Local birth announcements

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September 23, 2009 12:00 am

Hospitals in Lake County have released the following birth announcements

Community Hospital

July 13

Jamee and Albert Moss, Jr., Hammond, a son

Hermelinda and Roberto Herrera, Crown Point, a daughter

July 14

Isabelle Wawrzycki and Armando Mata, Hammond, a daughter

LaTreacha Blackmon, East Chicago, a daughter

Mary and Mark Persun, Crown Point, a son

Diane and Andrew Miller, Merrillville, a daughter

July 15

Donna Bartosik and Anthony Keown, Gary, a daughter

Jessica Perez and Israel Gallarzo, Sr., Hammond, a son

Sherry and Marvin Pewitt, Whiting, a son

Tiffany and James Crawford, Lowell, a daughter

Maria Melendez and Jose Vargas, Jr., East Chicago, a daughter

Amanda Juarez and Edgar Arredondo, Lowell, a son

July 16

Stephanie and Frank Wendt, Homewood, a daughter

Amy and Seth Krooswyk, Highland, a daughter

July 17

Jennifer Dado and Paul Bolzan, Whiting, a daughter

Pamela and James Svitek, Jr., Sumava Resorts, a daughter

Jeanine Washington, Gary, a daughter

Priscilla Rice, East Chicago, a daughter

Trinity and Alvino Amaya, Hammond, a son

Dialma Diaz and Alex Gonzalez, Highland, a son

Carolyn and Thomas Nyhan, Hammond, a daughter

July 18

Elvia Maldonado and Juan Cornejo, Hammond, a son

Samah and Marwan Azzam, Crown Point, a son

Lisa Martinez and Alexander Ortiz, Lansing, a son

Stephanie and Jeffrey Jorge, Schererville, a daughter

Hayley and Joseph Seiter, Crete, a son

Megan and Jose Tiscareno, Hammond, a son

July 19

Stacey and Terrance West, Merrillville, a son

July 20

Amanda Kallen, Munster, a son

Elisa and Joseph Richard, Highland, a son

Deana Miranda and Jesus Ontiveros, Chicago, a daughter

July 21

Mildred Glenn, Merrillville, a son

Tatiana Thornton and Terrence Paige, Crown Point, a son

Keturah Langston and Kevin White, Harvey, a daughter

July 22

Michelle DiSanto, Hammond, a daughter

Veronica Arceo Gonzales and Fernando Gonzales, Lansing, a son

Kierstin Olchawa and Johnathan Serrano, Whiting, a daughter

Monica Mancilla and Victor Martinez, Hammond, a son

Angela and David Silvas, Jr., Schererville, a son

Crystal and Joseph Gutierrez, Sr., East Chicago, a daughter

Christine and Michael Wilson, Highland, a son

Leanna and Ryan Reeder, Griffith, a daughter

July 23

Chyna Membres, Gary, a daughter

Jennifer and David Pineda, Jr., Hammond, a son

Cynthia and Joshua Frederick, Hobart, a daughter

July 24

Elizabeth and Nicholas Koppers, Crown Point, a son

Elpida and Ioannis Spanos, Crown Point, a daughter

Nina and David Fredianelli, Highland, a son

Christine and Jose Alicea, III, Las Vegas, Nev., a son

July 25

Michelle and Peter Novak, Jr., Hammond, a son

July 26

Camille and Jerome Brown, Schererville, a daughter

July 28

Raquel and Joel DeJesus, Hammond, a daughter

July 29

Dana and Eric Edwards, Merrillville, a son

Gina and Shawn Wise, Merrillville, a daughter

July 30

Felicia and Daniel Newsome, Griffith, a son

Lisa and Peter McEnery, Whiting, a son

Crystal and Matthew Arvia, Griffith, a daughter

July 31

Gina and Dennis Ward, Crown Point, a son

Aug. 1

Michele Hunt and Lashawn Pernell, Hammond, a daughter

Kelly and Aaron Morando, Whiting, a daughter

Marci Castillo, Hammond, a daughter

Aug. 2

Rachel Angotti and Charles Messer, Jr., Whiting, a daughter

Ruby Larez and Christopher Martinez, Whiting, a son

Aug. 3

Heidi and Howard Koonce, Jr., Portage, a daughter

Jennifer Wright and Richard Drechney, Lynwood, a daughter

Amy and Michael Slavena, Crown Point, a daughter

Nedra and Marques Cales, Dolton, a daughter

Aug. 4

Joanna and Joseph Panozzo, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Bri'Ana Carter, Gary, a daughter

