Stir Crazy Crafts: Get through cabin fever with these DIY ideas

2014-03-06T10:00:00Z Stir Crazy Crafts: Get through cabin fever with these DIY ideasChristine Bryant Times Correspondent
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Spring is in sight, and while warmer temperatures are on the horizon, so are April showers.

Stuck in the house with your family and have nothing to do? These creative crafts will help alleviate any cabin fever kids are experiencing this cold winter and rainy spring.


These miniature gardens are easy ways to allow your kids to express their creativity, while bringing some outdoor cheer indoors.

Blogger MaryLea Harris, of Pink and Green Mama, said terrariums simply involve a glass fish bowl, a miniature plants, and decorations to go inside. To keep the plants healthy, use a small layer of gardening charcoal, brown gravel and a layer of sphagnum moss to act like a filter. Top with potting soil and fun accessories like toys, figurines and rocks.

Fairy garden bowls

Have a Teacher Appreciation day coming up, or looking for a great end-of-the-year gift? These Fairy Garden Bowls are a great craft to pull together on a rainy Saturday.

Harris recommended using red plastic salad bowls found at retail stores and placing fish gravel in the bottom of the bowl because there are no drainage holes. Add a layer of sphagnum moss like in the terrarium craft, followed by some potting soil.

With fairy garden bowls, herbs such as Lemon Balm, Boxwood Basil and Marigold, grow well, she said.

Head to the craft store and grab some unfinished mini wooden houses and acrylic craft paint, and allow the kids to paint their houses with their favorite colors. Write message on the houses using permanent markers, and seal the house with clear acrylic spray, Harris said.

Love craft

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, these milestone markers serve as not only art, but a touching sentiment as well.

“Just use a canvas and paint color of your choice,” said Whitney Collins Thompson, author of Whitty Whit’s Words, a blog on motherhood and crafts. “This could be used for anything really, too, like a birthday gift or Mother’s and Father’s Day.”

Cereal shadow box

Whether it’s zoo animals, the ocean or cartoon characters your child is interested in, a cereal box can transform their pretend world into a 3-D art project.

Using a piece of your child’s artwork, make two to three color copies of it on your home printer or at a printing store. Grab a cereal box and cut one side out of it to create a box frame. Paint the inside of the box one color, and decorate the outside of the box with patterned duct tape.

Cut out pieces from the copied drawings, and glue back some of the layers from the original drawing. Spacers glued between the back of the box and the cut outs will create a 3-D effect, Harris said.

Color glue

If you have a child who loves to finger paint, try making rainbow glue. Start with half-empty glue containers, and add squirts of acrylic craft paint. Use wood skewers or thin straws to stir the mixture, and continue adding paint until the desired color is achieved.

When squeezing the glue onto paper, use watercolor paper or thicker paper that will absorb the glue better. Harris also suggests lightly sketching a drawing with pencil first for kids who need a little guidance.

Cotton Ball Sushi

While not every child enjoys sushi, they may enjoy this craft that brings together materials from the medicine cabinet and craft supplies.

Cut scraps of felt and attach them to cotton balls using black masking tape. Personalize some chopsticks for an additional effect, and add these to your kids play kitchen for a fun new toy, Harris said.

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