Birth Announcements

2008-10-28T00:00:00Z Birth Announcements
October 28, 2008 12:00 am

Community Hospital

Aug. 27

Victoria and Rodolfo Melgoza, Hammond, a daughter

Jennifer and Ladislado Torres, Chesterton, a son

Aug. 28

Taliaha and Kurt Koutz, Highland, a son

Leslie Bryant and Alex Kowalsky, III, Highland, a daughter

Aug. 29

Lynda Jones and David Bean, Hammond, a daughter

Aug. 30

Beverlyn and Kevin Robert, Munster, triplet daughters and son

Candice and Adam Niebling, Dyer, a son

Aug. 31

Gina and Joe Ferrer, Highland, a son

Stephanie and Bryan Kustka, Highland, a daughter

Elizabeth and Brandon Fritzsche, Highland, a son

Sept. 1

Tiffoni Moore and Laron Lawrence, Gary, a son

Jennifer and Robert Vaught, Lowell, a daughter

Michelle and Andrew Fejes, Schererville, a son

Amy and Jonathon Cote, Hammond, a daughter

Grace and Brian Oldenburg, Sauk Village, a son

Sept. 2

Serena and Brian Schmitt, Highland, a daughter

Melissa Oceguera and Michael Swart, Hammond, a son

Megan Schilling and John Andres, Hammond, a son

Ruma and Sukumar Saha, Gary, a daughter

Sept. 3

Rachel Nowak and Michael Benko, Hobart, a son

Cori and John Rybicki, Munster, a daughter

Maria and Bradley Kelley, Dyer, a daughter

Victoria Belcher, Calumet City, a daughter

Sept. 4

Randi and Lawrence McPherson, Jr., Burnham, a daughter

Bobby Cather and Ronald Rumsey, Gary, a daughter

Sept. 5

Joleen and Matthew McGuire, Lansing, a daughter

Crystal Martinez, Merrillville, a son

Melissa and Noel Morales, Chicago, a daughter

Sept. 6

Martha Francis and Eugene Wilkins, Hammond, a daughter

Sept. 7

Erin Bonaventura-Rodriguez and Johnathon Rodriguez, Crown Point, a son

Sept. 8

Jessica and Thomas Reese, Highland, a daughter

Sept. 9

Serena and Daniel Day, Schererville, a daughter

Denise and Jeff Bridges, Griffith, a daughter

Samantha and Kevin Mahoney, Schererville, a daughter

Dawn and Steven Bogner, Highland,a daughter

Sept. 10

Kala Clark and Markus Cruz, Hammond, a daughter

Courtney Turner and Jordan Ferrel, Highland, a son

Aneta and Witold Traciak, Highland, a son

Ebony Brown and Jeremy Parks, Gary, a son

Sept. 11

Shannon Doherty, Griffith, a son

Nicole and Victor Middleton, Lowell, a son

Sept. 12

Stephanie and Kash Kelly, Hammond, a son

Sept. 13

Susie and Donald Federoff, Schererville, a daughter

Mindy and Jamie Rouse, Highland, a son

Christin and Shawn Rogers, Merrillville, a daughter

Leslie and Nick Dragos, Highland, a daughter

Sept. 14

Faith and Aaron Brown, Portage, a daughter

Niara Thomas, Lansing, a daughter

Sept. 15

Bobbie Jo Rutherford, East Chicago, a daughter

Stephanie and James Turner, II, Hammond, a son

Sept. 17

Natalie and Kevin Krembs, Munster, a son

Amanda Lee and James Burgess, Jr., Hammond, a son

Sept. 18

Cathy and Robert Brown, Jr., Gary, a daughter

Sept. 19

Jessica Jansen and Jed Las, Merrillville, a daughter

Jennifer and Philip Walsh, Lansing, a son

Sept. 21

Martha Vasquez and Ricardo Leyva, Hammond, a daughter

Nohemi Chavez and Kevin Wroblewski, Portage, a son

Sarah and Joshua Newton, Merrillville, a son

Sept. 22

Rebekah and Jose Vega, Crown Point, a daughter

Hope McMullen and Donnie Howard, Whiting, a daughter

Kristy Brock and Kyle Alexander, Crown Point, a son

Michelle Cherry and Eddie Alston, Merrillville, a daughter

Alexandria and Alan Benge, Jr., Griffith, a daughter

Sept. 23

Kari and Ryan Eckart, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Nicole Romesburg and Shawn Gilge, Munster, a son

