Birth Announcements: from Oct. 27, 2011 to Dec. 12, 2011

2011-12-22T12:15:00Z Birth Announcements: from Oct. 27, 2011 to Dec. 12, 2011
December 22, 2011 12:15 pm

Birth Announcements: from Oct. 27, 2011 to Dec. 12, 2011

Franciscan St. Margaret Health

Oct. 27

Kevin and Paula Skurka, St. John, a son

Nov. 1

David and Amanda Dahlberg, Lowell, a son

Kyle Neely and Denise Sneade, DeMotte, a daughter

Jim and Tara Rushmeyer, Crown Point, a daughter

Nov. 2

Steven and Valerie Caldwell, DeMotte, a son

Christopher and Donya Kolosiwsky, Valparaiso, a son

Nov. 3

Keith White and Delorian Carlyle, Gary, twin sons

Nov. 4

Rich and Melissa Diaz, Portage, a son

Rick Ford and Nicole Beezhold, Crown Point, a son

Daryl Hanna and Deirdre Gilbert, Rensselaer, a daughter

Kyle Manis and Maria Becerra, Crown Point, a son

Pete and Mary Nemeth, Kouts, a son

Nov. 5

Darius Holland and Cassie Rudd, Gary, a son

Joseph and Marisela Prosecky, Lowell, a daughter

Nov. 6

Andre Dela Hoz and Victoria Tirado, Merrillville, a son

Jonathon and Genna Weber, Lowell, a son

Nov. 7

Scott and Jennifer Barbour, Crown Point, a son

Sherard and April Denson, Crown Point, a daughter

Nov. 8

Kinney Harris and Tricia Brown, Merrillville, a daughter

Jason Kleine and Allyson Oesterle-Kleine, Crown Point, a son

Nov. 9

Andrew and Michele Buczek, Valparaiso, a son

Gabriel and Lynette Exford, Gary, a daughter

Robert and Kelly Stephen , Hebron, a daughter

Trevor and Maria Woodworth, DeMotte, a son

Nov. 10

Mike and Amy Cooley, Thayer, a daughter

Troy and Marinda Czarnecki, Valparaiso, a son

Michael and Tara Duffie, Chesterton, a son

Terrence and Nichole Jones, Crown Point, a son

Roy and Wendy McGinley, Hebron, a daughter

Nov. 11

Daniel and Hilary Ditola, St. John, a daughter

Michael and Brianne Doyle, Wheatfield, a daughter

Kyle and Samantha Gurnic, Crown Point, a son

Michael and Ann Pence, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Justin and Tiffany Rehn, Medaryville, a daughter

Matthew Schurch and Colette Harbin, Crown Point, a son

Chuck and Nicole Williams, Valparaiso, a daughter

Nov. 12

James and Sheryl Johnson, Hobart, a daughter

Nov. 14

Donald Ekdahl and Arielle Shea, Crown Point, a son

Aaron and Cheryl Klemp, DeMotte, a son

Michael and Marcillena Lomax, Merrillville, twin sons

Nov. 15

Brian and Sarah Anderson, DeMotte, a daughter

Joe and Anni Brazeau, Merrillville, a son

Matthew Carpenter and Ashley Contreras, Lowell, a son

Tony Molina and Jennifer Willis, Chesterton, a daughter

Jim and Melinda Payte, Gary, a daughter

Nov. 16

Derrek and Christie Crofford, Morocco, a son

Brandon Foster and Heidi Laninga, Crown Point, a daughter

Anthony and Jill Fryza, Crown Point, a daughter

Marco Halaschak and Arlene Rossin-Halaschak    Crown Point, a son

William and Dawn Martin, Lowell, a daughter

Wesley and Carley Welch, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Nov. 17

Kyle and Heather Berkes, Crown Point, a son

Stelios and Marianna Moschos, Crown Point, a son

Matt and Amy Mosny, Crown Point, a daughter

Nov. 18

William Chatman and Stephanie Sepulveda, Merrillville, a daughter

Jose and Miriam Medina, Merrillville, a son

Nick and Nicole Uzubell, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Guan Yu and Wujiao Lin, Crown Point, a son

Nov. 19

Joe and Alissa Stricklin, Lake Village, a daughter

Nov. 20

Scott and Stephanie McKee, Hebron, a daughter

Jennifer Muehlman, Crown Point, a daughter

Nov. 21

Warren and Hazel Marie Gagni, Highland, a daughter

Timothy and Jennifer Jocic, Schererville, a daughter

Joshua and Mindy Means, Crown Point, a son

Athanasios and Susan Tsagris, Valparaiso, a son

Nov. 22

Orlando and Jessica Garcia, Crown Point, a daughter

Austin and Valarie Scheeringa, DeMotte, a son

Nov. 23

Greg and Elizabeth Bruinsma, Crown Point, a daughter

Michael Hilmes and Shaquila Kilgore, Gary, a daughter

Kristofer Mathews and Desiree Johnson, Wheatfield, a son

Russell and Alicia Wooten, Valparaiso, a son

Nov. 25

Keith Ferry and Taylor Breneman, DeMotte, a son

Brian and Melissa Maxwell, Crown Point, a son

Blake Morris and Kelsey Gibson, Crown Point, a daughter

Nov. 26

Nick and Lyndsry Boskey, Hobart, a daughter

Michael Mathias and Debbie Choate, Crown Point, a son

Steven and Candis Michael, Wheatfield, a son

Nov. 27

Nathan and Laurie Reilly, Crown Point, a son

Nov. 28

John and Stephanie Olson, Miller Beach, a daughter

Shawn Sandate and Jennifer Felde, Portage, a daughter

Justin and Jesica Savich, Crown Point, a daughter

Nov. 29

Charles and Elyse Alexander, Crown Point, a son

Mark Bohling and Jessica Peach, Cedar Lake, a son

Chad and Nicole Edwards, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Theodore and Dana Wills, Crown Point, a daughter

Nov. 30

Briana Howard, Merrillville, a daughter



St. Mary's Medical Center

Nov. 24

Holly Mull and Eric Archer, Hobart, a son

Nov. 29

Caitlyn and Matthew Francis, Portage, a son

Patricia Lagrone and James Magee, Gary, a daughter

Dec. 1

Erin and Jermey Miller, Hobart, a daughter

Dec. 12

Alyssa Clemans and Peter Coleman, Valparaiso, a son


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