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January 21, 2013 7:30 am  • 

My wife Bridget has wanted to try this out as an experiment for the past few years, and the time finally arrived to try it this past weekend. Our son Tommy was sleeping in as he always does on the weekend, and Bridget turned to me and said: “What if we don’t wake him up today at all—and just see how long it takes for him to get up on his own.”

We didn’t have anything going on that day (until 4pm), so it seemed like a good day to try it. My youngest son Sean immediately started up a betting pool.

“I’ve got 1:00pm,” he said.

“Put me down for 1:45pm,” I added.

“I’m thinking 2:00, or maybe even 2:30pm,” Bridget said.

And we went about our business. There’s always quite a bit of hustling and bustling in our home, so it’s really not that easy to stay asleep. People are coming and going, the phone is constantly ringing, the dog is running around in spastic fits, cabinet doors are being opened and closed. And Tommy’s room is right next to our main floor bathroom—the busiest room in the house.

We all took showers around 11, and he didn’t wake up.

The mailman dropped off the mail around noon, which led to an extended barking fit from our very loud pit bull Ivy. Not a peep out of Tommy.

The rest of us had lunch at 1pm, further discussing the rules of the pool. “You can’t intentionally make extra noise around the time you guessed,” I pointed out to Sean. “That would be cheating.”

After lunch cheating Sean actually went into Tommy’s room with a flashlight to retrieve a DS game. He shone the light right into Tommy’s eyes and made a lot of noise opening and closing the door. He even climbed on top of Tommy’s bed to get the game. Still not a peep or movement from the boy.

At 2pm, Bridget left to run an errand. “If he doesn’t get up before 3, I win,” she said as she was walking out the door.

“If he doesn’t get up by 3:30, I have to wake him up,” I pointed out. “I have to take Sean to his soccer game, and Tommy has to watch the dog.”

Would you care to guess what time he finally got up on his own?

He still hasn’t.

I had to wake him up…and I waited until 3:45.

They say that God gives everyone special talents. Some are gifted in mathematics or science or writing or carpentry. Some are gifted salesmen or chefs or accountants. There must be a profession out there somewhere that is looking for a gifted sleeper.

We have one of the all-time greats living in our house.

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