Carol and Daniel Sylvester, Lansing, a son

Sept. 24

Dawn and William Buckley, Jr., Schererville, a daughter

Sept. 25

Whitney Lansford and Douglas Miller, Munster, a son

Amanda and Jeffrey Schilling, St. John, a son

Alexandra Villasenor and Mauro Ramirez, Jr., Calumet City, a daughter

Jennifer and Daniel Castaneda, Portage, twin daughters

Sept. 26

Tiffany Fliszar-Tatgenhorst and Dana Tatgenhorst, Lansing, a son

Renee and Shaun Nelson, Lansing, a daughter

Sept. 28

Bridgett and Dale Krol, Highland, a son

Christa Edwards, Gary, a son

Katie Gardner and Stephen Ciupa, Griffith, a son

Melissa Burke and James Matlon, Munster, a son

Mabel Glasper and Daniere Jefferson, Hammond, a son

Tammy and David Frazier, Crown Point, a son

LaTanya and Vincent Ruiz,East Chicago , a daughter

Sept. 29

Nicole and Daniel Bensinger, Lowell, a son

Kimberly and Nicholas Lacy, Cedar Lake, a son

Amber Hill, Highland, a daughter

Sept. 30

LaShawn and Leonard Jones, Jr., Merrillville, a daughter

Xin Zhang and John Johnson, Valparaiso, a daughter

Oct. 1

Sonia and Alexander Zakarias, Hammond, a daughter

Oct. 2

Jessica Weis and James Kmetz, Merrillville, a daughter

Brigid and Raymond, Lukas, Jr., Dyer, a son

Tracy and Neal Massucci, Lansing, a son

Oct. 3

Kristie Hutchison and Matthew Boyd, Gary, a son

Dana Warta and Brian Jacque, St. John, a daughter

Jodi and Peter Vandersluis, Hammond, a daughter

Oct. 5

Maria and Antonio Castaneda, Jr., Hammond, a daughter

Jamie Sowa and Joseph Brennan, Highland, a daughter

Ashley Crenshaw and Jeremy Wilson, Chicago, a son

Oct. 6

Shawnee and Jeffery Oxley, Jr., Lake Village, a daughter

Rita and Maurice Andrews, University Park, Ill., a daughter

Lauren Betustak and Andrew Daville, Griffith, a daughter

Oct. 7

Heather Loosemore and Roland Shanks, Jr., Dyer, a daughter

Rachael and Mark Hornyak, Griffith, a son

Hayley Camalick and Ashraf Youssef, Highland, a daughter

Oct. 8

Amy and Kevin Frain, Merrillville, a daughter

Jessica Quiroga, Hammond, a son

Ashley and Brandon Williams, Hammond, a daughter

Oct. 9

Esperanza and Eric Huizar, Griffith, a daughter

Storie Ahmady and Jamal Tarakey, Merrillville, a daughter

Oct. 11

Esmeralda and Brandon Peterson, Hammond, a son

Oct. 13

Lindsay Desrocher and Timothy Frohnapple, Dyer, a son

Amanda and Ryan Early, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Noelle Jones and David Ruder, Gary, a daughter

