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There is no such thing as low-cost, affordable health care that many politicians claim to pursue. Insurance costs $17,000 per year plus large deductibles, which few can afford. Medicare pays out twice the amount that is taken in each year because of more and longer-living seniors requiring multiple high-cost procedures.

Medicare will be the next area targeted for big cuts.

Many seniors struggle to pay their Medicare supplement insurance fees now. Two-thirds of Medicaid pays for nursing home care for the disabled and people who have run out of money, including 2.5 million Alzheimer’s patients.

This same Medicaid will be capped and cut under the Republicans’ current bill, endangering nursing home care. Either we raise tax income to pay for Medicare and nursing home care or cave in to only the wealthy getting medical and nursing home care. Politicians spin the facts, but numbers don’t lie.

Dave Koester, Schererville


Marc is a veteran investigative reporter and editor of more than 15 years, including 10 years at The Times, where he is the investigative editor. He is also the founder of the Calumet Region Civil War Preservation Project.