Lake County Birth Announcements: from Feb. 28, 2011 to April 28, 2011

2011-05-10T13:45:00Z 2011-05-10T13:56:05Z Lake County Birth Announcements: from Feb. 28, 2011 to April 28, 2011
May 10, 2011 1:45 pm

Lake County Birth Announcements: from Feb. 28, 2011 to April 28, 2011

Franciscan St. Anthony Health

March 1

Stephen Buranosky and Jodi Simoneau, Crown Point, a daughter

Cole and Kristen Tedhams, Merrillville, a daughter

Matthew and Sara Lams, Porter, a daughter

Shaun Hadley and Deisha Compton, Valparaiso, a son

Ronald Housley and Amy Hart, Crown Point, a son

Scott and Violet Everidge, Merrillville, a son

March 2

Chris and Amy Gurchiek, St. John, a daughter

Thomas and Jillaine Hadson, Rensselaer, a daughter

Tyren and Jennifer Tornincasa, Crown Point, a son

Luke and Mallory Raab, Crown Point, a son

March 3

Scott Ewing and Ashley Camp, Crown Point, a daughter

Stanley and Amanda Degand, Schererville, a daughter

Dave and Melissa Magurany, Lowell, a son

Aaron and Stephanie Fenters, Westville, a daughter

March 4

SeQuetta McNeil, Crown Point, a son

Grant and Lyndsey Schaap, Crown Point, a son

March 5

Lee Kidd and Jessica Conley, Cedar Lake, a son

March 6

Emily Ziron, Crown Point, a daughter

Michael and Holly Coddington, Griffith, a daughter

Dennis Griffin and Kelsey Franco, Rensselaer, a son

Ian Ritter and Donna LaTulip, Hobart, a son

Jason and Sarah Harness, Hobart, a son

David and Lauren Petersen, Valparaiso, a daughter

March 7

Chris Simunjak and Mandy Shawkey, Gary, a son

Benjamin and Jessica Turner, Hobart, a son

Terry and Rachael Macchia, Crown Point, a son

Ryan and Alexandria Allen, Crown Point, a son

Shannon and Jamie Kowal, Highland, a daughter

March 8

Jon and Aimee Franzen, Valparaiso, a son

Adam Martisek and Connie Gadbois, Cedar Lake, a son

March 9

Jeffery Paine and Jennyfer Jansky, Demotte, a son

Michael and Debra Sikma, Cedar Lake, a son

March 10

Anthony and Shannon Ruiz, Crown Point, a son

Kaitlyn Abramson, Crowon Point, a daughter

March 11

Nicholas and Valerie Cahill, Lake Village, a daughter

March 12

Larry and Holly Welsh, LaPorte, a son

Jesse and Jessica York, Hobart, a son

March 13

Joseph Pufahl and Kelsey Fortner, Cedar Lake, a daughter

March 14

Marisela Gonzalez, Chesterton, a daughter

Sean and Michele Willis, Merrillville, a daughter

Matt and Kasey Jansma, Lowell, a son

March 15

Richar and Jennifer Smart, Demotte, a daughter

Robert and Stephanie Spajer, Crown Point, a son

Edward and Elizabeth Vela, Merrillville, a daughter

Russell and Samantha Zea, Shelby, a daughter

Zach Starcevich and Desirey Rodriguez, Lowell, a daughter

Jordan and Amber Zuidema, Crown Point, a son

March 16

Steven and Meghan Durko, Crown Point, a daughter

Eric and Alyssa Dillabaugh, Wanatah, a daughter

March 17

Branden Dahl and Cassandra Haskell-Kormendy, Merrillville, a daughter

Jason and Lisa Zimmerman, Lowell, a daughter

John and Rachal Niederer, Schererville, a son

March 18

Kevin Reichert and Amanda Ricchio, Crown Point, a daughter

Matthew Garza and Davida Gant, Gary, a son

March 19

Kenneth and Amber Litko, Crown Point, twin daughters

Joe Irizarry and Samantha Paulus, Crown Point, a son

Mario Lopez and Brianna Woodworth, Carol Stream, a daughter

Andrew Aldridge and Brittany Benak, Crown Point, a son

Michael and Lindsey Seberger, Schneider, a son


March 20

Robert and Krystal Ibarria, Crown Point, a daughter

Ronald and Anneliesse Cooper, Crown Point, twin son and daughter

March 21,

Joseph and Amber Tutor Jr., Crown Point, a son

Timothy Walton and Brandy Jillson, Lowell, a daughter

Jason and Mary Potchen, Crown Point, a son

Eric and Krisy Irvine, Cedar Lake, a son

Keith and Tina Zientara, Merrillville, a daughter

Alaa and Wala Tadros, Crown Point, twin sons

Steve and Kristina Ochman, Cedar Lake, a son

March 22

David and Kristen Bruinius, St. John, a daughter

Chris Muscari and Nicole Pyle, Lowell, a daughter

James and Stacy Witt, Hobart, a daughter

Tom and Holly Bartholomew, Demotte, a son

March 23