Oct. 14

Lisa Schima, Portage, a son

Melissa and Kristian Davis, Schererville, a daughter

Amanda and Douglas Sheets, Cedar Lake, a son

Oct. 15

Debbie Johnsen and Daniel Urbanczyk, Hammond, a daughter

LaDonna Boyd, East Chicago, a daughter

Audrey and Michael Gallardo, Hobart, a son

Rada and Douglas Jaworski, Schererville, a daughter

Tabitha and Barry Jackson, Merrillville, a son

Bonnie De La Garza and Mario Gallegos, Hammond, a daughter

Priscilla Rice, East Chicago, a daughter

Oct. 16

Fallon O'Connor and Jesse Hunt, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Serena Gilham and Jose Gomez, Hammond, a son

Karen and Ryan Pokrywczynski, Griffith, a daughter

Jamie and David Baca, Hammond, a daughter

Randi and Shaun Kun, Hammond, twin sons

Colleen and Jeremy Mauger, Schererville, a daughter

Oct. 17

Christine Berger and Michael Gething, Hobart, a son

Oct. 18

Colzy Ormes and Matthew De Pozo, Hammond, a son

Oct. 19

Kristen and Bodie Proffitt, Crown Point, a son

Oct. 20

Kandi Vines, Hammond, a son

Oct. 21

Maria and Larry Oar, Jr., Dyer, a daughter

Oct. 23

Janet and Manuel Ordaz, East Chicago, a son

St. Anthony Medical Center

Aug. 1

Anthony and Kristen Whitt, St. John, a daughter

Aug. 2

Steven Jefferson and Christina Vindas, Crown Point, a daughter

John Weis and Rebecca Cooper, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Aug. 3

John Judd and Stephanie Crilley, Dyer, a son

Armando De La Osa and Nichole Jackson, Lowell, a daughter

Aug. 4

Joseph and Angela Andras, Merrillville, a daughter

Goce and Katerina Petrovski, Crown Point, a daughter

Chris and Meaghan Pickett, Lowell, a daughter

Ruben Salinas, Jr. and Marlana Sekuloski, Crown Point, a daughter

Nickolas and Jenna Summers, Crown Point, a daughter

Karyn Winder, Merrillville, a son

Ryan and Teresa Zentz, Crown Point, a daughter

Aug. 5

Dana O'Loughlin, Dyer, a daughter

Jacob and Meg'n Casey, Cedar Lake , a daughter

Nathan and Melissa Christiansen, Crown Point, a daughter

Joshua and Sarah Fugett, DeMotte, a daughter

Matthew Pariso and Katrina Hegyi, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Ryan and Wendy Lytle, Hebron, a daughter

Tony and Katy Pagorek, Crown Point , a daughter

Gerald and Carrie Schafer, Crown Point, a son

Aug. 7

Jeff and Erin Kaminski, St. John, a daughter

Paul and Jan Luken, Portage, a daughter

Jeremy Struebig and Ashley Scott, Crown Point, a son

Aug. 8

Victor and Nina Bivol, Crown Point, a son

Jerome Crockett and Jennifer Fizer, Merrillville, a daughter

Aug. 9

Jason and Lisa Norris, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Jeff and Roxanne Olejnik, Crown Point, a daughter

