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Apparently after granting amnesty seven times since 1986, our Washington politicians have learned nothing from their mistakes.

Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York proposed an amendment to an immigration bill being drafted in the Senate a few weeks back. That amendment supported allowing anyone illegally in our country as of June 30, 2018, to receive immunity from deportation. The Schumer amendment also would have granted 1.8 million DACA recipients our eighth amnesty.

Had this amendment progressed further, it would have told everyone in the world to get here in the next four months and you too may receive amnesty!

Sen. Joe Donnelly and all the Senate Democrats voted for this amendment. It’s all tol clear that we need to remove politicians like Donnelly if we are to repair an immigration problem they created.

Greg Serbon, Crown Point


Local News Editor

Marc Chase is a veteran investigative reporter, columnist and editor of more than two decades. He currently leads The Times news staff as local news editor. He can be reached at 219-933-3327.