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Bookies and the NFL both wary of weather

Bookies and the NFL both wary of weather

LAS VEGAS | Roger Goodell once had his beer freeze while watching a game in Chicago, so sitting outside at the Super Bowl shouldn't be too much of a burden for the NFL commissioner.

January 21, 2014 8:00 pm
Column: Notre Dame not chicken, just greedy

Column: Notre Dame not chicken, just greedy

Brady Hoke was talking the way football coaches do, the way university presidents can't. Imagine, if you will, the snickering in academia if Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman, a biochemist by trade, accused her counterparts at Notre Dame of chickening out on a science fair.

May 15, 2013 6:00 pm

TIM DAHLBERG: Baseball's Big 3 deserve a big no in Hall of Fame vote

It could have been the greatest Hall of Fame class since Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb were installed in the very first vote back in 1936.

November 28, 2012 10:00 pm

An appreciation for Joe Frazier

George Foreman's crushing right uppercut connected for the first time in Round 1 and, suddenly, the heavyweight champion of the world was on the canvas. At ringside, the shocking sight sent Howard Cosell into a frenzy.

November 08, 2011 8:30 pm

Dahlberg: Small market playoffs a tough sell

It's hard to think of the Milwaukee Brewers as a small-market team, not when they're on the hook to Ryan Braun for $141.5 million over the next nine years.

October 09, 2011 11:00 pm

Column: In sports there's a Rolex for everyone

The big news in golf Wednesday was that Tiger Woods finally landed a contract with a major sponsor, something that had to be a major relief to the man once known as the world's greatest golfer. Every little bit helps, especially when you're used to making $100 million a year and there are mo…

October 05, 2011 5:55 pm
Bernard Hopkins: A man in love with his own voice

Bernard Hopkins: A man in love with his own voice

No one doubts the street cred of Bernard Hopkins, who made his living mugging people in the streets before he got paid to do it in the ring. Growing up in the projects in Philadelphia certainly toughened him, as did a five-year stint in prison for his crimes.

May 15, 2011 3:45 pm Photos


TIM DAHLBERG: Streak ends, and nothing more for Favre to prove

The end came under bizarre circumstances, in front of fans who didn't have a dime invested in Brett Favre or his remarkable streak. The quarterback who always played simply couldn't play and, just like that, it was over.

December 14, 2010 8:30 pm

Floyd or Money? Mayweather plays them both

LAS VEGAS | The entourage was down to a manageable level, if only because there's just so many people you can fit in a shower room. Floyd Mayweather Jr. left the rest outside, with a massive security-type stationed at the door just to make sure everyone got the message.

April 26, 2010 12:00 am

A baseball game breaks out in Arizona, if anyone is watching


October 13, 2007 12:00 am

Have we seen the last of Michael Vick?

Right about now, Michael Vick would probably gladly trade a year or two of football for a chance to rid himself of dogfighting charges. He was never going to play this season anyway, not if Roger Goodell, Arthur Blank and thousands of animal-rights activists have anything to say about it.

August 15, 2007 12:00 am

A day later, the taint remains with Bonds


August 09, 2007 12:00 am

Say Hey watching out for Bonds, his godson


August 08, 2007 12:00 am

Selig absent as Bonds tries to break home run record


August 07, 2007 12:00 am

Tiger Rules come in handy in Scotland

CARNOUSTIE, Scotland | The British Open is usually the most genteel of the major championships, run by stuffed shirts in dark blazers who make it their mission to protect the dignity of the game the same way their green-jacketed counterparts in Augusta try to uphold the teachings of Bobby Jones.

July 20, 2007 12:00 am

Troubled times for Wie on eve of Women's Open

You want it to end well, but somehow it doesn't seem it will. Child sports prodigies are a lot like child actors in that everything they do is not so cute once they start growing up.

June 27, 2007 12:00 am

Tiger leaves a lot of other players feeling a bit blue

OAKMONT, Pa. | It was blue shirt day at the U.S. Open, or so it looked. Tiger Woods set the fashion as usual, but it seemed like half the players got the same memo from Nike on just what to wear.

June 17, 2007 12:00 am

Mickelson's wrist gives him an excuse when it's needed most

OAKMONT, Pa. | Phil Mickelson isn't exactly sure what is wrong with his injured left wrist, other than it hurts. That's a slight improvement over last year, when no one was certain what was wrong with his head.

June 14, 2007 12:00 am

An Indy 500 won more with a Doppler than a wrench

INDIANAPOLIS | The rain came quickly in the gathering darkness, so quickly that the winner got soaked as he took a victory lap and rooster tails spouted from his back wheels. Everyone knew it was coming, because the 91st Indianapolis 500 was always as much a race against the weather as it wa…

May 28, 2007 12:00 am

Mystique is gone, leaving Indy as just another race

INDIANAPOLIS | Around the track, they talk about good times from the past and even better times still ahead. The Indianapolis 500 is being run for the 91st time on Sunday, they remind you, and is as much of an institution now as it was when names like Foyt, Mears and Unser ruled the old brickyard.

May 27, 2007 12:00 am

Some fighting words, and the promise of a fight to save boxing

LAS VEGAS | At the sports book inside the massive MGM Grand hotel-casino, the squares were trickling in to bet the big fight. As squares usually do, they were going for the dog, who on this day wore a big smile underneath his ball cap.