Robert LaLonde and Nicole Pfrommer, Wheatfield, a daughter

Fred Molden and Lori Sain, Schneider, a daughter

Mike and Hope Wittig, Schererville, a son

Aaron and Beth Wolfe, Gary, a son

Aug. 10

Ronald Jr. and Jamie Dunn, Crown Point, a daughter

Simon and Stacey Scholte, Crete, a son

Aug. 11

Alberto Jr. and Michelle Alvarez, Portage, a daughter

Jason and Janna Frost, Hebron, a son

Robert and Melissa Gleason, Merrillville, a daughter

Brandon Feliciano and Jazmin Haynes, Gary, a son

Sentos Jimenez and Kimberly Martin, Hebron, a son

Tommy and Shawna Parker, Crown Point, a son

Aug. 12

Steven and Jessica Buikema, Schererville, a daughter

Thomas Cooley and Brittany Niemiec, DeMotte, a daughter

Aug. 13

Nicholas and Valerie Cahill, Lake Village, a daughter

Robert Popplewell and Maria Cardenas, Hebron, a daughter

Isaac and Danielle Johnson, Crown Point, a son

Aaron and Lucille King, Hobart, a daughter

Arnell Robinson and Alana Swims-Robinson, Merrillville, a daughter

Katelyn Selvage, Kentland, a son

Darrell Jr. and Danielle Simpson, Morocco, a daughter

Aug. 14

Dave and Brandy Johnston, Crown Point, a daughter

Robert Jr. and Jeanette Johnston, Crown Point, a son

Michael and Ann Pence, Cedar Lake, a son

Aug. 15

Joshua Porter and Devyn Harvey, Hobart, a daughter

Nicholas and Nicole Uzubell, Cedar Lake, a son

Matt and Leslie Willingham, Valparaiso, a son

Aug. 16

Brett and Stacy Carney, Beverly Shores, a son

Marcus Tucker and Tahanna Bridges-Tucker, Gary, a son

Aug. 17

Julius Magee and Nikki Ibarra, Merrillville, a son

Matt and Angie McCombs, Naperville, a daughter

Michael and Marta Pagoria, Homewood, a son

Aug. 18

Randy Williams and Heather Beier, Cedar Lake, a son

Allen and Jaclyn Garletts, Crown Point, a son

James and Julia Ingerly, Highland, a son

Amanda Lemmon, DeMotte, a son

Paul and Sabrina Setlak, Cedar Lake, a son

William and Elizabeth Williams, Cedar Lake, a son

Aug. 19

Frank and Jessica Dutton, DeMotte, a son

Aug. 20

Josh and Courtney Brkovic, Schererville, a son

Eric and Colleen Campbell, Crown Point, a daughter

Matthew and Jana Hall, Crown Point, a son

Tim and Beth Jones, Hobart, a daughter

Nicholas Curry and Amy Kwiecien, Hebron, a son

Christopher and Emily Peterson, Cedar Lake, a son

Aug. 21

Johnathan Buggs and Shannon Bilunas, Valparaiso, a son

Ron Jr. and Angela Bolden, Merrillville, a son

Michael Smith and Melissa Koedyker, Hebron, a daughter

Andrew and Traci Nygren, Crete, a son

Aug. 22

Jack Jr. and Jenna Lane, Dyer, a son

Aug. 24

Gary and Teresa Peron, Crown Point, a daughter

Donald and Stephanie Re, Schererville, a daughter

Aug. 25

Thomas Shepard and Dawn Ferrantella , Crown Point, a daughter

Kevin Marlin and Ashley Klisurich, Crown Point, a son

Stephen Pluchinsky and Jocelyn Paitsell, Crown Point, a daughter

Fred and Tracy Ruiz, Hebron, a son

Jeremiah and Emily Williams, Lake Village, twin son and daughter

Aug. 26

Troy and Traci Barron, St. John, a son

Rick and Mary Casillas, Crown Point, a son

Jason and January Cooper, Lake Village, a daughter

Kent and Erica Moore, Hobart, a son

Tom and Melissa Starkey, Schererville, a son

Aug. 27

John and Joell Drasich, Crown Point, a daughter

Burt and Michelle Meier, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Kenneth Boyd and Amanda Ritter, Crown Point, a son

