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Nancy Guyott

GUEST COMMENTARY: Labor Day message: We can fix this

GUEST COMMENTARY: Labor Day message: We can fix this

Labor Day is a celebration of the incredible contributions of America’s working people. Through sweat, sacrifice and innovation, workers built this great state and nation. And we continue to make it work every day.

September 02, 2013 12:00 am

M'ville vigil to warn of 'fiscal cliff' dangers

INDIANAPOLIS | The coalition of Indiana labor unions will hold a candlelight vigil Monday outside the Merrillville office of U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky, D-Merrillville, to call attention to the ongoing "fiscal cliff" debate in Congress.

December 07, 2012 7:30 pm
Nancy Guyott

Nancy Guyott

Indiana State AFL-CIO President Nancy Guyott

November 21, 2012 6:53 pm
Rules for right-to-work complaints set to take effect

Rules for right-to-work complaints set to take effect

INDIANAPOLIS | The procedures the Indiana Department of Labor will follow to investigate complaints under the state's right-to-work law take effect Wednesday.

September 11, 2012 2:30 pm Related
Union leaders object to right-to-work rules

Union leaders object to right-to-work rules

INDIANAPOLIS | The setting for Indiana's right-to-work battle shifted from the marble-walled Statehouse to a dull, gray conference room Tuesday, but the passionate opposition of Hoosier labor leaders was not diminished as they objected to rules needed to implement the state's right-to-work law.

July 10, 2012 1:30 pm Related

GUEST COMMENTARY: Bring home jobs for the Fourth of July

As back yards across Indiana are transformed into full-blown Fourth of July barbecues complete with smoking grills, fresh-squeezed lemonade and tasty red-white-and-blue treats, it’s a good time to remind ourselves that not all homes will be sites of celebration. These days, it’s hard to driv…

July 04, 2012 12:00 am

Indiana AFL-CIO endorses Gregg-Simpson ticket

INDIANAPOLIS | Democrats John Gregg and Vi Simpson were unanimously endorsed Friday for governor and lieutenant governor by the Indiana AFL-CIO.

June 22, 2012 5:30 pm

Unions reviewing possible legal challenges to right-to-work

INDIANAPOLIS | Labor leaders have been quietly reviewing Indiana's new right-to-work law but are mum on whether they will go to court to try to stop the law before its main provision takes effect March 14.

February 12, 2012 10:00 pm

Union leaders promise no Super Bowl disruptions; 'Occupy' to rally Sunday

INDIANAPOLIS | Members of Indiana's labor unions are not planning to cause a scene at Sunday's Super Bowl in Indianapolis, but the "Occupy" movement will rally outside the Statehouse that day.

February 03, 2012 12:15 pm
State's right-to-work fight set to go national

State's right-to-work fight set to go national

INDIANAPOLIS | Gov. Mitch Daniels' national television appearance Tuesday, giving the Republican response to the president's State of the Union address, will be followed on many stations by footage of Daniels saying he opposes a right-to-work law.

January 23, 2012 8:00 pm Video

Unions fight right-to-work in TV, radio ads

INDIANAPOLIS | Indiana's labor unions have taken to the airwaves, urging Hoosiers to call their state lawmakers and tell them to oppose right-to-work legislation.

January 03, 2012 6:00 pm

Dueling polls show support for right-to-work depends on question asked

INDIANAPOLIS | Two public opinion polls of Indiana voters show the battle over right-to-work hinges on how Hoosiers see the issue.

December 07, 2011 8:00 am
Bosma sells right-to-work in TV commercial

Bosma sells right-to-work in TV commercial

INDIANAPOLIS | The campaign to make Indiana a right-to-work state soon may be coming to a television screen near you.

November 30, 2011 5:15 pm Video

Daniels not intimidated by labor victory in Ohio referendum

INDIANAPOLIS | Gov. Mitch Daniels believes Tuesday's decision by Ohio voters to overturn a state law restricting collective bargaining for public employees will not affect Indiana's right-to-work debate.

November 09, 2011 12:00 pm

GUEST COMMENTARY: Workers must continue fight for American Dream

As Americans mark another Labor Day, it's high time for some hard truth. Like no other time in recent memory, the American worker is losing ground -- and that's certainly the case here in Indiana. Men and women are working harder, longer and are making less and less.

September 05, 2011 12:00 am
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