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It is very discouraging to read about the mistrial called in the case of Mitchell Alicia against two Hammond police officers.

It's discouraging because it is incredulous that this lawsuit was even playing out in a Hammond courtroom. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago somehow found cause to reverse the earlier dismissal of this frivolous lawsuit.

Alicea already pleaded guilty to the burglary charge, and the Hammond police officers should be commended for doing their duty and apprehending him. How he can find attorneys to support his allegation that the police officers used excessive force is particularly disingenuous.

Perpetrators of crime caught in the act of committing the crime should not get to choose how they are apprehended. I commend the actions of these police officers, and they deserve our full support and gratitude.

Gregory Bales, Munster


Local News Editor

Marc is a veteran investigative reporter and editor of more than 15 years, including 10 years at The Times, where he is the investigative editor. He is also the founder of the Calumet Region Civil War Preservation Project.