Traveling during this holiday season?

Or spending a few weeks or months in Florida to get away from our winter weather?

You can keep up with the steady news and developments in Northwest Indiana easily by reading our e-edition, which has been improving steadily since we launched mobile first in digital earlier this year.

The e-edition is an identical replica of the daily paper, and readership of it has been spiking lately because of new features that make it easier to use.

Every print and digital subscriber receives an email each morning with a link to the e-edition. You also can access it through a link at the bottom of our home page at

The e-edition offers great access when you travel or when you’re looking for coverage of a particular topic and haven’t seen it in the paper. You can search with keywords on the e-edition platform and see how the story ran in print.

It’s just one of the recent e-edition improvements. Others are an ease of changing pages with arrows on either side, and the ability to print pages of interest.

You also can look up previous copies of The Times. For example, today you could look back at last Thursday’s paper to read the full A&E section and find something of interest for this afternoon.

Interested in a topic, such as the upcoming Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting? You can search Mascot Hall and find previous coverage, exactly how it looked in the paper, and print it out.

These e-edition features, added recently, clearly have been inviting for readers, who are staying on the e-edition platform longer and reading more.

Give it a try. If you’ve looked at the e-edition in the past and found it was cumbersome to use, try now. Pick a day when you’re away from home and see what you think.

The timing of these improvements are ideal for snowbirds, who leave the Region for warmer weather. They’ve found, or will find, it’s never been easier to use our e-edition and keep up with news and developments.

Enjoy it just like you enjoy the paper, with some enhancements.

Top stories of 2017

We’ve had quite a year of news in the Region, ranging from the indictment and conviction of former Lake County Sheriff John Buncich to the end of an entertainment era — happening later Sunday — at the Star Plaza Theatre, which opened in 1979.

What was the top story overall?

Tell us by voting on a list of 17 Northwest Indiana headline grabbers, starting Monday. You’ll find our voting platform and links to the story at starting at noon Monday.

Follow on Twitter and The Times of Northwest Indiana on Facebook, and you’ll see this posted a few times until voting ends Dec. 29.

We’ll announce your pick for 2017 top story on Jan. 1, 2018.

Thanks for reading us. Please contact me with any questions about The Times or our many publications.

Bob Heisse is editor of The Times Media Co. He can be reached at (219) 933-3327 or



Bob is editor of The Times Media Co. He started in Northwest Indiana in April 2014 following stints as executive editor of The State Journal-Register in Springfield, Ill., and The Centre Daily Times in State College, Pa.