What a week.

While trick or treaters braved the weather to fill their bags with goodies, reports on a terrorist attack in New York began filtering in.

The first three of what is expected to be many more indictments from the Mueller investigation were announced.

A sweeping tax reform bill continues to be hammered out behind closed doors.

Social media representatives braced to testify before Congress on their role in Russia’s interference with our presidential election, and the Democratic National Committee Interim-Chair penned a scathing expose of how the Clinton campaign sabotaged the primary process to ensure her nomination.

Can we not have just a normal day anymore?

OK, I grant you that daily routines are being adhered to in our family lives. We work. We play. We worship. We watch football and the World Series. But lurking on the periphery of the normalcy are critical occurrences that will continue to have lasting effects on us all.

There is terrorism: Death, maiming and terror were caused by one man in a rented truck in New York. Eight people were killed, many more injured. ISIS has not claimed responsibility but doesn’t have to. The man in custody declined representation and is shouting his ISIS inspired guilt from the rooftops.

While the mayor and governor extol the New York spirit, I think their “defiant optimism” is a bit hard to sell. This is scary.

There is political manipulation: 150 million people were fed false news stories and ads via social media paid for by Russians with the express purpose of mucking up our presidential election process.

Facebook admitted to knowing about the problem and doing nothing, long before facts hit fan.

Hillary’s campaign has been caught with their pants down by an expose from one of their own. The DNC was literally in Hillary’s pocket before her nomination. So Bernie supporters can take a little comfort in the knowledge that they have been vindicated, having made these accusations throughout the nominating process.

On the Republican side of the aisle, they need tax reform. Republicans are desperate to pass something big. But like their efforts at repealing and replacing Obamacare, a select group is constructing another monumentally complex bill that will affect every American.

Looking at both parties, is this the way our political process is supposed to work?

And there are Mueller’s indictments. So much vitriol. So much speculation. I will only say what I have said from the beginning about “the Russian connection to the Trump Campaign or lack thereof.”

Let the system work. There are so many other important things that need attention. Just let the investigation play out.

Our enemies — Russia, ISIS and others — love us fighting among ourselves, and are we ever giving them fodder.

How about we try taking the “nasty” out of politics? How about putting country before profit or party? How about we wipe the smiles off our enemies' faces?

Wendy J. Levenfeld is a published novelist, playwright and columnist from Chesterton. Send comments to wendylevenfeld@gmail.com. The opinions are the writer’s.