Aug. 5

Angela Mill and Brandon Papadatos, Michigan City, a daughter

Nakeshia Mercer and Joel Hedrick, Sr., Hammond, a daughter

Krystal and Ryan Marrs, Hammond, a daughter

Albertina Gathings and Lenny Davis, East Chicago, a daughter

Aug. 6

Ashley and Darvell Smith, Hammond, a son

Aug. 7

Gina and Jose Maldonado, III, Hammond, a daughter

Amie and Ryan Vaught, Highland, a daughter

Aug. 8

Nichole and James Lewis, Park Forest, a son

Aug. 9

Crystal Cruz and Charlie Garcia, Jr., East Chicago, a son

Tiffany and Shayne Dapshis, Merrillville, a son

Aug. 10

Angela Viers and Joel Vogel, Jr., Hammond, a son

Jessica and Donald Cummins, III, Hobart, a daughter

Alexis and Joseph Thomas, Gary, a daughter

Stephani Reece and John Hernandez, Hammond, a son

Aug. 11

Megan Kuhn and Adam Goeringer, Schererville, a son

Jennifer Havens-Rodriguez and Guadalupe Rodriguez, Jr., Crown Point, a son

Sabrina and Richard Cockrell, Sr., Merrillville, a son

Angel and Robert Richardson, Portage, a daughter

Aug. 12

Amber and Ricardo Davila, East Chicago, a daughter

Kristin and Andrew Ross, St. John, a son

Catherine and Richard Jacobsen, Dyer, a daughter

Alison Byrne and Donald Nowinski, Munster, a son

Aug. 13

Maike Fink, Whiting, a son

Aug. 15

Lisa and John Rios, Gary, a son

Myra Gonzalez and Alexander Mora, Gary, a son

Raquel Gonzalez and Jaime Echevarria, Hammond, a daughter

Aug. 16

Colette and Matthew Snyder, Crown Point, a daughter

Amanda and Phillip Patrick , Hammond, a son

Britney Moreno and Sidney Bailey, III, East Chicago, a daughter

Aug. 17

Kathleen and Scott Spinks, Crown Point, a son

Ashley and Eric DeVries, Highland, a son

Olivia Perez and Andrew Klug, , a daughter

Aug. 18

Melissa and Jason Labadie, Griffith, a daughter

Jacklin and Patrick Piaskowy, Gary, a son

Angelisa and Adrian Nunez, Hammond, a son

Christina Hernandez and Gabriel Vazquez, Highland, a daughter

Kimberly Burke and Jerrald Titus, Jr., Chicago, a daughter

Liana and Stephen Weigle, Hammond, a son

Ashley Smith and Donald Miller, South Chicago Heights, a daughter

Aug. 19

Toni Holbrook and Xavier Martinez, Griffith, a daughter

Marilyn and Patrick Devine, Schererville, a son

Jennifer and Keith Stiglitz, Dyer, a daughter

Jessica and Jose Alvarez, Jr., Hammond, a son

Aug. 20

Cori and Clayt Wolfe, Munster, a son

Tina Nawrocki, Hammond, a daughter

Kimyatta Terrell, Hammond, a daughter

Jennifer Diaz-Carothers and Melvin Carothers, Jr., Hammond, a son

Aug. 21

Shanda and Joel Houck, Lansing, a son

Stephanie and Ruben Gomez, Calumet City, a daughter

Christina Torres and Eduardo Fontanez, Jr., Crown Point, a son

Aug. 23

Jennifer and David Lessentine, St. John, a daughter

Aug. 24

Amanda and Kenneth Kidd, Jr., Hammond, a son

Dominique Williams, Gary, a daughter

Christina Upshaw and Michael Shaffer, Gary, a son

Danielle and Robert Grimes, Crown Point, a daughter

Aug. 25

Sophie Toya and Antonis Skordilis, Highland, a daughter

Aug. 26

Carolina Rodriguez and John Gandara, East Chicago, a son

Samantha and Jason Sutherland, Gary, a son

Aug. 27

Susan and Timothy Maslanka, Dyer, a son

Emily Black and James Lambert, Griffith, a daughter

St. Anthony Medical Center

June 1

John and Suzette Boyle, Dyer, a daughter

