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Last Updated: September 30, 2013

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About Yoga on 45th

Yoga on 45th is the fastest growing yoga studio in Northwest Indiana. We have just opened a new location on 45th Street in Highland, Indiana. It is important that you choose a class that will meet your needs and level. We have a non dogmatic approach to yoga. It is always about the individual and you are the person to make those decisions.
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More About Us

Yoga On 45th just opened a new location in Northwest Indiana. We offer a variety of classes to meet your individual needs. We welcome you to view the schedule on our website and pick a class that suits your level. No need to sign up for regular classes, just drop in 15 minutes before the class starts and we will get you started. Preregistration is required only for the 4 week beginner series and workshops.

It is important that you choose a class that will meet your needs and level. We have a non dogmatic approach to yoga. It is always about the individual and you are the person to make those choices. We actively encourage modification of the poses and if you are unsure of how to do that, please feel free to ask. We hope you enjoy your yoga experience with us.

This is a perfect class for beginners. It is slow paced with specific and detailed instructions for each basic yoga pose, alignment, and the relationship of pranayama (breathing) to each asana (pose).

This class is for those wanting to move a little more into their experience of yoga. It has more of a free approach, depending on the level of student attending. You will gain knowledge as to how to modify specific poses according to your needs and move into variations of the basics.

We will assume you have a good working knowledge of the poses. We will move fluidly from one pose to another. Some Intermediate poses are included.

LEVELl 2/3
This class is a challenging class, building on all the previous skills learned, more intermediate/advanced poses are added often in a flowing sequence or held for longer periods of time.

A great class for experienced practitioners/yoga teachers, suitable for those skilled in knowing when to back off and when to proceed. More advanced inversions, arm balances and backbends are included.

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Allison Haugh

Allison was born in Scotland and has lived in the U.S for 20 years with her husband, son and 2 dogs with the occasional foster dog. She ventured into her first yoga class in 1995 and became hooked on yoga while living in South Bend Indiana. Allison has been practicing yoga in the Chicago area for the past ten years. She also enjoys the therapeutic application of yoga and exploring the mind/body relationship in asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practice) and meditation as well as using Byron Katie’s method of self – inquiry. Allison tries to attend a teacher training once a year. She is trained in yin yoga and anatomy with Paul Grilley and vinyasa krama yoga with Srivatswa Ramaswami . Allison has attended other workshops / teacher trainings with nationally known teachers and earned her initial 200-hour teacher training in 2007. She continues to learn every day through her own yoga practice and is forever grateful to all the teachers who are most often her students and especially to her teacher Geri Bleier who inspires Allison to continue to explore the deeper aspects of yoga. Yoga is so rich and diverse in nature, there is a style of yoga for everyone.

Rose Oprisko

I have always believed that physical activity was a very important part of a healthy life style. For the past 30 years I have explored and enjoyed many different exercise programs. I explored yoga in the late 70’s and became a fan. As I ventured into other fitness programs, I always incorporated some of the yoga I learned. About 3 years ago a friend of mine opened a wellness center and was offering yoga classes. She asked if I wanted to learn yoga. At the time I was running and working the P90X program. I thought yoga would be a great cross training. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Yoga was where my heart was. My practice went from one class a week to 5 classes a week. Yoga became my only fitness program. One of my Yoga instructors invited me to join her in a yoga class at Yogaview, a highly respected Yoga Studio in Chicago.

I attend some classes there and liked what I saw. When they offered Yoga teacher training in September I decided to enroll. It has been a great journey. I have learned and experienced the many health benefits of Yoga. I have strengthened and stretched muscles I didn’t know existed. My spine is more flexible which not only improved my posture and mobility but improves my internal health. My joints are more open which gives me the freedom to explore and enjoy more advanced yoga poses. I am doing things I never thought would be possible just a few short years ago. I have more energy, I have lost weight and I feel all around healthier. I now say “I am Yoga Strong”. I believe that yoga is very beneficial physical activity program whether you use it for cross training or as your only physical training program. I believe that yoga plays a very important part in our physical and mental well-being. I would love to share this journey with you. Come explore the world of Yoga.

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