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Last Updated: June 26, 2014
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About Welch's Stop & Shop

Welcome to Welch's Meats where providing quality meat and service is our top priority. From our hand cut steaks to our homemade sausage, our meat is delivered and prepared fresh daily. Our friendly and helpful staff is waiting to help you today.

Welch's Stop & Shop Special Offers & Events

STEAK PACK SPECIAL - SAVE $20 with coupon book ad in "The Times" newspaper.

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March 13, 2014 1:00 pm

More About Us

Welch's Stop and Shop was established in 1953 by Edward Welch in Griffith, IN. Edward and his son David moved their business to St.John in 1968. We are currently operated by David and his son Edward. We pride ourselves on our eye for detail when it comes to selecting and cutting our meats for your family.

Our customers enjoy and have come to appreciate quality, freshness and a friendly smile. We invite you to experience the Welch's difference.

Welch’s is the place to shop, for ribs, brats, steaks even pork chops. Quality, freshness, homemade dishes, Everything sold there to satisfy hungry wishes. Groceries, produce, fresh baked bread, Keeps everyone healthy and very well fed. Friendly service, always a smile Keeps shoppers coming back even drive that extra mile.

Current Specials


STEAKS-- We offer a wide variety of steaks to choose from. Our steaks are cut daily and our butchers will cut to your specifications if desired.

SAUSAGE-- Our sausage is also made fresh daily. Whether you have a taste for polish, smoked, Italian or brats, we have it all.

SMOKER -- We carry a variety of smoked meats such as beef sticks and beef jerky.

MARINATED CHICKEN -- Try our assortment of marinated boneless skinless chicken breast.

BAKERY -- Fresh breads and rolls along with baked pies.

DELI -- Most of our deli salads are homemade and our lunchmeats and cheese are sliced fresh. We also make party trays for any occasion.

BBQ PIT -- For a quick and easy meal, pick up a slab of BBQ ribs or 1/2 BBQ chicken done on our very own BBQ smoker.

We are pleased to bring to you our new range of Heat & Eat take away meals, ideal for the busy person who wants a quality and nutritious meal.

Sloppy Joe, Soups, BBQ Beef, BBQ Pork, Stuffed Cabbage, Stuffed Peppers, Swedish Meatballs, Sour Kraut & Sausage. Serves 2 - 4
Italian Beef & Roast Beef Serves 2 - 8


In-house Daily Specials

• Holiday Gift boxes
• Gift Cards Available
• Welch's Private Label Hams
• Steaks
• Roasts
• Chops
• Sausage
• Hams
• Beef
• Snack Sticks
• Homemade Jerky
• Fresh locally grown produce
• BBQ Chicken
• BBQ Ribs
• Campfire Beans
• Homemade Breads

Party Trays

Cheese Trays

Serves 8 to 10

Cubed or Sliced

Variety of Cheeses

Cheese & Sausage Tray

Serves 12 to 16

Swiss Hard Salami

Muenster Thuringer

American cubed or sliced

Vegetable Tray

serves 12 to 16







Onion Dip in Center

Small Combo Tray
Serves 8 to 10



Hard Salami


Large Combo Tray

Serves 16 to 18


Roast Beef


Hard Salami

Choice of 3 cheeses

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Welch's Stop & Shop

Welch's Stop & Shop

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Welch's Stop & Shop Offers & Events

STEAK PACK SPECIAL - SAVE $20 with coupon book ad in "The Times" newspaper.

Sign up at welchsmeats.com for weekly offers. 219-365-8190

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Welch's Stop & Shop

11333 W 95th Pl

Saint John IN 46373

Phone: 219-365-8190

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Welch's Stop & Shop

Welch's Stop & Shop

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