---John has managed to tap into his inner playlist and remember an astonishing amount of what actually happened during the past 40 years. You heard that number correctly Boogie Checkers. John Landecker first conquered nighttime radio in Chicago, oh, I don't know, probably some time in the 1970s or 80s. I mean who cares, right? But Landecker is still going strong in the same time slot from 630 – 11 pm weekdays on Cumulus Media classic hits WLS-FM (94.7) Keep your eye on this blog for more information on this upcoming bestseller. Who knows you could be in it?

And More Rock and Roll But I Like It at South Shore Arts: Representing 40 years of photography by Janet Macoska and Anastasia Pantsios, the exhibit comes direct to South Shore Arts from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio and will be on display from November 11, 2012 through February 3, 2013.

The exhibit features more than 80 iconic images documenting many of the genre’s most legendary performers—Madonna, Paul McCartney, Whitney Houston, Freddy Mercury, Deborah Harry, David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Courtney Love, Gene Simmons, Patti Smith and Robert Plant to name a few.

Cleveland-based photojournalist Janet Macoska has been honing her craft for over 25 years. Her work has appeared in Creem, Rolling Stone, People, 16, Entertainment Weekly, the New York Times and the London Times. David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and the Kinks are just some of the artists who have used her photos on their CD’s.

One of Macoska’s proudest accomplishments is a photo of Paul McCartney that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London. Several of her photos were featured alongside those of Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger and others in a 1996 issue of American Photo devoted entirely to rock and roll images. Reflecting on her career in an interview with Black & White Magazine, Macoska said, “I know a lot of my photographs are going to be the images that will define what was going on at this important time in musical history. Hopefully, people will see my photographs and feel some of the emotion and energy that the audience was hearing and seeing with me in those memorable moments.”

When Anastasia Pantsios photographed her first concert—a free concert by Jefferson Airplane in Chicago’s Grant Park in 1969—women were a rarity in rock bands. At the same time, women were trying to elbow their way into the burgeoning ranks of rock photographers, led by Rolling Stone’s Annie Leibovitz. In Cleveland, Pantsios was one of three women who formed Kaleyediscope Photography in 1978 to market the photos they were shooting of musicians. As women became more numerous and prominent on rock and roll stages in the ’80s and beyond, Pantsios developed a special interest in the visual study of the changing and diverse ways they presented themselves while making music. Her photographs represent 40 years of shooting rock’s talented women, starting with Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick and continuing through contemporary star Gwen Stefani.

Join photojournalist Janet Macoska for a glimpse backstage during a FREE lecture and tour of the exhibit, Monday, November 26, 2012 at either 10am or 630pm in the gallery at The Center for Visual & Performing Arts. A VIP reception with hors d’oeuvres, live music, a cash bar and a special appearance by photojournalist Janet Macoska will be held on Tuesday, November 27, 2012, from 6 to 8pm. Cost is $25 per person. Please RSVP by November 16, 2012 by calling 219/836.1839 ext. 100.

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