Joseph Tutor, Jr. and Amber Houk, Crown Point, a son

Jacob and Kelly Lyskava, Wheatfield , a son

Terrell Brown and Andrea Vela, Crown Point, a son

June 2

Rick and Sarah Miller, St. John, a son

June 3

De Wet and Hannah Coetzee, Crown Point, a daughter

Grant and Laura Judkins, Crown Point, a son

Ernie McCadden and Heidi Kleine-McCadden, Hobart, a son

Jeremy and Kelly Peterson, Wheatfield, a daughter

Andrew and Brittany Smith, Merrillville, a son

June 4

Dan and Amy Coates, Ogden Dunes, a son

Robert and Amber Joy, Hobart, a daughter

David and Jenifer Novak, Crown Point, a daughter

Gabino and June Saavedra, Valparaiso, a daughter

June 5

Aaron and Brooke Hughes, Cedar Lake, a daughter,

Aleksandar and Svetlana Stojceska, Crown Point, a daughter

June 7

Philp and Shari Krygsheld, Crown Point, a son

Tim and Teresa Nelson, Portage, a son

June 8

Jeffrey and Melissa Dyer, Lake Village, a daughter

Bruce Slayden and Elizabeth Evans, St. John, a daughter

Adam and Nicole Kurek, Chesterton, a son

John Daniels and Stephanie Logan, Crown Point, a daughter

June 9

Wilhelm and Darcie Kalweit, Crown Point, a daughter

June 10

Robert and Shelby Englehardt, Portage, a daughter

Joel and Beth Mehling, Valparaiso, a son

Scott and Dawn Thomas, Crown Point, a son

June 11

Jason and Grace Moore, Crown Point, a son

Jon and Lisa Rowe, Valparaiso, a son

Joel and Claire Porch, Crown Point, a daughter

June 12

Aaron and Nicole Doeing, Cedar Lake, a son

Clayton and Jennifer Gill, Kouts, a son

Brian Welsh and Courtney Hamilton, Crown Point, a daughter

Francis and Tiffany Kerr, Hobart, a son

John Pena, Jr. and Michelle Pena, Merrillville, a daughter

Albert and Rachel Reichelt, Crown Point, a daughter

Lee Kiser and Sabrina Strong, Crown Point, a son

June 13

Julio Diaz and Mireya Lopez, Griffith, a daughter

Nicholas Wooten and Carissa Maleckar, Crown Point, a son

Michael Wachowski, Jr. and Jennifer Wachowski, St.John, a daughter

June 14

Cesar and Stacy Zuniga, Crown Point, a son

June 15

David Torres, Jr. and Amy Torres, Crown Point, a daughter

June 16

Jason and Andrea Evans, Valparaiso, a daughter

Eugene and Angela Silas, Valparaiso, a son

David and Melissa McCarty, Shelby, a son

June 17

Timothy Desforges and Sheena Armstrong, Rensselaer, a son

James and Julia Gear, Wheatfield, a daughter

June 18

Matt Dunn and Kyla Brown, Lowell, a son

Michael and Jennifer Hochstetler, Crown Point, a son

Timothy and Amber Murdock, Portage, a daughter

Jared and Amanda Purkey, Lowell, a son

June 19

Gregory and Alejandra Hodges, Valparaiso , a daughter

John Jordan,III and Rachel Jordan, Schererville , a daughter

Jason and Krista Sibbrell, Valparaiso, a daughter

June 20

Joe and Charing Robinson, Crown Point, a son

Jason and Christine Fulton, Hobart, a daughter

June 21

Tim and Mary Gutowski, Crown Point, a son

Brian and Kyle Lynn Mish, Cedar Lake, a daughter

June 22

Aaron and Stephanie Fenters, Westville, a daughter

Jack and Rebecca Granger, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Doug and Janie Porter, Hebron, a son

June 23

Juan Jose and Vesenia Corral, Schererville, a son

Joshua and Krystin Graegin, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Jon and Rachel Shirck, Hebron, a son

