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Valentine’s Day often is associated with the love between a couple. However, many families exchange gifts as well to mark the day of affection.

Here are a few ideas for all members of the family this holiday of love.

For parents and grandparents

Parents often have trouble getting rid of their children’s clothing, so with the help of another family member, kids can turn those clothes into a memorable piece. Project Repat is a custom quilt company that turns old T-shirts into hand-crafted quilts. (

If parents or grandparents have boxes full of kids’ artwork, try Plum Print, a company that turns artwork into a book or custom throw pillows. (

For the parent or grandparent who works out, Love Bottle reuses glass water bottles and includes love- and heart-themed designs. The company also gives back 5 percent of every purchase to charity. (

Who knew soundwaves could be art? Soundwave Art creates artwork and jewelry from sound by engraving a voice pattern onto rings, pendants or canvases - perfect from the child to a parent or grandparent. (

Adult coloring books have become one of the biggest trends, but ReallyColor coloring books add a personal touch. This Chicago-based business takes real world photos and turns them into printable and electronic coloring book pages. Create a coloring book for grandparents, or have your child color a favorite photo and frame it. (

For kids

Candy is a popular gift for kids, but if you want your kids to lay off the sugar and fall in love with something else, try one of these.

Project Mc² is a doll line that aims to inspire young girls to be interested in science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Dolls in the new collection come with new spy gear and science experiments. (

If your child is attached to electronics, Toluka Paper might be the answer if looking for an alternative activity. This Munster-owned paper good boutique includes My Fortune Teller pads and MASH pads, which are perfect for kids, tweens and teens. (

The Chia Pet has been around for decades, and now features a new Emoji. Choose among Smiley, Winky or Heart Eyes, which will provide endless winter fun and an educational experience. (

If chocolate is still on your child’s wish list, try the Geek & Co. Science Chocolate Science Lab. The kit allows families to explore physical science while making chocolate gifts to give to friends and family. (

The Irish Fairy Door also encourages kids to expand their imaginations. These doors help fairies relocate into homes and gardens, and allow children to correspond with Fairy Valley - a place for ongoing messages, play ideas and stories - once the fairy moves in. (

If your child has been asking for a new design to her room, try WallPops - removable stickers that can instantly change a room. (

For children who like to bake, consider Happiest Little Baker, a baking kit subscription service for kids ages 3 to 10. Each kit comes with pre-measured, non-perishable ingredients needed for that month’s recipe. (

Don’t forget the youngest members of the family. PBS Distribution recently released new DVDs, “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Would You Be Mine?” and “WordWord: Be My Valentine.” (


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