Rick and Tiffany Schultz, Crown Point, a daughter

Greg and Marsha Villaroman, Hobart, a son

Joseph and Maria Wilson, Valparaiso, a daughter

Aug. 28

Gilbert and Rachel Gerritsen, St. John, a son,

Joel and Jennifer Henderson, Crown Point, a son

Daniel and Sarah Rudisill, Crown Point, a daughter

Aug. 29

Matthew and Amy Gibson, Morocco, a son

Dale Magnus and Heather Phillips, Merrillville, a son

Aug. 30

William Siple and Jessica Hubbard, DeMotte, a daughter

Aug. 31

Marlon and Norma Bates, Schererville, a daughter

Dr. Matt and Dr. Trish Hammett, Valparaiso, a daughter

Kenneth and Deanne Lach, Valparaiso, a daughter

Jeremiah and Kari Wolfe, Crown Point, a son

St. Catherine Hospital

Aug. 24

Megan Palko and Kith Julian, Whiting, a son

Lacee Minor, Hammond, a son

Aug. 26

Maria Galvez and Jesus Ramirez, East Chicago, a daughter

Sept. 3

Alicea amd Damon Bigham, Sr., Hammond, a daughter

Jessica Gomez and Gerardo Mendez, Cedar Lake, a son

Sept. 4

Claudia Garcia and Philip Abeyta, East Chicago, a son

Sept. 6

Tiara Biffle, Gary, a son

Sept. 9

Janeth Gonzalez and Israel Cruz, Hammond, a son

Adela Mendoza and Richard James, Whiting, a son

Sept. 11

Candice McKee and Roosevelt Rogers, Jr., East Chicago, a son

Sept. 14

Angel Smith and Curtis Walker, III, East Chicago, a daughter

Sept. 15

Tatianna Hicks and Larry Ellison, Jr., East Chicago, a son

Sept. 17

Kandicema Wilson and Tyrone Clark, East Chicago, a son

Sept. 19

Dah'kia Ellison, Merrillville, a daughter

Sept. 21

Lauren Dixon and Bruce Evans, Gary, a daughter

Sept. 24

Jauboah Farmer-Evers and Geoffrey Leonard, Sr., East Chicago, a son

Sept. 28

Crystal Kedziora and Wyatt Engle, Merrillville, a son

Shybrinn Cobb and Tony Bell-Wakefield, Gary, a son

Maria Martinez and Raymond Campos, East Chicago, a daughter

Sept. 29

Erika Flores, Hammond, a son

Sept. 30

Mercedes Roman and Darious Pradd, East Chicago, a son

Maria Alvarez, East Chicago, a son

Kelly Baldner, East Chicago, a daughter

Oct. 1

Marshina Strong and Kenneth Tout, Jr., East Chicago, a son

Kristen Miller and Antwine Grice, East Chicago, a daughter

Perla Hernandez and Jose Melgoza, Hammond, a son

Oct. 3

Cecelia Reynoso, Hammond, a son

Oct. 5

Monica and Sonny Chikalwala, Gary, a son

Oct. 7

Ann Bautista and Jason Alaimo, East Chicago, a daughter

Carolyn and Scott Swedler, Dyer, a daughter

Oct. 8

Alicia and Jose Bolanos, St. John, a daughter

Oct. 15

Miriam and William Ocasio, Merrillville, a son

St. Margaret Mercy

Aug. 17

Ofelia Marsiliano and Michael Bewley, Hammond, a son

Aug. 20

Chanel Chandler and Lee Troy Jackson, Jr., Hammond, a daughter

Aug. 24

Monica Nevarez and Cesar Flores, Hammond, a daughter

Aug. 25

April and Jose Santos, Hammond, a daughter

Maribel Munoz and Gustavo Ramirez, Chicago, a son

Aug. 27

Tamika and Dale Bellows, Hammond, a son

Crystal Hands, Hammond, a son

Maria and Alonso Carrasco, Merrillville, a son

Aug. 28

Misti Sain, Calumet City, a son

Aug. 29

Kieana Nickson and Dushawn Washington, Sr, Merrillville, a daughter