June 24

Tyron and Melissa Beird, Hobart, a daughter

Brian Dilosa, Sr. and Erika Dilosa, Merrillville, a daughter

Jaime Baca, Jr. and Adrienne Herrera , Crown Point, a daughter

Edgar and Clauda Ortiz, Cedar Lake, a daughter

June 25

Todd and Amber Porter, Valparaiso , a son

Mick Shackles and Jacqueline Von Ogden, Crown Point, a daughter

June 26

Matthew Williams and Monica Hirchak, Lowell, a son

Benjamin Miller and Victoria Meyers, Rensselaer, a son

Derrick Zieba and Suzanne Peterson, Crown Point, a son

Elijah and Jessica Richardson, Demotte, a daughter

Daniel and Kristina Warner, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Corie and Heather Wilcox , Crown Point, a son

June 27

Jim and Wendy Royal, Crown Point, a son

June 29

Chris and Sarah Gaines, Crown Point, a son

Jonathon and Jessica Mitchell, Demotte, a daughter

Daniel and Amanda Misewicz, Lowell, a daughter

June 30

Matthew and Kathleen Kristoff , Demotte, a daughter

Frank Wilz and Vanessa Tobin, Dyer, a son

July 1

Benjamin and Hannah Carter, Crown Point, a son

John and Luanda Lane, Demotte, a son

Scott Whitlock and Nicole Witten, Demotte, a son

July 2

Matthew and Angela Hemphill, Demotte, a daughter

Jeremy and Julie Humble, Demotte, a son

Benjamin and Melissa Zamojski, Schererville, a son

July 3

Adam and Allyson Mckown, Wheatfield, a daughter

Michael Bower and Yvonne Miller, Crown Point, a son

July 4

Stephanie Mulligan, St. John, a daughter

July 6

Alan and Tosha Burns, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Steve and Amy Hadley, Munster, a son

Mike and Jenny Wallace, Hebron, a son

James and Nicole Wasmundt, Hobart, a daughter

July 7

Paul and Eunice Williams, Merrillville, a daughter

Chris and Michelle Wray, Thayer, a daughter

Michael and Danielle Bazin, Crown Point, a son

Josh Johnston and Whitney Herendeen, Hebron, a daughter

Robert and Christine Kostbade, Hobart, a son

July 8

Kyle and Angel Chapman, DeMotte, a son

Jason and Ashley Richards, Highland, a son

Greg and Rachele Sharp, DeMotte, a daughter

July 9

Samantha Baker, Gary, a son

Fausto Cisneros, Jr. and Christal Cisneros, Hammond, a daughter

Darin and Emily Clark, Crown Point, a son

Brandon and Tiffany Graf, DeMotte, a daughter

Zach and Sheila Kezy, Cedar Lake, a son

Omar and Tricia Kustric, Merrillville, a son

Ryan Hotlzman and Madelyn Usdowski, Crown Point, a son

July 10

Daniel and Audrey Amsler, Rensselaer, a daughter

Daniel and Jennifer Cary, Highland, a son

Caleb and Chrissy Hon, Cedar Lake, a son

Jason McLamb, Sr. and Amanda McLamb, Hobart, a son

Marcin and Edyta Nurek, Crown Point, a son

Mark and Sandra Siminski, Hebron, a daughter

July 11

Daniel and Hilary Ditola, St. John, a son

Craig and Heather Himes, Crown Point, a son

Jim and Melinda Payte, Gary, a daughter

July 12

Antonio and Jordanka Iliev, Crown Point, a son

Walter and Stephanie Medrano, Cedar Lake, a son

Jeffrey and Elaine Myszak, Crown Point, a daughter

July 13

Garridan and Denise Mitchell, Schererville, a son

Rich Heilman and Tracy Rose, Lowell, a daughter

July 14

David and Kathryn Allen, Hammond, a daughter

Ryan and Dana Bood, Hobart, a daughter

Michael and Jennifer DeNormandig, Winfield, a daughter

Keith and Shannon Kueny, DeMotte, a son

Jesse and Janet Perez, Gary, a daughter

Michael and Kathryn Vanni, Valparaiso, a son

July 15

Jerry Santos and Michelle Dahn, Valparaiso, a daughter

Charles Jones, Jr. and Rebecca Jones, Lowell, a son

Jeremy Crnkovich and Amanda Selsor, Crown Point, a daughter

Joseph and Julie Tychek, Hobart, a daughter

Stewart Cox and Crystal Wade, Lowell, a daughter

Eric and Marsha Ward, Crown Point, a son

July 16

Johnny and Lianne Simmons, DeMotte, a daughter

July 17

Brandon Bergner and Raquel Amezcua, Crown Point, a son

Steve Mesa and Jasmine Calo, Crown Point, a son

Garrett Patz and Lauren Gill, Lowell, a daughter

Jeremy Jackson and Kristina Haddad, DeMotte, a daughter

David and Christy Huppenthal, DeMotte, a son

Stephen Wrenn, Jr. and Dianne Wrenn, Merrillville, a son

July 18

Shane and Erin Charpentier, Hebron, a son

July 19

Billy and Cyndy Bishop, Highland, a son,

July 20

Anthony and Mashelle Ferguson, Hebron, a daughter

Noel and Melissa Perez, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Shawn and Lisa Tackett, Cedar Lake, a son

