2012 region school grades

Field 1Field 2Field 3Field 4Field 5Field 6
Corporation NameSchool nameCounty2012 grade2011 grade2010 grade
Crown Point Community Sch CorpColonel John Wheeler Middle SchlLakeAAA
Crown Point Community Sch CorpCrown Point High SchoolLakeACD
Crown Point Community Sch CorpDouglas MacArthur Elem SchLakeBAA
Crown Point Community Sch CorpDwight D Eisenhower Elem SchLakeAAA
Crown Point Community Sch CorpJerry Ross Elementary SchoolLakeAAA
Crown Point Community Sch CorpLake Street Elementary SchoolLakeAAA
Crown Point Community Sch CorpRobert Taft Middle SchoolLakeACA
Crown Point Community Sch CorpSolon Robinson Elementary SchLakeAAA
Crown Point Community Sch CorpTimothy Ball Elementary SchLakeAAA
Crown Point Community Sch CorpWinfield Elementary SchoolLakeAAA
Diocese of GaryAndrean High SchoolLakeAAD
Diocese of GaryAquinas School at St Andrew'sLakeBAA
Diocese of GaryBishop Noll InstituteLakeBBD
Diocese of GaryOur Lady Of Grace SchoolLakeAAA
Diocese of GarySaint Bridget SchoolLakeAB
Diocese of GarySaint Casimir SchoolLakeAAA
Diocese of GarySaint Edward SchoolLakeBBB
Diocese of GarySaint John Bosco SchoolLakeBBA
Diocese of GarySaint John Evangelist SchoolLakeAAA
Diocese of GarySaint John The Baptist SchoolLakeBAB
Diocese of GarySaint Mary Catholic Comm SchoolLakeAAA
Diocese of GarySaint Mary SchoolLakeBBA
Diocese of GarySaint Michael SchoolLakeAAA
Diocese of GarySaint Thomas More SchoolLakeAAB
Diocese of GarySt Stanislaus SchoolLakeDAA
Gary Community School CorpBailly Preparatory AcademyLakeDCF
Gary Community School CorpBenjamin Banneker Achievement CtrLakeABA
Gary Community School CorpBeveridge Elementary SchoolLakeFFC
Gary Community School CorpBrunswick Elementary SchoolLakeFDA
Gary Community School CorpDaniel Hale Williams Elem SchLakeDAA
Gary Community School CorpDaniel Webster Elem SchLakeFAA
Gary Community School CorpDr Bernard C Watson Acad for BoysLakeFFF
Gary Community School CorpFrankie W McCullough Acad for GirlLakeCAA
Gary Community School CorpGlen Park Acad for Excel in LrnLakeCCC
Gary Community School CorpJacques Marquette Elem SchoolLakeFAA
Gary Community School CorpJefferson Elementary SchoolLakeFDF
Gary Community School CorpLew Wallace (Sci-Tech-Eng-Math)LakeFFF
Gary Community School CorpTheodore Roosevelt Car & Tech AcadLakeFFF
Gary Community School CorpWest Side Leadership AcademyLakeFFF
Gary Community School CorpWm A Wirt/Emerson VPALakeDDF
Griffith Public SchoolsBeiriger Elementary SchoolLakeBAA
Griffith Public SchoolsEldon Ready Elementary SchoolLakeCAA
Griffith Public SchoolsElsie Wadsworth Elem SchLakeBBA
Griffith Public SchoolsGriffith Middle SchoolLakeBDC
Griffith Public SchoolsGriffith Senior High SchoolLakeBCF
Hanover Community School CorpHanover Central High SchLakeAAC
Hanover Community School CorpHanover Central Middle SchoolLakeBBD
Hanover Community School CorpJane Ball Elementary SchoolLakeDAA
Hanover Community School CorpLincoln Elementary SchoolLakeAAA
Lake Central School CorpGeorge Bibich Elementary SchLakeBAA
Lake Central School CorpHal E Clark Middle SchoolLakeAAA
Lake Central School CorpHoman Elementary SchoolLakeBAC
Lake Central School CorpJames H Watson Elem SchLakeAAA
Lake Central School CorpKahler Middle SchoolLakeCBA
Lake Central School CorpKolling Elementary SchoolLakeCAA
Lake Central School CorpLake Central High SchoolLakeACC
Lake Central School CorpMichael Grimmer Middle SchoolLakeBAA
Lake Central School CorpPeifer Elementary SchoolLakeBAA
Lake Central School CorpProtsman Elementary SchoolLakeBAA
Lake Ridge SchoolsCalumet High SchoolLakeCCF
Lake Ridge SchoolsGrissom Elementary SchoolLakeACA
Lake Ridge SchoolsHosford Park ElementaryLakeDAA
Lake Ridge SchoolsLake Ridge Middle SchoolLakeDDC
Lake Ridge SchoolsLongfellow Elementary SchoolLakeCAC
Lake Station Community SchoolsAlexander Hamilton Elementary SchLakeBDA
Lake Station Community SchoolsCarl J Polk Elementary SchoolLakeAAA
Lake Station Community SchoolsThomas A Edison Jr-Sr HSLakeCCF
Lake Station Community SchoolsVirgil I Bailey Elementary SchoolLakeAAA