Lucia and Nicolas Nunez, Hammond, a daughter

Aug. 31

Kathryn and Gregory Sherwood, Portage, a daughter

Brittany Porterfield, Gary, twins daughters

Sept. 1

Dana and Thomas Stephens, Hammond, a daughter

Sept. 2

Rachel Cervantes and Alejandro Mota, Chicago, a daughter

Dawn and Mario Taala, Dyer, a son

Sept. 4

Ashley Harris and Daniel Thompson, Hammond, a daughter

Dorothia James and Luis Anderson, Whiting, a son

Sept. 6

Gilma Rodriguez and Anthony Brown, Blue Island, Ill., a son

Eva and Jose Trujillo, Calumet City, a daughter

Briana Greenwell, East Chicago, a daughter

Sept. 8

Suzette and John Tokoly, Whiting, a son

Juanairis Reyna and Jesus Luna, Lansing, a daughter

Kristien and Jose Colon, Hammond, a daughter

Sept. 9

Erica Dudley and Jeremiah Schmittel, Whiting, a son

Danielle Foy and David Shindle, Hammond, a son

Sept. 11

Adrianne Geiger and Michael Blevins, Schererville, a daughter

Kelly Lathan, Lansing, a son

Sept. 12

Charmaine Simpson and Jeffrey Marsh, Sr., Harvey, a son

Sept. 13

Nikisha Saulsberry and Teronn Marshall, Lansing, a daughter

Sept. 14

Rochar Jones, Sauk Village, a daughter

Samantha Angotti, Hammond, a son

Nina Henderson and Walter Cotton, Hammond, a daughter

Angelica Negron, Hammond, a son

Angelica and Adan Torres, Hammond, a son

Elizabeth Wilkinson and Bradley Ehrhardt, Hammond, a son

Sept. 15

Jessica and Eugenio Berrios, Hammond, a son

Natalie Gamez and Armando Hernandez, Sr., Hammond, a son

Sept. 16

Sheena Rocquemore, Hammond, a daughter

Anne Marie Kessinger, Hammond, a daughter

Sept. 17

Monsharay Townsend, Dyer, a son

Sept. 18

Ortiz and Arthur Olvera, Jr., East Chicago, a son

Nubia Lopez and Thomas Williams, Hammond, a daughter

Aisha and Lawrence Alexander, Sauk Village, a daughter

Sept. 21

Candace Jones and Sidney Jr., East Chicago, a son

Toni Kwasny and Justin Keaton, Highland, a daughter

Tiffany and Alfred Peterson, Merrillville, a son

Julie and Frank Cholly, Tinley Park, a son

Sept. 22

Yesenia Jaimes and Alejandro Munoz, Hammond, a daughter

Tracey Mackey, Hammond, a daughter

Sept. 24

Janet Stallworth and Jeoffrey Parker, Calumet City, a daughter

Kimberly and Brian Chandler, Crete, a son

Penny and Preston Taylor, Hammond, a daughter

Sept. 25

Audrey and Shaun Tasker-Lewis, Dolton, a son

Marie Iwinski, East Chicago, a son

Sept. 26

Wendy and Christopher Neyhart, Whiting, a son

Sept. 28

Talisha Williams and Marquise Taylor, Gary, a son

Sasha Dudley and Jeffrey Tucker, Highland, a daughter

Sept. 29

Erica Turner-Wheaten and Aaron Patterson, Hammond, a daughter

Sept. 30

Linda Dewitt and Bradley Sylvester, Hammond, a daughter

Jamia Willburn and Donnell Harris, Hammond, a daughter

Rachelle Bogdan and Eleazar Lopez, Steger, a daughter

Rachel Villareal and Roberto Lebron, Whiting, a daughter

Oct. 1

Tracie Hill and Tyrone Grant, Sr., Burnham, a son

Oct. 3

Kristina Camarena and Christopher Gonzalez, Griffith, a daughter

Oct. 4

Rebecca Harwood, Hammond, a son

Oct. 6

Tyler McClain and Shawn Edwards, Jr., Calumet City, a daughter