July 21

Alex and Jamie Gonzalez, Hobart, a son

Scott and Angela Holmquist, Highland, a son

Paul and Marisela Rogers, Munster, a son

July 22

Paul and Rosa Navarro, Crown Point, a daughter

Hugo and Erica Reynoso, Schererville, a son

July 24

Aaron and Nicole Jadernak, Lansing, IL, a daughter

Bradley and Rowena Jordan, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Colton Tucker and Brittney Kidd, Merrillville, a daughter

July 25

Mark and Luz Avila, Hammond, a son

Nick Marchese and Kate Chattin, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Ryan O'Connell and Amber Clark, Schererville, a son

Edward and Jill Laco, Crown Point, a daughter

Jewell Tucker and Brandy Valle, Gary, a son

July 26

Frederick Hopwood, III and Rae-Ann Knaga-Hopwood, Crown Point, a son

July 27

Brian and Sarah Anderson, DeMotte, a daughter

Ken and Nicole Culbreth, DeMotte, a daughter

Andy and Julie Kadziolka, Crown Point, a daughter

July 28

Christopher and Kristen Donaldson, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Brian Clark and Rachel Edgman, DeMotte, a daughter

Nicholas and Michelle Glinski, St. John, a son

Marco and Tabatha Quiroga, Griffith, a daughter

Jason and Nicole Ranus, Hobart, a daughter

Mark and Candiss Terborg, DeMotte, a son

July 29

James and Michelle Randall, Crown Point, twin sons

July 30

Brian and Eryn Alphenaar, DeMotte, a daughter

Joe and Michelle Mishlove, Lowell, a daughter

David Nelson, Jr. and Heather Nelson, Lowell, a son

Bill and Lindsey Rouse, Lake Village, a son

Eric and Kim Zell, Hobart, a daughter

July 31

Joe and Carol Andras, Crown Point, a daughter

Aaron Dennison and Nikki Colby, Crown Point, a daughter

Keith and Rebecca Joy, Schererville, a daughter

Zack and Jennifer Neely, DeMotte, a son

Jason and Lisa Zimmerman, Lowell, a son

St. Catherine Hospital

July 1

Genesis Armstrong, East Chicago, a son

July 2

Nicole Scott and Seanrique Coley, Gary, a son

July 3

Jennifer Stazzone and Derek Riles, East Chicago, a son

July 4

Victoria Williamson and Peter Hammonds, II, Gary, a daughter

July 6

Shawney and Brandon Moore, Copperas Cove, Texas, a daughter

Marisa Jimenez and Darius Thomas, East Chicago, a son

July 9

Tishri Williams and Alvin Houston, Gary, a son

Simmone Alston, East Chicago, a daughter

July 11

Maria Talley, East Chicago, a son

July 14

Qwauntaicia and Ray Norman, Jr., Gary, s on

Misty and Robert Dilworth, II, Gary, a son

July 15

Melissa Elias and Jose Jeronimo, East Chicago, a son

July 17

Rhea Basemore and Aundray Lipson, Gary, a son

July 19

Silvia Tobar Jordan, Whiting, a daughter

July 20

Grabiela and Flavio Huerta, Hammond, a daughter

Kyralee McCoy and Robert Mata, Hammond, a son

Elisette and Javier Salgado, East Chicago, a son

July 23

Stephanie Anderson, Gary, a daughter

July 25

Conchetta Smith and Timothy Ellis-Cleveland, Merrillville, a daughter

July 26

Shelly Cepolski and Gabriel Jalomos, Griffith, a son

July 27

Anita Madrigal and Alfred Mendoza, Hammond, a son

Aug. 1

Kara Novak, Hammond, a son

Briana Jones and De'Shawn Lewis, Gary, a son

Aug. 3

Latwinna and Jaquan Richards, Sr., East Chicago, a son

Aug. 4

Yeimy Villanueva, East Chicago, a son

Aug. 5

Latrea Reed and Miguel Zambrano, Gary, a son

Aug. 6

Ivette Feliciano and Theodore Ramsey, Sr., East Chicago, a daughter

Aug. 7