Lutheran Schools of IndianaSt Paul's Lutheran SchoolLakeAAA
Lutheran Schools of IndianaTrinity Lutheran SchoolLakeBAA
Lutheran Schools of IndianaTrinity Lutheran SchoolLakeF
Merrillville Community SchoolEdgar L Miller Elem SchLakeAAA
Merrillville Community SchoolHenry P Fieler Elem SchLakeDDA
Merrillville Community SchoolHomer Iddings Elem SchLakeDDC
Merrillville Community SchoolJohn Wood Elementary SchoolLakeABB
Merrillville Community SchoolJonas E Salk Elem SchLakeAAA
Merrillville Community SchoolMerrillville High SchLakeACD
Merrillville Community SchoolMerrillville Intermediate SchoolLakeBCC
Merrillville Community SchoolPierce Middle SchoolLakeCDC
River Forest Community Sch CorpHenry S Evans Elementary SchLakeBAA
River Forest Community Sch CorpJohn I Meister Elementary SchoolLakeCAA
River Forest Community Sch CorpRiver Forest Elementary SchLakeCCA
River Forest Community Sch CorpRiver Forest Jr-Sr High SchoolLakeCCF
School City of East ChicagoAbraham Lincoln Elementary SchLakeBCC
School City of East ChicagoBenjamin Franklin Elem SchoolLakeFFF
School City of East ChicagoBenjamin Harrison Elementary SchLakeBCC
School City of East ChicagoCarrie Gosch Elementary SchoolLakeCCC
School City of East ChicagoEast Chicago Central High SchLakeDCF
School City of East ChicagoGeorge Washington Elem SchoolLakeFDA
School City of East ChicagoJoseph L Block Jr High SchoolLakeFFC
School City of East ChicagoWilliam McKinley Elementary SchLakeDCC
School City of HammondAbraham Lincoln Elem SchLakeDCC
School City of HammondBenjamin Franklin Elem SchLakeFCA
School City of HammondCharles N Scott Middle SchoolLakeFDC
School City of HammondColumbia Elementary SchoolLakeFFD
School City of HammondDonald E Gavit Mdl/High SchLakeDDD
School City of HammondFrank O'Bannon Elementary SchoolLakeDDD
School City of HammondGeorge Rogers Clark Md/HSLakeDDF
School City of HammondHammond High SchoolLakeDCF
School City of HammondHenry W Eggers Elem/Md SchLakeDCC
School City of HammondJoseph Hess Elementary SchoolLakeFCC
School City of HammondKenwood Elementary SchoolLakeFDC
School City of HammondLafayette Elementary SchoolLakeCAA
School City of HammondLew Wallace Elementary SchoolLakeDAC
School City of HammondMaywood Elementary SchoolLakeFFC
School City of HammondMorton Elementary SchoolLakeFDC
School City of HammondMorton Senior High SchoolLakeCCF
School City of HammondThomas A Edison Elem SchLakeFBD
School City of HammondThomas Jefferson Elem SchLakeDDC
School City of HammondWarren G Harding Elem SchLakeDCC
School City of HammondWashington Irving Elem SchLakeFCC
School City of HobartHobart High SchoolLakeACF
School City of HobartHobart Middle SchoolLakeCDD
School City of HobartJoan Martin Elementary SchoolLakeBCC
School City of HobartLiberty Elementary SchoolLakeAAA
School City of HobartRidge View Elementary SchoolLakeBAA
School City of HobartThe Early Lrn Cntr at George EarleLakeAAB
School Town of HighlandAllen J Warren Elem SchLakeBAA
School Town of HighlandHighland High SchoolLakeACD
School Town of HighlandHighland Middle SchoolLakeAAA
School Town of HighlandJudith Morton Johnston ElemLakeCAA
School Town of HighlandMildred Merkley Elem SchoolLakeDBA
School Town of HighlandSouthridge Elementary SchoolLakeCAA
School Town of MunsterErnest R Elliott Elem SchLakeBAA
School Town of MunsterFrank H Hammond Elem SchLakeAAA
School Town of MunsterJames B Eads Elementary SchLakeCAB
School Town of MunsterMunster High SchoolLakeACC
School Town of MunsterWilbur Wright Middle SchoolLakeBAC
Tri-Creek School CorporationLake Prairie Elementary SchLakeDAB
Tri-Creek School CorporationLowell Middle SchoolLakeBCC
Tri-Creek School CorporationLowell Senior High SchoolLakeBDD
Tri-Creek School CorporationOak Hill Elementary SchoolLakeBAA
Tri-Creek School CorporationThree Creeks Elem SchoolLakeBCC
Whiting School CityNathan Hale Elementary SchoolLakeDAB
Whiting School CityWhiting High SchoolLakeACF
Whiting School CityWhiting Middle SchoolLakeBBA
Diocese of GaryNativity of Our Savior SchoolPorterAAA
Diocese of GarySaint Patrick SchoolPorterAAA
Diocese of GarySaint Paul Catholic SchoolPorterAAA