Joy Robinson, Gary, twin son and daughter

Stephanie and Benjamin Debold, Griffith, twin son and daughter

Judith and Israel Hernandez, Jr., Hammond, a daughter

Ashlee Lavelle and Russell Drozd, Jr., Hobart, a son

Oct. 7

Maria Chavez and Feliciano Correa, Chicago, a son

St. Mary's Medical Center

Aug. 20

Samantha Vereb, Chesterton, a son

Aug. 22

Taylor McCurdy and Derek Gensel, Merrillville, a daughter

Alexander Hightower and Samuel Springer, Sr., Gary, twin daughters

Aug. 24

Teresa and Shawn Easton, Lake Station, a daughter

Aug. 25

John Furbee and Yongqun Guo, Portage, a daughter

Lisa and Patrick Kelly, Portage, a son

Tabatha Maxwell and Craig Prott, Lake Station, a son

Shannon Howard, Valparaiso, a son

Aug. 26

Amanda and Timothy Brown, Portage, a son

Aug. 28

Theresa and Keith Stoneback, Crown Point, a son

Aug. 30

Amanda Sayger and Brian Kolodziej, DeMotte, a daughter

Rachelle Whitson and London Clayton, Gary, a son

Aug. 31

Jamie and James Whited, Portage, a daughter

Shakila Pletka, Portage, a daughter

Danielle Allsbury and Aaron Branham, Valparaiso, a son

Sept. 2

Shara Vespo, Portage, a son

Virginia and Marcus Howell, Lake Station, a son

Lamonica and Kendall Coachman, Merrillville, a daughter

Marlene and Elias Rodiguez, Portage, a daughter

Sept. 3

Carrie and Samuel Howard, Hobart, a daughter

Kelly Duitmann and Shawn Hudson, Valparaiso, a daughter

Sept. 4

Christone Konja and Brady Stalbaum, Hberon, a daughter

Sept. 5

Ashley and Reggie Creason, Portage, a son

Sept. 6

Melissa Frazier, Lake Station, a son

Sept. 8

Stephanie and Anthony Segneri, Hobart, a daughter

Sept. 9

Michelle O'Dar, Portage, a daughter

Blanca Rodiguez and Alex Jenkins, Lake Station, a daughter

Lisa and Christopher Ataee, Hobart, a son

Sept. 10

Elizabeth Anderson and Joshua Unate, Valparaiso, a daughter

Sept. 11

Nicole Hammond and Sean Zart, Hebron, a son

Sept. 12

Sandra and Juan Contreras, Lake Station, a son

Sept. 13

Jessica and Joshua Ruge, Chesterton, a son

Leandrea and Ronald Beier, Valparaiso, a son

Randi and Jesus Juarez, III, Porter, a son

Amanda and Clifton Perry, Portage, a son

Toni Harrell, Merrillville, a son

Jamy Stearns and Michael Sullivan, Lake Station, a daughter

Sept. 15

Ashley Illyes and Verria Howe, Lake Station, a son

Amy O'saben, Portage, a son

Sept. 16

Michelle and Kenneth Doan, Portage, a son

Sept. 17

Nicole and David Cherep, Portage, a daughter

Sept. 19

Tonya Smith and Adam McDonald, Wawaka, a son

Ellisa Shavey and Richard Dobos, Lowell, a daughter

Crystal Raber, Matthew Helpingstine, Portage, a son

Sept. 21

Samantha and David Cicillian, Hobart, a son

Stephanie Ciesielski and Fred Joseph, Portage, a son

Crystal Seibal and David Diaz, Portage, a son

Jacinda and Chadwick Darnell, Valparaiso, a son

Sept. 22

Deanna and Richard Mitchell, Valparaiso, a daughter

Sept. 23

Lydia Gonzalez and Nathan Wright, Portage, a daughter

Maria and Jesus Garcia, Hobart, a son

Sept. 24

Christy and Jeffrey Renn, Hobart, a daughter