Joseph and Melissa Rumback, Lowell, a daughter

Jeffrey Cook and Tracie Garrett, Schererville, a daughter

Brian and Sarah Fertig, Cedar Lake, a daughter

March 25

Sam and Janice Nuzzo, Crown Point, a son

Luis and Yiriz Prato, Crown Point, a daughter

March 26

Chris and Amy Lowery, Valparaiso, a daughter

Richard and Eden Jennings, Lowell, a daughter

David and Meghan Pesich, Crown Point, a daughter

March 27

Gil and Rachel Gerritsen, St. John, a son

March 28

Troy Monroe and Rachael Harrison, Crown Point, a son

Brian and Sheila Wrzalinski, Merrillville, triplets

March 29

Kevin and Jamie Bruinsma, Crown Point, twin daughters

Jason and Faith Marshal, Crown Point, a son

Anna Jefferson, Hammond, a daughter

Matt and Kristi Calder, Merrillville, a daughter

March 30

Michael and Jessica Keilman, Hebron, a son

John Dwyer and Samantha Schmidlin, Crown Point, a son

Richard and Glenda Sponaugle, Hammond, a son

Juan and Lisbet Garcia, Wheatfield, a daughter

Braulio and Krisin Valdivia, Merrillville, a daughter

March 31

John and Cynthia Owensby, Gary, a son

Cyvil Sharples and Marie Furmanski, Crown Point, a son

St. Catherine Hospital

March 22

Jesse Avina and Kimberly Roytan, Portage, a daughter

March 23

Sonya Nixson, East Chicago, a son

Roxanne Bravo and Tyron Pearson, Gary, a daughter

March 24

Violet Plaza and Javier Areco, East Chicago, a daughter

March 29

Virginia Lopez and Elias Romero, East Chicago, a son

April 1

Jennifer Suarez and Ignacio Valladolid Jr., Hammond, a daughter

April 5

Chanda and Dennis Moran, Jr., Merrillville, a daughter

April 7

Latrice Palm and William Searcy, Gary, a daughter

April 11

Taurice Roland, Gary, a daughter

April 14

Melissia and Justin Malenky, Lake Station, a son

Marqueta Morgan and Antoinne Dawkins, East Chicago, a son

April 15

Dorothy Williams and Christopher Amir, Gary, a daughter

April 16

Amelia Cunningham and Jonathan King, Jr., Gary, a daughter

April 20

Leslie Vorice, Gary, a daughter

Rulla and Jeffrey Pala, Hammond, a son

April 28

Theresa Miller and Kevin Kerlin, Hobart, a daughter

St. Francis Medical Center, Cape Girardeau, Mo.

April 8

Brianna and Joshua LaDow, Mayfield, Ky., a daughter

St. Mary Medical Center

Feb. 28

Britnei and Christopher Martin, Hebron, a daughter

March 1

Elizabeth and Scott Neely, Hobart, a daughter

March 5

Michelle Moser and Charles Watkins, Chesterton, a daughter

March 7

Candace Windsor and Eric Smotek, Hobart, a son

March 8

Jennifer Harris and Emanuel Kimble, Gary, a son

March 10

Kia Beller and Michael Lazaro Mayernik, Hobart, a daughter

Dawn Turner and Charles Myers, Portage, a daughter

March 11

Rachael and Brandon Smith, Crown Point, a daughter

March 14

Lindsey and Ryan Vottero, Portage, a son

March 15

Amanda and Kenneth Richmond, Westville, a daughter

March 17

Marijane Olson and Matthew Guerra, Porter, a son

March 18

Joy Todd and Tramel Raggs, Portage, a son

March 22

Krystal and John Wright, Valparaiso, a daughter

March 24

Erica and John Ketchum, Hobart, a son

Elisa and Sergio Castellanos, Hobart, a son

Amy and Justin Sawicki, Hobart, a son

March 25

Micela and Erick Earle, Rensselaer, a son

Torie Klimaszewski and Jonathan Kleist, Portage, a daughter

March 28

Amanda and Andrew Fengya, Valparaiso, a daughter

March 29

Sanda and Eric Allen, Hoabrt, a daughter

Jessica and Andru Witherspoon, Portage, a daughter

March 30

Jennifer and Joseph Eaton, Lake Station, a son

April 7

Sara and Steve Pritchard, Jr., Hammond, a daughter

Jessica Harford and Ricky Westfall, Jr., Gary, a daughter

Krystin Kirk and Shane Wagoner, Crown Point, a son

April 9

Katie Rios and Timothy Fuller, Portage, a son

April 11

Misty Crague and Micahel Snitchler, Valparaiso, a daughter

April 14

Jessica Perez, Hobart, a daughter

April 15

Shellie and Michael Winkoff, Chesterton, a son

April 18

Amber and David Klimasara, Portage, a daughter

Naomi and Melvin Guinn, Jr., Valparaiso, a son

April 19

Kylie and Todd Forney, Valparaiso, a daughter

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