Which president was the only one to be unanimously elected?

A. Chester A. Arthur

B. John Adams

C. James Madison

D. George Washington

Which president coined the term 'white house' for the home of the president?

A. Theodore Roosevelt

B. Franklin Pierce

C. Millard Filmore

D. Andrew Jackson

Who was the first president to ride a railroad train?

A. Abraham Lincoln

B. John Quincy Adams

C. Andrew Jackson

D. Thomas Jefferson

Who was the first president born in a hospital?

A. George W. Bush

B. Bill Clinton

C. Jimmy Carter

D. Barack Obama

Who was the smallest president, weighing less than 100 pounds and being only 5’ 4” tall?

A. James Madison

B. Zachary Taylor

C. John Tyler

D. Grover Cleveland

Who was the first president to use a phone?

A. Benjamin Harrison

B. James A. Garfield

C. Rutherford B. Hayes

D. Lyndon B. Johnson

Which president was born on the 4th of July?

A. Harry S. Truman

B. John F. Kennedy

C. Herbert Hoover

D. Calvin Coolidge

Which president read every book in his hometown library?

A. Harry S. Truman

B. Richard Nixon

C. Warren G. Harding

D. Andrew Johnson

Who served as president for only 31 days (he died of pneumonia)?

A. James Polk

B. Martin Van Buren

C. Zachary Taylor

D. William Henry Harrison

Which of the following men did NOT serve as a U.S. president?

A. William Taft

B. Woodrow Wilson

C. Adlai Stevenson

D. Grover Cleveland

Which president also had a grandfather who served as president?

A. John Quincy Adams

B. Benjamin Harrison

C. George Bush

D. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Which president had 15 children?

A. John Tyler

B. Thomas Jefferson

C. James Buchanan

D. Ulysses S. Grant


1. D, 2. A, 3. C, 4. C, 5. A, 6. C, 7. D, 8. A, 9. D, 10. C, 11. B, 12. A

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