CRAWFORDSVILLE | Wabash College Dean Gary Phillips has announced that 20 Northwest Indiana students are on the dean’s list for the fall 2012 semester.

They are:

John H. Dykstra, a senior, son of Richard and Jane Dykstra, 1420 S. Hayes St., Crown Point.

Bradley M. Pusateri, a junior, son of Tim and Tracy Pusateri, 4541 E. 104th Ave., Crown Point.

Emiliano Aguilar, a sophomore, son of Arlene Nunez, 4533 Baring Ave., East Chicago.

Joseph M. Stiglitz, a senior, son of Michael and Sharon Stiglitz, 9407 Wildwood Drive, Highland.

Brent W. Tomb, a freshman, son of Vickie L. Bunnell, 622 Persimmon Parkway, Hebron.

Matthew D. Binder, a freshman, son of Barbara and Curtis J. Binder, 231 McAfee Drive, Hobart.

Lester M. Gallivan, a freshman, son of Bennett and Paul A. Gallivan, 1500 Swift St., Hobart.

Kyle T. Bottos, a senior, son of Thomas and Sheryl Bottos, P.O. Box 384, Lowell.

Charles G. Mavros, a freshman, son of George and Kimberly Mavros, 17556 Maplewood Drive, Lowell.

Tyler J. Munjas, a freshman, son of Deanna and John Munjas, 253 Arrowhead Drive, Lowell.

Austin A. Althoff, a junior, son of Connie and Victor Althoff, 112 Crescent Drive, Michigan City.

Kevin M. Downey, a junior, son of Cynthia and Gary Downey, 401 Jackson St., Michigan City.

Mason N. Zurek, a freshman, son of Robert and Stacey Zurek, 11629 Barberry Court, St. John.

Steven D. Magura, a sophomore, son of Amy and Mark Magura, 590 Keldon Court, Valparaiso.

Peter J. Nicksic, a junior, son of Steven and Tamara A. Nicksic, 2203 Wynnewood Drive, Valparaiso.

Christopher J. Stazinski, a freshman, son of Kelly and Laurence Stazinski, 7 Whitekirk Green, Valparaiso.

Lucas S. Zromkoski, a sophomore, son of Jo Ellen and Randall Zromkoski, 1753 Iroquois Court, Valparaiso.

Benjamin R. Niksch, a sophomore, son of Deborah Niksch, 6209 Miller Ave., Gary.

William J. Costakis, a senior, son of William and Juliene Costakis, 5400 Chase St., Merrillville.

James S. Morrison, a junior, son of James and Laura Morrison, 6255 Arthur St., Merrillville.

The Northwest Indiana students are among the 252 dean’s list students who maintained a 3.5 grade point average or better on a 4.0 point scale..