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Adventures in Everyday Living, Thursday, May 15, 2014

2014-05-14T00:00:00Z 2014-05-14T19:15:20Z Adventures in Everyday Living, Thursday, May 15, 2014By Pat Colander nwitimes.com
May 14, 2014 12:00 am  • 

Seven Starbucks in six days; the return of Varsha and other perfectly amazing moments in emerging fashion design this year in St. Joe and words of wisdom from David Gergen.

Two topics that I am not yet fit to write about: My zombie 38-hour road-trip covering just about every roadside Starbucks in no less than seven states end at the Superdome for the graduation ceremony at Loyola University New Orleans for my husband Jeff. He listened stalwartly to commencement speaker David Gergen, a director of communications for both George Bush 41 and Bill Clinton after that but is now mostly a talking head on CNN and a professor at places like Georgetown and Harvard etc. who was forced to comment on the challenge of joblessness. (Not really Jeff’s biggest challenge though he does keep changing careers like now its education.) The rave performance reviews on the 3rd annual Fashion on the Shore, including a record number of participants, audience members, mother and daughter entourages --- including the winner of Times Media Co. Mother’s Day essay contest with her daughter and two of their friends ---- celebrity model Varsha Shivakumar, who apparently gets better-looking every year, I already saw parts of the video, were the best any deserter could ever wish for in her wildest dreams. And my own daughter Ida Ansell, who gets better looking every time I see her, who bikes about 9 miles a day to her teaching job in NOLA. she has no problem eating at a great place like Ralph’s on the Park where they apologize because Mother’s Day has such a limited menu there are only about 6 desserts and one of them is mini- chocolate profiteroles, so who cares about the other five? Provided the finest Mother’s Day extravaganza on earth.

Badly needed for certain body blobs developed over a five-month winter: Joyce Davis of Lake Street Gallery is reminding everyone this week it is gallop time in Miller. Beginning on Saturday, May 17th, at 6:30 pm at Lake Street Beach, joining the gallop is $20 for the preregistered and $25 for the day of race, which is 5.5 kilometers down the beach or 3 kilometers walking on the dune out there. I can vouch for the fact if you have a choice take the slow run on the beach. Walking the dune if the sand is loose is no picnic. If you want more info or to talk with someone about it call 219-938-4566.

The opposite of a farm-to-table experience at Buckley Homestead: Every year Lake County Parks holds a sheep shearing, this year it’s on Sunday, June 1, from noon until 4, although it says that the first hour is for sheep shearing. After the wool gets cut off the sheep, volunteer spinners spin it into yarn. You remember yarn, people used to make scarves and sweaters from it? Most people get these from Target or Kohl’s. Anyway, this is the ultimate in family friendly and free programming. The Lake County Parks people suggest you park in the Visitor Center lot on Hendricks and “enjoy the short stroll to the farmyard.” Buckley Homestead is located 4.5 miles west of Interstate 65 just south of Route 2 on Hendricks Road in Lowell. Exit I-65 west at Rt. 2 toward Lowell to Hendricks, then south for 1/4 mile to the visitor center parking lot. Note: This is the only parking on the farm. The farmstead is a short walk along the trail. GPS coordinates: Visitor’s Center Parking Lot: 41.283566,-87.377509

Opening night reception at Lubeznik is Carolyn Saxton’s swan song: Saxton, who is on her way to head up the Legacy Foundation in Merrillville will still be in charge of the opening reception for Material Possessions (Frank Connet) and Ignorance with Wings (Michael Bill Smith) opening Friday, May 16th at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts from 6-8 pm (CT) and then there is a farewell (sort of) party for Carolyn on Monday night starting around 5:45 pm.

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