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2017 Letters to the editor stock

President Donald Trump is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation that has produced indictments or guilty pleas from 19 people and three companies so far — that we know of; hardly a witch hunt. The recent legally authorized search warrants that were executed on Michael Cohen’s properties were judiciously scrutinized before being issued. When seized communications reveal crimes, attorney-client privilege is nullified.

Cohen is being investigated for bank fraud and campaign finance violations. There is mounting evidence the Trump campaign colluded with Russia and obstructed justice by covering it up. It’s hard to believe Trump himself is not complicit in all of it. If Trump has nothing to hide, why is he so consumed with the Mueller investigation? This evolving investigation must continue to its rightful conclusion.

Our democracy is being threatened by a president who puts himself above the rule of law and the interests of our country.

William Zawada, Dyer


Local News Editor

Marc Chase is a veteran investigative reporter, columnist and editor of more than two decades. He currently leads The Times news staff as local news editor. He can be reached at 219-933-3327.