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The Times spent considerable newsprint on the dangers of opioids that are destroying lives in the Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties. I agree that some opioid addiction has been caused by over-prescriptions from doctors wanting to relieve the pain of their patients.

The major cause of drug addiction and death is the illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin. What can lead to these drugs is the use of marijuana. Legislators across the nation are now contemplating making marijuana accessible for recreational use. The producers of all the above-mentioned drugs are very clever.

First they encouraged the medicinal use of marijuana, now for recreational use. I think we all know where it will lead. Don't let Indiana fall for the scheme.

Michael Millikin, Valparaiso


Local News Editor

Marc is a veteran investigative reporter and editor of more than 15 years, including 10 years at The Times, where he is the investigative editor. He is also the founder of the Calumet Region Civil War Preservation Project.