Duneland School CorporationBailly Elementary SchoolPorterBAA
Duneland School CorporationBrummitt Elementary SchoolPorterCAB
Duneland School CorporationChesterton Middle SchoolPorterDAB
Duneland School CorporationChesterton Senior High SchoolPorterACD
Duneland School CorporationJackson Elementary SchoolPorterAAA
Duneland School CorporationLiberty Elementary SchoolPorterCAB
Duneland School CorporationLiberty Intermediate SchoolPorterBAA
Duneland School CorporationNewton Yost Elementary SchoolPorterCAA
Duneland School CorporationWestchester Intermediate SchoolPorterACA
East Porter County School CorpKouts Elementary SchoolPorterBAA
East Porter County School CorpKouts Middle/High SchoolPorterBBB
East Porter County School CorpMorgan Township Elementary SchoolPorterAAA
East Porter County School CorpMorgan Township Middle/High SchoolPorterAAB
East Porter County School CorpWashington Twp Elementary SchoolPorterAAA
East Porter County School CorpWashington Twp Middle/High SchoolPorterBAB
Lutheran Schools of IndianaImmanuel Lutheran SchoolPorterAAA
M S D Boone TownshipHebron Elementary SchoolPorterCAB
M S D Boone TownshipHebron High SchoolPorterACD
M S D Boone TownshipHebron Middle SchoolPorterAAA
Portage Township SchoolsCentral Elementary SchoolPorterCAA
Portage Township SchoolsCrisman Elementary SchoolPorterBAA
Portage Township SchoolsEthel R Jones Elem SchPorterAAA
Portage Township SchoolsGeorge L Myers Elem SchPorterAAA
Portage Township SchoolsPaul Saylor Elementary SchoolPorterBBA
Portage Township SchoolsPortage High SchoolPorterACD
Portage Township SchoolsRowena Kyle Elementary SchoolPorterAAA
Portage Township SchoolsSouth Haven Elementary SchoolPorterAAA
Portage Township SchoolsWallace Aylesworth ElementaryPorterAAC
Portage Township SchoolsWilliam Fegely Middle SchoolPorterCBC
Portage Township SchoolsWillowcreek Middle SchoolPorterBBA
Porter Township School CorpBoone Grove Elementary SchoolPorterCAA
Porter Township School CorpBoone Grove High SchoolPorterBAD
Porter Township School CorpBoone Grove Middle SchoolPorterAAA
Porter Township School CorpPorter Lakes Elementary SchoolPorterCAA
Union Township School CorpJohn Simatovich Elem SchPorterCBA
Union Township School CorpUnion Center Elem SchPorterAAA
Union Township School CorpUnion Township Middle SchPorterABB
Union Township School CorpWheeler High SchoolPorterACB
Valparaiso Community SchoolsBenjamin Franklin Mid SchPorterAAA
Valparaiso Community SchoolsCentral Elementary SchoolPorterAAA
Valparaiso Community SchoolsCooks Corners Elementary SchoolPorterBAA
Valparaiso Community SchoolsFlint Lake Elementary SchPorterABA
Valparaiso Community SchoolsHayes Leonard Elementary SchPorterABA
Valparaiso Community SchoolsMemorial Elementary SchoolPorterAAA
Valparaiso Community SchoolsNorthview Elementary SchoolPorterAAA
Valparaiso Community SchoolsParkview Elementary SchoolPorterBAA
Valparaiso Community SchoolsThomas Jefferson Elem SchPorterBAB
Valparaiso Community SchoolsThomas Jefferson Middle SchPorterBCC
Valparaiso Community SchoolsValparaiso High SchoolPorterACC
Independent Non-Public SchoolsAmbassador Christian AcademyLakeCAB
Independent Non-Public SchoolsCrown Point Christian SchLakeAA
Charter Schools
21st Century Charter Sch of Gary21st Century Charter Sch of GaryLakeCAA
Aspire Charter AcademyAspire Charter AcademyLakeCCF
Campagna Academy Charter SchoolCampagna Academy Charter SchoolLakeFCC
Charter School of the DunesCharter School of the DunesLakeFDC
East Chicago Lighthouse CharterEast Chicago LighthouseLakeDCC
East Chicago Urban Enterprise AcadEast Chicago Urban Enterprise AcadLakeDFC
Gary Lighthouse Charter SchoolGary Lighthouse Charter SchoolLakeFFC
Hammond Academy of Science & TechHammond Academy of Science & TechLakeFD
LEAD College Prep CharterLEAD College PrepLakeFDC
Thea Bowman Leadership AcademyThea Bowman Leadership AcademyLakeCCA
West Gary Lighthouse CharterWest Gary LighthouseLakeFDC
Discovery Charter SchoolDiscovery Charter SchoolPorterAB
October 31, 2012 10:08 am
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