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On Friday, I was quoted in an Associated Press story, which ran in newspapers throughout the state, in such a way as to give credibility to the exaggerated, anonymous attacks on U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita, a Munster native, that filled the rest of the story.

I understand news stories have word limits, but I feel the picture painted by that story was misleading. For the handful of disgruntled employees out there, there are many more who would say working for Rokita was great.

He was a demanding boss, but he was fair and led by example. It was great to be part of an office that did terrific work for the citizens of the 4th District. Working for Rokita helped me greatly in my professional development and prepared me for the job in the private sector I have today.

I look forward to him continuing his hard work and fighting for Hoosiers in the Senate.

Anthony Will, Indianapolis


Marc is a veteran investigative reporter and editor of more than 15 years, including 10 years at The Times, where he is the investigative editor. He is also the founder of the Calumet Region Civil War Preservation Project.