Presidents come to life through books and movies

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Visit any book store or library and you'll likely find several books on past presidents.

Here are local librarians' picks on some of the best books and other media available about the leader of the United States.

Facts About the Presidents

Looking for some fun facts about each president? Nancy Nosek of the South Holland Library recommended "Facts About the President." First published in 1959, the most recent edition includes the Obama presidency.

"It includes basic biographical information on each president, plus the members of their cabinets, congressional dates, court appointments and important dates in each presidency," she said.

What sets this book apart, she said, is the section on comparative data.

"It has such things as 'Presidents Born British Subjects' to 'Presidents' Zodiacal Signs' to 'Presidents' Favorite Foods," she said. "It is fun to browse and full of obscure little tidbits of information."

The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon

This book for kids is a fascinating look at how experts in 2005 re-imagined what the nation's first president actually looked like using current research methods, said Debbie Albrecht with the Lansing Public Library.

The book, ideal for ages 10 and older, is a detective story of researching how a group of researchers studied George Washington, examining paintings, his notes and even his dentures to get a more accurate look of how he appeared at key moments in his life.

All the President's Men

If your teenager already hasn't seen this in school, "All the President's Men" is a great movie to watch on Presidents' Day, Albrecht said.

The movie revisits Watergate, and the methods reporters Woodward and Bernstein used to uncover the details of the scandal that led to President Nixon's resignation.

Madam President

In the picture book, "Madam President," a little girl imagines what her day would be like if she were president of the United States.

A favorite of Amy Crump, administrator at Homewood Library, "Madam President" illustrates the imagination of a little girl who has high aspirations.

Presidents' Day

This children's book by Anne Rockwell is a great for kids who want to learn more about democracy. Recommended by South Holland librarian Sue Schlicker, this book features the story of kids who celebrate Presidents' Day by putting on a play.

John Adams

The HBO mini-series "John Adams" depicts the life and times of one of America's founding fathers.

"'John Adams', based on the wonderful book by David McCoullough, is an excellent presentation of the life and times of our second president," Albrecht said.

Dead Man Wins Election

This collection of weird and unbelievable political tales is a perfect read for the family member who has an interest in politics, especially the crazy side of it. Recommended by Crump, this book produces interesting tidbits like how of the 40 million emails produced by former President Bill Clinton's office, he himself only sent two.

President Taft is Stuck in the Bath

Recommended by Crump, this tale of a presidential mishap will entertain kids of all ages. The book is filled with humorous illustrations, and describes what may or may not have happened in one of our president's history.

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