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About Brad's Designs & Jewelry

Brad's Designs and Jewelry offers custom made jewelry, as well as featuring some of the largest brands of jewelry and watches.

More About Brad's Designs & Jewelry

Crown Point Premier Jewelry Design

Brad Belush is the designer and owner of Brad’s Designs and Jewelry in Crown Point, IN. He has been in the business of creating meaningful pieces of custom jewelry for over thirty years.

Brad's process involves getting to know you, the customer, and partnering with you to incorporate your ideas and unique preferences into designing and crafting a beautiful piece of art that has generational value to it. He does not want to just make jewelry, but prefers to make pieces of artistic value that becomes a part of your life. When your friends and family see what you designed they are intrigued by the story of why the piece was created.

Brad's desire is to value you as a lifetime friend who entrusts him with all your jewelry needs. He is interested in not only making jewelry that lasts but also in maintaining and repairing if necessary to assure lasting enjoyment.

Brad's wants you to tell your friends and family that you have a personal jeweler that earns your trust and takes the time to understand your story. He knows that precious metals, diamonds and gem stones are expensive, but when fashioned in your unique design they become priceless. Our hope is that for the price of mall jewelry you let us design something exquisite that will bring years and generations of value.





We are interested in the story behind the design. We want to incorporate your personal touches and input that make the piece truly yours.

You dream, we listen, you advise, we create your unique jewelry…We want your jewelry to truly bring joy and meaning to not only you but generations to come.


You can bring in pictures, inspiration pieces, photos or your own sketches to help solidify what unique qualities you are hoping for in your piece of jewelry.

We will generate a sketch of your piece as we interpret your input…you then add your opinion and we revise as needed to get the overall feel of your piece. We will work on the sketch with a few variations until you are satisfied that we have captured the essence of your dream.

Wax Carving:

We then make a wax mold of your concept piece. We can either do that by hand the old fashioned way or use our state of the art dream forming machine. From that rendering we will be able to show you in rough form how the piece will flow.


When you approve the design we then will cast it in your choice of metals, gold, silver, or platinum.


We hand fabricate the casting to give it a unique and professional look and feel. This process gives the piece a special character that will be singularly yours.


If you have chosen stones for your piece this is where they are hand set into the piece. This is where our expertise in the fine art of setting gem stones comes into play.

This is part science and large part art in order to both secure the stones securely while showcasing their innate beauty to best advantage 



This year you can give a gift that will last a lifetime with custom made jewelry from Brad's Designs & Jewelry. With over 30 years experience, we will help you create jewelry that will tell a story with artistic value and style. If you can dream it, we can make it. We can also refurbish and restore your old pieces of jewelry so that they can be enjoyed for many years to come. 



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Brad's Designs and Jewelry offers custom made jewelry, as well as featuring some of the largest brands of jewelry and watches.

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