Birth Announcements: from Dec. 29, 2011 to Jan. 28, 2012

2012-02-14T15:30:00Z Birth Announcements: from Dec. 29, 2011 to Jan. 28, 2012
February 14, 2012 3:30 pm

Birth Announcements: from Dec. 29, 2011 to Jan. 28, 2012

Franciscan St. Anthony Health

December 29

Logan and Kaylyn Somers, Lowell, a daughter

December 30

James and Dawnella Brahos, Lowell, a son

Elizabeth White, Lake Village, a son

January 2

Ronald Hileman III and Jennifer Flores, Griffith, a son

Matthew and Cassandra Huber, Crown Point, a son

James and Lindsey Kearney, DeMotte, a son

Jeff and Nekole Muha, Crown Point, a daughter

Adam and Stephanie Wells, Lowell, a son

Andrew and Erica Williams, Merrillville, a son

January 3

Richard Dobos and Ellisa Shavey, Lowell, a son

Peter and Katherine Edmonds, DeMotte, a daughter

January 4

David and Laura Siegrist, Valparaiso, twin sons

January 5

Brad Basinger and Lisa Stavros, South Bend, a daughter

Jeremy and Holly Cooper, DeMotte, a son

Justin and Julia Huisman, Schererville, a daughter

January 6

Jeremy Biella and Kendra Mettache-Biella, Crown Point, a son

January 7

Matt and Marybeth Kelly, Lowell, a daughter

January 8

James Kick II and Donna Kick, Crown Point, a son

January 9

Lloyd and Camille Besaw, Lowell, a daughter

John and Olena Rogers, Merrillville, a daughter

Mark and Angila Stolte, Hammond, a daughter

January 10

Justin and Jessica Goodman, Crown Point, a son

January 11

Mark Harder and Christina Gallas, Crown Point, a daughter

Christopher and Linda Kemper, Valparaiso, a daughter

Bradley and Kelli Saxsma, Crown Point, a son

Devin Vim and Ashley Manns, Merrillville, a daughter

January 12

Jaylan Blacher and Selena Hernandez, Gary, a daughter

Danny and Cherie Brannon, Merrillville, a daughter

Tyler and Heather DeNormandie, Porter, a son

George and Sara Gingras, Crown Point, a daughter

Kenneth and Deanne Lach, Valparaiso, a daughter

January 13

Thomas and Kristen Fennema, St. John, a daughter

Shaun and Kellie Kosiak, Crown Point, a daughter

January 14

Nicholas and Priscilla Metros, Crown Point, a son

Jeffrey and Allison Wieser, Valparaiso, a son

January 16

Erik and Kari Lesko, Portage, a son

January 17

Darin and Persa Clark, Lowell, a son

Jason and Stacey Dulla, Roselawn, a daughter

Tommy and Molly Grasha, Lowell, a daughter

Zak and Jeannie Pritchard, Merrillville, a son

January 18

Nicholas and Cassandra Chorak, Crown Point, a son

Eugene and Leann Doffin, DeMotte, a son

Jeff and Lindsay Dolatowski, Lowell, a daughter

Matt and Jodi Hogan, Crown Point, a daughter

Ovidio Saenz III and Rachel Saenz, Crown Point, a son

Walter and Marie Schult, LaPorte, twin sons

Andrew Trumpus and Kaitlyn Biancardi, Hebron, a daughter

Amber Wilson, Schneider, a son

January 19

Peter and Tracy Maggio, Hobart, a daughter

Richard and Melissa Raymond, Crown Point, a son

David Selvage and America Rose, Kentland, a son

January 20

Robert Flores and Gabriela Corona, Crown Point, a daughter

Aaron and Brooke Hughes, Cedar Lake, a son

January 22

Audrey Finnearty, Merrillville, twin son and daughter

January 23

Eric Alexander and Samanthah Kaiser-Alexander, Merrillville, a son

Ryan and Melissa Erdelac, Valparaiso, a son

Brian and Megan Kaluf, DeMotte, a daughter

J.J. and Mary Kerkhoff, Gary, a son

Tim and Sarah Wheeler, Hobart, a daughter

January 24

Sukumar Arumugam and Karthy Bharathkumar, Crown Point, a daughter

Martin and Amanda Greene, Crown Point, a daughter

Gary and Erica Lembcke, Portage, a son

James and Julie Luttinen, Crown Point, a son

Mark Schellinger and Heidi Hammond, Crown Point, a son

Joshua and Carri Sims, Valparaiso, a son

January 25

Ray Arizmendi and Nikole Noble, Crown Point, a daughter

Benjamin and Jennifer Pell, St. John, a son

January 26

Luis and Amanda Galicia-Ocanas, Crown Point, a daughter

Nicholas and Megan Pfeiffer, Crown Point, a son

Hesheem and Jennifer Rahman, Crown Point, a son

Jason and Brittany Simcox, Crown Point, a son

January 27

Steven and Tracy Mlynarczyk, Lowell, a daughter

January 28

Ryan and Alyssa Meehan, Valparaiso, a son

Gus and Amy Paramantgis, Crown Point, a daughter

Robert and Amber Titus, Griffith, a daughter

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