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January 20, 2013 12:00 am

This excerpt from the winning essay by Brytnie Jones, a student within the Gary Schools, was chosen out of 21 submissions on the topic: "Impossible is Possible – Accept the Challenge". Jones, along with eight other winners, will be attending the 2013 inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington D.C.

The essays focused on the topic of creating a new city of Gary where "anything is possible".

Stop the Scars by Brytnie Jones

Over the course of the next few months, I believe that an anti-bully rally should be held in Northwest Indiana to raise awareness to the rapidly growing issue of bullying. Today few people are aware that this issue happens every day in Gary, Indiana and across our region.

The purpose of this rally will be to educate people not only on the prevalence of bullying that affect our youth, but also on the strategies that can be implemented to counter bullying. It will also serve as the gateway for community organizations, local municipalities, school corporations, and residents to come together and share ideas to counter this problem.

At the entrance way of the rally, there will be a table with pamphlets, containing statistics and facts regarding the issue. There will be a folder full of information on the causes of bullying, as well as, notebooks and pens mandatory for pick-up., along with a blue wristband that says “Stop the Bullying” that I will design. (Blue is the anti-bullying awareness color.) Every student will be encouraged to come out.

My bully prevention rally will include: entertainment, give-a-ways, motivational speakers, and an anti-bully curriculum on how to manage bullying will be introduced. I propose this event be held annually and be held on National Stop Bullying Day, October 10th. Local musicians and poets will be asked to perform materials that reflect positivity. Local schools will be asked to prepare poetry, essays, or songs that can be shared with the public at the rally.

Local businesses will be asked to donate small gifts. These gifts will be raffled off and given away as tokens of appreciation for coming out and supporting such a big cause. I would also like to invite motivational speakers that have done studies on anti-bullying, as well as, local police, teachers, principals, pastors, the mayor, and superintendent for moral support...

There are four types of bullying: physical, verbal, indirect, and cyber-bullying, which all has an equal impact on the person being bullied. Bullying is an issue that has been swept under the rug for years. It’s something that has always been around but nobody ever acknowledges the “bullied kid.”

Some people believe that bullying is a minor issue and that the kids are simply being kids and doing a little senseless teasing. Other people are unaware of the teasing that is being done to other students and how much it hurts. What many people don’t realize is that bullying can spiral into a much bigger problem.

People that are bullied will either think of committing suicide, be overcome with depression, withdraw from all social settings, or they will turn to violence, drugs, and alcohol to ease their pain. Bullying leads to a world full of troubled teens that only later on transforms into troubled adults.

In Northwest Indiana, something must be done to finally make people aware of the bullying that has been done. Something must be done to stop the violence that has spiraled out of control. I will like to start right here in Gary, Indiana where the “Impossible is Possible!”

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