Veronica Salgado, East Chicago, a daughter

Tonya Stewart and George Jordan, III, Hammond, a son

Tina Pabey and Alexander Soto, East Chicago, a daughter

Aug. 9

Victoria Wells and Marcus Durr, Hammond, a daughter

Aug. 14

Jamaica Love and Jerry Tucker, East Chicago, a daughter

Aug. 15

Kinnon Hunter and Michael Hall, East Chicago, a daughter

Aug. 16

Samatha May, Hammond, a daughter

Aug. 18

Jernita Moore and Kenneth Glass, Jr., Gary, a daughter

Aug. 20

Samantha Vargas and Raul Madera, East Chicago, twin son and daughter

Aug. 21

Monica Palomino and Carlo Diaz, Melrose Park, a daughter

Sonia Lopez and Osqaldo Chavez, Lake Station, a son

Aug. 23

Melissa Martin and Hewitt East Chicago, a son

St. Margaret Mercy

June 28

Jacqueline Anderson, Chicago, a son

June 30

Traci Smith, Dolton, a daughter

Kenya Shaw and David Osoria, Hammond, a daughter

July 3

Mayleen and Elmer Catolin, Crown Point, a son

July 4

Sheonna Flemings and Angelo Pearson, Springfield, Ill., a daughter

Rebecca Lee mercks and Jason Garcia, Valparaiso, a son

July 5

Julianne and Robert Delano, Dyer, a son

Jessica Hay and David Hornyak, Whiting, a daughter

July 7

Michelle Klinsky-Veyette, Hammond, a daughter

Jennifer and Steven Suderski, Hammond, a son

Deserae and Samuel Horn, Jr., Calumet City, a daughter

Sanjuanita Camps and David Torres, Sr., Calumet City, a daughter

July 8

Kimberly and Jonwz Gonzalez, East Chicago, a daughter

July 9

Ashley Zukauskas and Chase Garza, Highland, a son

Leticia Payton and Cleam Caldwell III, Gary, a son

July 12

Maria Levia, Hammond, a son

July 13

Lindsay Neuman and Daniel Berg, Hammond, a daughter

Alicia and Eric Sanders, Hammond, a son

Catherine Mayo and Christopher Gatlin, Highland, a son

Terica Baldwin, Gary, a son

June 14

Teaundra and Ezell Jolly, Gary, a son

Kimberly Sue and Scott Urbaniak, Chicago, a daughter

Melissa Merryman and Michael Groves, Lake Station, a daughter

July 15

Rosa Martinez, Hammond, a daughter

Jessica Nystrom and James Spencer, Hammond, a son

Courtney Williams and Shawn Smith, North Judson, a son

Crystal Malenki, Whiting, a daughter

July 16

Danielle Derolf, Hammond, a daughter

Jessica Hadders, Hammond, a son

Danielle and LaShaun Hudson, Hammond, a son

Sabrina Jones and Maurice Young, Hammond, a son

Danielle Hackman and Tabarian Lockett, Sr., Matteson, Ill., a son

July 17

Jennifer and David Wiers, Highland, a son

July 18

Michelle and Timothy Totos, Beecher, a daughter

Maria and Daniel Ramirez, Calumet City, a son

July 19

Jennifer and Jason Cowger, Dyer, a son

Samantha Fiolmena and Odis Sebolt, Gary, a daughter

July 20

Monica Greene, Harvey, a son

Camilla and Keith Pulliam, Merrillville, a son

Christina and Matthew Ward, Merrillville, a son

Victoria Blanchard and Richard Klebs, Jr., Portage, a daughter

July 21

Marcela and Khristopher Andalon, Merrillville, a son

Rachel Szymborski and Joseph Lesniewski, II, Cedar Lake, a daughter

Janiece Gill and Joshua Shelton, East Chicago, a son

LaTysha Sanders and Lemar Cortez, Hammond, a daughter

July 22

Latonya and Omari Golden, Lansing, a son

July 24

Rachael Stas and Keith Bukovic, Crown Point, a daughter

July 25

Keya McClendon, Chicago, a son

July 26

Paris Houson, Hammond, a daughter

July 27

Sherrie Henderson and Thaddeus Crides, Hammond, a son

Lakeisha Wilkins, Hammond, a son