Sept. 25

Jamie Barrera, Crown Point, a daughter

Sarah and Bryan Perry, Valparaiso, a son

Chelsea Tillberry, Hobart, a daughter

Sept. 26

Jeanna Ruffin and Gregory Drummond, Merrillville, a daughter

Sept. 27

Marellen and Paul Hattebaugh, Jr., Valparaiso, a daughter

Sept. 28

Christina and Posey and Sharod Wainwright Sr., Gary, a son

Sept. 29

Michelle Silva, Hobart, a son

Krista Conley and Mark Deleon, Portage, a daughter

Ashley Agent, Lake Station, a daughter

Jessica Calderon, Lake Station, a son

Sept. 30

Jamie Boyd and Mark Tirado, Hobart, a son

Heather and Shane Lafoy, Lake Station, a son

Oct. 1

Angelina Borgia and Eric Hord, Merrillville, a daughter

Jenny Jones and Kenneth Robinson, Gary, a son

Carley and Anthony Caskey, Lake Station, a daughter

Andrea Glancy and Matthew Corbett, Valparaiso, a daughter

Sandra and Kenneth Bobby, Jr., Wheatfield, a son

Nicole and Robert Minder, II, Hobart, a daughter

Oct. 2

Lena and Bryon Clouse, Valparaiso, a daughter

April and Edward Stewart, Wheatfield, a daughter

Oct. 4

Crystal Jones and Michael Brown, Lake Station, a daughter

Jessica Miller, Chesterton, a daughter

Oct. 5

Brandi and Michael Hayes, Hammond, a son

Oct. 6

Jennifer and Jason Doran, Sr., Portage, a daughter

Eva Lopez and Robert Echols, South Haven, a son

Angela and Brian Camp, Valparaiso, a son

Oct. 7

Heather and Ricahrd Opperman, Crown Point, a daughter

Oct. 8

Rachel Heckman and Raymond Meehan, Portage, a daughter

Oct. 9

Jennifer and Timothy Jarosak, Portage, a son

Oct. 10

Tkayline Yester and Charles Puskac, Portage, a son

Sherri Grisham and Jason Holland, Hobart, a daughter

Lindsey and Steven Wiening, Hobart, a son

Shaumbria Samuels and Damian Reedus, Gary, a daughter

Sherrika Kirk, Gary, a daughter

Oct. 11

Lisa and Alexander Johnson, Merillville, a son

Oct. 13

Tonya Driver and Robert Worley, Portage, a son

Caitlyn and matthew Francis, Portage, a daughter

Menka and Jovan Jovanoski, Lake Station, a son

Leanne and Jason Simmons, DeMotte, a daughter

Oct. 14

Breanna Manning and Jason Castellanos, Valparaiso

Jamie and Juan Gutierrez, Valparaiso, a daughter

Oct. 15

Talisha Burnett, Gary, a daughter

Oct. 16

Asheley and Eric Ritter, Hobart, a son

Tarniesha and Royce Thompson, Sr., Gary, a son

Oct. 17

Jill Gholson-Hearns and Patrick Hearns, Jr., Gary, a daughter

Carla and Larry Williams, Jr., Valparaiso, a son

Oct. 18

Lizbeth and Kenneth Johnson, Hobart, a daughter

Antonya Redmon and Marquis Rankin, Gary, a daughter

Renee Graham and Mark Smith, Portage, a daughter

Oct. 20

Terri Houloieson, Cedar Lake, a son

Krystal Roberts Gonzalez and Ronald Lockhart, Merrillville, a daughter

Anxastasia Protho and Deaundre Gray, Merrillville, a daughter

Oct. 21

Nicole and David Zabrecky, Hobart, a daughter

Brittney Janiga, Lake Station, a son

Oct. 22

Rommy Engel and Karl Wehle, Hobart, a son

Lashaundra and Darren Murphy, Gary, a son

Jennifer Darnell-Lucas and Michael Slavik, Portage, a daughter

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