Gallery: Gary Jet Center opens its new terminal

The new Corporate Flight Center at the Gary Jet Center gives private concerns new reasons to see Gary as a staging ground for corporate flights.

John J. Watkins, The Times

Physically possessing an asset merely creates potential.

Without cultivating and optimizing that asset, the full potential won't be realized.

Last week, the Gary Jet Center showed the Region how to put an existing asset into the best position possible for growth and success.

On Oct. 25, Gary Jet Center opened its new $3 million Corporate Flight Center, which has the potential to transform business aviation in Northwest Indiana and Chicago.

It completes 12 years of work to establish the jet center's west campus. The overall entity provides fueling, maintenance, aircraft management and hospitality services for private and business flights.

The luxurious Corporate Flight Center gives private concerns new reasons to see Gary as a staging grounds for corporate flights.

We've long argued that the greater footprint of the Gary/Chicago International Airport must invest in aesthetics and infrastructure improvements in order to maximize potential.

The improvements at the Gary Jet Center, a close neighbor to the airport, are a shining example.


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