July 28

Victoria Enriquez and Kevin Goddard, Hammond, a daughter

Jackalyn and Dwayne Preisser, Gary, a daughter

Carrie James and Edgar Garcia, Chicago, a son

Valerie DeBoer and Gregory Sisco, Highland, a son

Amanda Whitaker and Kristopher Walker, Hobart, a daughter

July 31

Linda McGee, Hammond, a son

Shataia Brownlee and Aaron Smith, Highland, a son

Aug. 1

Nereida Velez-Logan and Enos Logan, Hammond, a son

Aug. 3

Adriana and Daniel Delgado, Calumet City, a son

Dominique Ruiz, Dyer, a son

Aug. 4

Yolanda Alvarado and Alfredo Lund, Calumet City, a son

Aug. 5

La'na Anderson and James Towns, Sr., Hammond, a son

Aug. 6

Latisha and Sidney Miller, Hammond, a son

Aug. 7

Gracie Hart, Hammond, a daughter

Jennifer Villarreal and Jose Perez, Hammond, a daughter

Whitney Hunter, Gary, a son

Angela Wilson and Anthony McCray, Griffith, a daughter

Aug. 8

Andrea Chapman and Marcus Fefee, Sr., Calumet City, a son

Aug. 9

Dawn Hanley and David Higginbotham, Whiting, a daughter

Aug. 10

Miriam Holmes, Hammond, a daughter

Kelsea McClurg, Hammond, a daughter

Marie and Eric Santiago, Schererville, a daughter

Marie and Eric Santiago, Schererville, a daughter

Aug. 11

Lashawndrea West, Hammond, a son

Tynetta Riley, Chicago, a son

Aug. 13

Jennifer and David Miller, Hammond, a daughter

Amy and David Boshears, Dyer, a daughter

Aug. 14

Melody Pemberton and David Shirley, Jr., Markham, a son

Lucy Ortiz and Elliot Marquez, East Chicago, a son

Aug. 15

Linda Wise and Jeremy Somerville, Calumet City, a daughter

Aug. 18

Jehrai Sinclair and Derrick Hart, Hammond, a daughter

Loleta and Eugene Pop, Merrillville, a daughter

Aug. 19

Jennifer and Marln White, Lansing, a son

Aug. 20

Juanita and Salvador Camacho, Hammond, a daughter

Lynda Tate and Deronzo McNeal, Jr., Hammond, a son

Corrine and Michael Sikora, St. John, a daughter

Laura and Jeremy Stewart, Lansing, a daughter

Aug. 21

Rachel and Kendall Friend, Dolton, a daughter

Hayley and Thomas Kaminsky, Hammond, a daughter

Jessica Reynoso and Samuel Matos, Hammond, a son

Rebecca Sifuentes, Hammond, a son

Kelly Morgan and Steven Johnson, Valparaiso, a son

Aug. 22

Vernetta Murray and Kennan Perry, Hammond, a daughter

Cecelia and Jeremy Metz, Griffith, a son

Justyna and Mark Plebanski, Crown Point, a son

St. Mary's Medical Center

July 1

Danica and Steven Rummell, Portage, a son

Danielle and Nicholas Doud, Porter, a son

Christina and Donnie Hopson, Jr., Gary, a son

July 2

Kristen Kearby and Larry Arndt, Portage, a daughter

Kimberly and Brett Wilson, Portage, a son

Kaitlyn and Kevin Music, Crown Point, a daughter

Jessica and Brian Durall, Valparaiso, a daughter

July 3

Paige and Kevin Burns, Valparaiso, a son

Jill Gonzales and Roger Garcia, Lake Station, a son

Amanda Servaty, Valparaiso, a son

July 4

Fennise Jones-Adams and Jermaine Jones, Gary, a daughter

July 7

Ryann MCGinnis, Valparaiso, a daughter

July 9

Stacy and Richard Hemphill, Cedar Lake, a son

July 10

Shawna and Kevin Hedrick, a son

Maria Saavedra and Donald Briggs, Sr., a daughter

July 12

Loretta and Monte White, a Hobart

July 12

Amanda and Ray Hopper, Jr., Lake Station, a son

July 14

Dawnelle and Adam Blair, Hobart, a son

July 15

Tein Patterson and Couvoisiel Adams, Gary, a daughter

July 16

Avgelina Mast and Antoine Watkins, Merrllville, a daughter

