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Here's our monthly showcase of the latest and greatest new selections in media for youth.

From books and games to educational toys and DVDs, there's never a dull moment for active and eager young minds.

Kohl's, $5, Ages 3 and older

"Classic Stories for the Holiday's Books and Toys Collection" by Kohl's Cares for Kids

While supplies last, Kohl's department stores is offering nostalgic children's stories and gifts this holiday season with delightful and affordable books and plush toys that will be treasured by families for years to come. These exclusive hardcover editions of classic stories, illustrated by Charles Santore, include "The Wizard of Oz," "The Night Before Christmas," "The Velveteen Rabbit," "Aesop's Fables" and "William the Curious," along with coordinating plush toys for just $5 each through the Kohl's Cares cause merchandise program. Since the program's inception in 2000, it has raised more than $208 million for children’s health and education programs in local communities across the country.

Kingfisher, $19.99, Ages 2 to 6

"Animal Planet Incredible Journeys" by Dwight Holing

This 128-page hardcover allows readers the chance to follow amazing migration stories of creatures as diverse as the African wildebeest, the American monarch butterfly and the Pacific bluefin tuna. With daring photography as captured by cable's Animal Planet, each page is a window to witness the perils of each journey while finding out how animals navigate such long distances and encounter hardships. It's available in stores or at

Macmillan, $16.99, Ages 10 to 14

"A Month of Sundays" by Ruth White

When Garnet's mother decides it's time for a change, she drops off her daughter at her Aunt June's house in Black Rock, Virginia, while she goes to Florida to find a job. Garnet has never met her Aunt June, so she feels angry and abandoned. But the two share a journey together when Aunt June reveals she has cancer. The two decide to visit different churches on a quest "to find God." This 176-page hardcover explores themes of the power of love and forgiveness. It's in stores or at

Macmillan, $15.99, Ages 6 to 12

"The Masterwork of a Painting Elephant" by Michelle Cuevas

With vivid illustrations by Ed Young, this 144-page hardcover is about Pigeon Jones, a little boy who lives on the back of an artistically gifted white elephant named Birch. On the boy's 10th birthday, the two decide to search for fame while painting their way around the world. They also must dodge an evil circus ringmaster, while they work on their mission of befriending singing hobos and freeing zoo animals. With messages of independence, the book is available in stores or at

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