May 03, 2007 12:00 am

Chicagoans must keep a tight grip on their wallets


April 15, 2007 12:00 am

Finally, the Masters really does begin on the back nine on Sunday

AUGUSTA, Ga. | The faithful came early every day, as they always do, walking quickly with their green folding chairs to stake out the prime spots in Amen Corner. It wasn't always an easy march to make because, for the better part of four days, this Masters was almost as agonizing to watch as…

April 10, 2007 12:00 am

Even the birds want a view of Woods

AUGUSTA, Ga. | The ropes had just come down on the ninth fairway, and the masses were ready to cross and make their way toward Amen Corner. All, that is, except for a fashionably dressed blonde who was in pursuit of her favorite player.

April 07, 2007 12:00 am

Palmer opens Masters with ceremonial ball

AUGUSTA, Ga. | There were so many memories, so much going through his mind.

April 06, 2007 12:00 am

Center of attention, Oden can't escape notice from the referees, either

ATLANTA | It's hard to escape attention when you're the center of attention.

April 02, 2007 12:00 am

Manning overcomes family curse to finally win the big one

MIAMI | He did it on a night when the rain fell, the wind swirled and Prince not only sang about rain but was drenched in it. He did it when everyone around him seemed to have trouble holding onto the ball and his team fell into a familiar early hole.

February 05, 2007 12:00 am

Once the future of the Colts, Schlichter tries to rebuild a wasted life

MIAMI | Art Schlichter's career stats are memorable for all the wrong reasons.

February 03, 2007 12:00 am

Addai's bond with paralyzed friend runs deep

MIAMI | LaJuan Moore was smiling Wednesday, and it wasn't just because he was going to the Super Bowl.

February 01, 2007 12:00 am

Tank Johnson understands, but does anyone understand Johnson?

MIAMI | The gates had barely opened, and the crowd surrounding Tank Johnson was already eight sweaty journalists deep.

January 31, 2007 12:00 am

Ali turns 65 with his voice muted, but his mind still clear

The images are unsettling at best, upsetting at worst. The world, after all, remembers what he once was.

January 17, 2007 12:00 am

Could Tomlinson be the best ever?

Marty Schottenheimer is already convinced, though he might be a bit biased. His job, after all, pretty much hangs on what LaDainian Tomlinson can do with his legs.

December 23, 2006 12:00 am

Tiger and Phil don't provide a thrill in pairing

MEDINAH | The beer began flowing early, even as bleary-eyed morning commuters drove past the 10th tee of Medinah Country Club.

August 18, 2006 12:00 am

Maybe now Bonds will finally leave us all alone

Our long national nightmare is over.

May 30, 2006 12:00 am

Bonds looks like a great DH

SAN FRANCISCO | Barry Bonds still uncoils at the plate like a striking cobra.

May 13, 2006 12:00 am

Even Giants fans seem to be tiring of this act

SAN FRANCISCO | By now, it's apparent no one really knows quite how to deal with Barry Bonds. Even on a night when history was there to be made, there seemed to be a sense of unease about the whole thing.

May 11, 2006 12:00 am

Bonds back in friendlier confines

SAN FRANCISCO | Barry Bonds is back home, something that should come as a big relief to the surly slugger and the people who run Major League Baseball.

May 09, 2006 12:00 am

Nothing like a good feud

TURIN, Italy | Forgive Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick because they tried to put on a show, tried their best to stick to the party line and pretend it was all overblown, a media concoction.

February 22, 2006 12:00 am

His pen not as mighty as his sword

LAS VEGAS | Pete Rose was working his day job, which on this day meant he was inside a ritzy shopping mall at Caesars Palace, pen in hand.

December 20, 2005 12:00 am

Price isn't always right for pitchers

Baseball players who met last week to discuss union matters at a pricey resort outside of Las Vegas had good reason to be happy. The weather was good, there was a golf course just outside the front door, and there wasn't an autograph seeker in sight.

December 15, 2005 12:00 am

There are times in sports when youth should be served

Morgan Pressel wants to play for money on the LPGA Tour, and is willing to do it the old fashioned way. No guaranteed contracts, no guaranteed spots.

November 21, 2005 12:00 am

Nobody knows ABCs of BCS

Matt Leinart picked up the phone the other day and gave a shout out to Vince Young.

October 27, 2005 12:00 am

Losers may end up as winners

New York loves a party just as much as any other major city. So it's holding one Wednesday morning at Rockefeller Plaza, when Olympic delegates meeting half a world away decide which city they will grace with the 2012 Summer Games.

July 03, 2005 12:00 am

'Cinderella Man' worth price of admission

If only life did imitate art. Boxing could use some story lines as good as those in theaters these days.

June 05, 2005 12:00 am

Monday Night move changes everything

It really shouldn't matter that much, yet somehow it does. There will still be football on Monday night, but now that "Monday Night Football" is moving from network TV to basic cable, everything has changed.

April 20, 2005 12:00 am

Sports not always just fun and games


April 13, 2005 12:00 am

Baseball, Selig owe McGwire one

Bud Selig should send Mark McGwire some flowers and a thank you card. Better yet, take him out to dinner.

March 20, 2005 12:00 am

Mesi in fight of his life against those who fear for his life

Joe Mesi could have been more than a contender.

January 23, 2005 12:00 am

NFL plays the bad cop

The National Football League wanted to package its tribute to Pat Tillman much the same way it's planning the next halftime show at the Super Bowl. Nice, neat and orderly, with no surprises.

October 15, 2004 12:00 am
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