July 17

Amy Nitz and Josph Kalin, Jr., Hobart, a daughter

Rachel Crase and Ricky Cernak, Jr., Valparaiso

July 19

Arista and Robert Dawson, III, Portage, a son

Tavonna Combs and Davin Shepard, Gary, a son

July 20

Kristen and Christopher Ader, Portage, a son

July 21

Jennifer Parnell and Joseph Dombrowski, Hobart, a daughter

July 22

Nancy Roberts and Brian Garner, Gary, a daughter

July 23

Daniell and Basil Lepeniotis, Bridgeman, Mich., a daughter

July 24

Christina Wright and Jeriel Odie, Gary, a daughter

Lauren Mills, Portage, a son

July 25

Ayona Martin and Elitahl Flournoy, Merrillville, a son

July 28

Amanda Truby and Shane Spagnola, Crown Point, a son

Renodia Bennett and Reginald Tiggs, Lake Station

July 29

Brenta Cleveland and William Kirkham, Gary, a daughter

Crystal Herr and David Williams, Valparaiso, a son

Whitney Whitehead and Robert Cousinard, Gary, a son

July 30

Jatoiya Fox and Charles Campbell, Gary, a daughter

July 31

Myrian Fontanez and Jaime Padilla, Lake Station, a son

Shanedra Thames and Marcus Upshaw, Gary, a son

Nicole and Joseph Zaradich, Hobart, a son

Aug. 1

Jamie and Curtis Osten, Rossville, a son

Janine and Derek Howell, Michigan City, a son

Kara White, Merrillville, a daughter

Aug. 2

Duruca Griffith and Terrell Farmer, Sr., Gary, a son

Cajia Underwood and Temitope Ogunsulire, Merrillville, a daughter

Aug. 3

Anyahlyn and James Dillon, Gary, a son

Jessica and James Jepsen, Chesterton, a daughter

Ashleigh Mathis and Dante Hopes, Portage

Jessica and James Jepsen, Chesterton, a daughter

Aug. 4

Melinda and John Sniderhan, Portage, a son

Aug. 5

Maricela and Hector Santiago, Merrillville, a son

Aug. 6

Tiffany and Anthony Curtis, Griffith, a son

Aug. 7

Elizabeth Ramirez and Ruben Vasquez, Lake Station, a son

Aug. 8

Amanda Lentner, Portage, a daughter

Aug. 9

Jacqui and Thomas Shumate, Jr., Chesterton, a son

Aug. 10

Katie and John Jenkins, Jr., Portage, a son

Sheelah and Rudy Djordjevich, Hobart, a son

Michelle and John Ripperdan, Lake Station, a son

Aug. 11

Jeanine Songer and Jose Salinas, Lake Station, a daughter

Aug. 12

Riannon Mikusevic and Joseph Drazich, Portage, a daughter

Tashana Smith and Tyrone Gamble, Portage, a son

Aug. 13

Varae Gomez and Gilbert Montoya, Portage, a son

Kalah and Andrew Riley, Valparasio, a son

Biljana and Hristi Krleski, Crown Point, a daughter

Elaine and John Lerner, DeMotte, a daughter

Amber Bruce and James Rowe, III, Merrillville, a son

Kristen Bartley and Corin Kelly, Union Mills, a son

Aug. 14

Alma and Sergio Gonzalez, Portage, a son

Jorie and Douglas Walstra, Portage, a son

Amy and David Sisson, Hammond, a son

Mary and David Mullugan, Hobart, a daughter

Aug. 16

Exandra and Ali Rangel, Portage, a daughter

Aug. 17

Megan Oliver and Andrew Alt, Merrillville, a daughter

Amber Waggoner and Louis Gonzalez, Jr., Gary, a son

Chrystal Pickford, Lake Station, a son

Davriana Wilson and Arlanders Robinson, Crown Point, a daughter

Aug. 18

Anna and James Rose, Burns Harbor, a son

Kerry and Ryan Fenters, Hebron, a son

Yuketa and Damon Branshaw, Hobart, a daughter

Aug. 19

Rebecca Hennrich, Valparaiso, a daughter

Laura Derose and Robert Evans, Portage, a daughter

Jaymi and Leigh Weiss, Portage, a daughter

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