Did Donald Trump supporters understand who they were voting for? Much to the surprise of Trump voters, the ACA is Obamacare. The recent tax reform benefits corporations with permanent tax cuts while the lower and middle class cuts will expire in 2025.

Let's all hope that trickle down theory works. The U.S. is the laughing stock of the world. Trump has made a mockery of the office and our institutions.

There was a time when the world looked to the U.S. for guidance and inspiration. The dear leader has an affinity and admiration for the autocrats of the world. I believe our nation is strong and smart enough to withstand this nightmare.

Perhaps if Mr. Trump would take the time to read our Constitution and the history of our nation, he would get a clue. Thank goodness our Founding Fathers had the foresight for checks and balances.

Ann Farmer, Whiting